Golf Pride Align Grips Review: What’s All The Fuss?

Grip has been a massive issue for many people when it comes to playing golf. It is actually not that easy to find a grip that is comfortable and offers you the best possible technology. Step into the fray the Golf Pride Align grips with advanced technology and a new way of doing things to offer users both comfort and control. Before diving into this Golf Pride Align Grips Review, you should be sure to check out the Golf Pride MCC PLUS4 Align Standard Ribbed Golf Grip Bundle.

From ribbed grips to studded grips, the Golf Pride brand has tested with all of them to help users rid some of the moisture. They have built up quite the reputation that some of the pro golfers are also using their grips on their clubs. However, many of them choose to have each club custom made for their needs.

Nevertheless, the average players like most of us are fine with normal clubs and occasionally, we can lose control. Not anymore, these Golf Pride Align Grips have been specifically designed to make life easier and they generally focus on the overall quality of each grip to produce excellent bundles. In this article, we take a deeper look at some of their features.

Golf Pride Align Grips Review
Golf Pride Align Grips Review

Features of the Golf Pride Align Grips

The Golf Pride Align grips are available in various types and they also come in various sizes but tested them to find out what all their top features are. These features can definitely help you improve your game and next time you are on the course, you don’t have to worry about a club accidentally sliding out of your hand. Here is what you can expect from the Golf Pride Align Grips:

All-Weather Technology

Unlike many other grips, this grip not only combines the features of rubber. It also includes an additional cotton cord. Cotton has a much better reputation for actually absorbing most of the moisture and this will keep the club dry at all times. It also feels a little softer than normal rubber. This should help those with a vice-grip like touch.

The Golf Pride MCC Classic Align Standard Ribbed Golf Grip Bundle is the grips that actually started everything. The cotