Kirkland Golf Balls Review

Are you looking to get a new golf ball for your collection? Consider reading this in-depth Kirkland golf balls review.

Amateurs and professionals alike have been dying to get their clubs on the Kirkland golf ball ever since its announcement by Costco. There is no doubt that this ball possesses a lot of desirable features. And one of the recommended model from this brand is the Kirkland 4-piece Golf ball.

You don’t need to sacrifice distance on the altar of a smooth feel with this 4-piece ball. This golf ball comes in a urethane casing, which provides a soft feel. Also, the cover doesn’t in any way interfere with its flight when hit.

Kirkland golf ball provides a high-spinning performance for any professional or beginner in the fields of green. It implies that your swing speed matters little, all you need is to get the right angle, and you already have it. It goes the required distance thanks to its big core that helps it to maintain control.

With their unique design, long-lasting performance, Kirkland has hit the market with an unstoppable rave. You want to know more about the brand, its top models, and why you need to get a piece of it? Read on.

Kirkland Golf Balls Review: Brief History

All great things in this world today have a back story, and this game-changing Costco product is no different. Speaking of Costco, you might know them as the company that brings you quality products at affordable prices.

Costco took it upon themselves to provide a low-cost but premium quality, and so they launched the Kirkland brand in 2016. This led to the production of golfing equipment like Kirkland golf clubs and golf balls.

For the Golf ball, they first launched the Kirkland Signature 3- Piece Balls, which quickly went out of stock.

Their next step had them introducing their trademark 3-Piece Golf Balls. The high performance of these balls made them quite popular. The Korean company, SM Global LLC, has a subsidiary in America, which produced these models.

Today, most of the 4-piece golf balls are presently sold online through third-party retailers. But you can easily find Kirkland golf ball 3-piece at the Costco website of stores.

Benefits of Using Kirkland Golf Balls

Let’s tell you why the Golf Balls from Kirkland are well-known and why you need to get them as a golfer. The ball is better controlled by professional golfers who swing excellently, have remarkable control, and always shoots well in 18 rounds.

For the average golfer, two things should come to mind regarding Kirkland products– Quality and affordability. Those are basically the deciding factors to purchase their golf ball, although Kirkland’s 4-Piece golf balls even go further and provide outstanding all-round performance. Other benefits included are:

A Soft Structure

The ball’s unique core design favors amateurs and handicappers. It features a rather oversize but soft structure. These qualities contribute to the speed after you’ve taken your swing.

The core is purposely soft to offer optimum compression. The large size plays a role in reserving the impact for maximum thrust, and the elasticity of the core further enhances it.

Spin Enhancement

Over the years, many golfers have complained, stating that they feel like they’re hitting rocks instead of balls. Well, Kirkland took notice of this and provided a solution.

To generate more spin, Kirkland designed a mantle connected tightly to the softcover. This feature is most noticed when taking wedge or iron shots.

The moment your golf club hits the ball, it generates the optimum speed action. This contributes greatly to hinder the ball from taking off to the air in a straight line.

Long-Lasting performance

When it comes to golf balls, topnotch performance is of great essence. Their exterior layer’s design means it’s more than capable of giving you extended performance. The ball has a polyurethane and durable synthetic rubber materials to thank for these qualities.

Asides from the quality materials used in designing the ball, it also offers a great playing experience. Foremost golf brands are known for outstanding playability, and Kirkland isn’t lagging in this respect. There’s also an outer core that boosts the impact of the ball.


It’s often difficult to find a quality golf ball that will give you great value for your money. If you compare it to other high-end brands, you will agree that Kirkland offers great quality.

What’s more, their golf balls are relatively cost-effective in many regards.


Low Durability

The Kirkland golf ball durability is somewhat questionable, but players overlook it considering its low cost. The shell of the 4-piece model is made with urethane rubber, which is a little too smooth. It only takes a couple of rounds, even from a poorly golf club, for it to start scratching and maybe even crack.

Thankfully, Costco now uses a more robust polyurethane rubber, which increases the 3-piece durability.


One common issue when it comes to this brand has to do with the balls’ availability. Most people find it difficult to purchase balls in stores because people buy them immediately. Unlike regular golf balls, Kirkland golf balls are in great demand.

You might have to stay alert in the restocking season if you truly want one of these balls for yourself. A great way to make an early purchase is via online platforms. However, many people are usually unable to get one through these online platforms quickly.

Best Kirkland Golf Balls Review

1.    Kirkland Signature Four-Piece Golf Ball

Do you want the distance, but don’t want to give up the feel? Today is your lucky day as you have the perfect ball for your collection. The Kirkland 4-piece Golf ball guarantees you professional performance without jeopardizing your craving for the “feel.”

This ball comes with a unique design. The construction quality offers precise iron spin to give you the feeling of a pro when you hit the ball. Moreover, you need not worry about hitches in the air as the ball provides a consistent ball flight. Hit and relax, Kirkland’s got you.

You will also get a perfect greenside control with this ball, and don’t worry about durability because the ball has a sturdy and reliable design. It carries a urethane cover that offers a smooth feel and hardy texture. It’s a ball for all who can swing with Kirkland golf club or any model, be it amateur or professional.

Here’s the most exciting part you’ve been waiting for! This four-piece golf ball’s outer core comes with superior construction that maximizes impact. This implies that the speed-boosting casing transfers all the impact energy to the ball’s flight, making it one of the best balls for the average golfer. Hence, whether you’re a low or high swinger, you get a good hit.

Why We Liked It

  • It offers every golfer, whether low or high swinger, you will get a chance for a powerful swing shot.
  • Comes with a urethane cover, which gives it a good feel and maximizes power and speed.
  • Sports a unique design that provides precise iron spin, which gives your shot a pro touch
  • Provides consistent ball flight giving you perfect airmail, being you a beginner or a professional
  • Kirkland 4-piece golf ball ensures you always get a golfer’s best game and a nice feel to top it off.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Even though they are good balls, the price is somewhat over the bar compared to other better balls.
  • The feel is out of this world, but it’s too soft, so it scuffs easily.

2. Kirkland Signature 3-Piece Golf Ball

This is another model from Kirkland that offers the same feel but better performance. With the Kirkland 3-piece golf ball, you are sure of excellent long-lasting performance. Not only that, what you have here is a ball that spins accurately on all shots. This ball is your best option even if you decide to hit with starter golf clubs.

If you also desire to get more spin off the tee, you already know which ball to choose – the 3-piece Kirkland ball. It can separate the levels of spin for several shots to maximize impact power on all areas of the game.

Furthermore, it delivers a high velocity when hit to attain the bogey in the grandest of styles. It also provides a controlled iron spin for all caliber of players. Besides, mid-handicap players appreciate the soft feel on the white ball with many dimples. It has no visible seam, so it doesn’t have any chance to scuff.

It provides the consistent flight you need to achieve a birdie quickly. And then it delivers a superior greenside control for players that have the albatross in mind. What’s more, it has an enhanced urethane cover and meets every USGA and R&A standards.

Why We Liked It

  • The ball delivers high velocity with a little impact, making it a perfect choice for players of all levels.
  • The urethane cover gives it a smooth feeling that is sought after by all golfers.
  • It guarantees an excellent performance, whether hit by a low or high swinger.
  • The 3-piece model has no seams, so you should fear no tear as it’s durable and reliable.

What We Didn’t Like

  • When it comes to separation of spin levels for different shots, it pales compared to other golf ball brands.
  • It doesn’t maximize impact power, and so it loses distance after four holes.

How Are They Made?

These balls are incredibly unique due to their design. It’s essential to look at these balls’ production process. In general, you can distinguish them according to the layers of materials put into its construction.

This brand typically has three designs; the core, the mantle, and the cover. The new range is the Kirkland golf balls 3 piece and  4-piece design. These layers contribute greatly to the enhancement of control and appearance.

There are more details to uncover as regards the production of these balls. The core is often soft, enhancing its feel and speed. The elastic materials in the ball also make it possible for the balls to travel farther.

The second layer of the ball has an essential connection with the core. The mantle is responsible for the ball to swerve adequately when you play a shot. This feature is noticeable to golfers who can play wedge shots.

The outer cover, made of synthetic rubber, enables better control on the golf course.

Is the Kirkland Golf ball Good?

You must lookout for the design and features you want to buy. Other factors like your budget and playing style should also top your list before making a final decision. The brand provides golf balls with great qualities, making play exciting even with used golf clubs.

You get to feel the spin and control when you use these golf balls. The major setback lies in the durability of the outer core. However, you can be sure that you’re getting good value for your money.

Bottom Line

The one thing most high swingers’ treasure in their golf ball is to know if it can maximize impact power. Also, professionals would give anything for a ball that goes straighter and longer than the regular balls. Hence, you can achieve the hassles that seem impossible to you with Kirkland.

This Kirkland golf balls review highlights the pros and cons, and features of the brand’s various models. The models have a soft feel finish that endears it every golfer. So, if you read this review carefully, it means you already know why you should consider getting golf balls of this brand.

FAQs on Kirkland Golf Balls

A selection of the most commonly asked questions regarding Kirkland Golf Balls.

Where can I purchase Kirkland golf balls?

Kirkland golf balls are primarily sold online through third-party retailers. While some models may be available on the Costco website or in select Costco stores, the majority are commonly found through online platforms. Due to their popularity, it’s advisable to stay alert during restocking seasons or consider online purchases for a quicker acquisition.

What sets Kirkland golf balls apart from other brands in terms of performance?

Kirkland golf balls are known for their exceptional performance, offering a unique combination of distance, control, and feel. The 4-piece model, in particular, features a urethane casing that provides a soft feel without compromising flight performance. The design optimizes spin, making it suitable for both professional and beginner golfers, regardless of swing speed.

Are Kirkland golf balls cost-effective compared to other premium brands?

Yes, Kirkland golf balls are recognized for their cost-effectiveness. When compared to high-end brands, Kirkland offers a balance of quality and affordability. The 4-piece and 3-piece models, in particular, provide outstanding all-round performance at a relatively lower cost, making them a popular choice for golfers seeking value for money.

What are the drawbacks of Kirkland golf balls?

While Kirkland golf balls offer impressive performance, there are some drawbacks to consider. One concern is the durability of the 4-piece model, which features a urethane rubber shell that may scratch or crack after a few rounds. However, Costco has addressed this issue with a more robust polyurethane rubber in the 3-piece model. Additionally, the availability of Kirkland golf balls can be a challenge, with high demand leading to scarcity in physical stores. Online platforms are recommended for those looking to secure these popular golf balls.

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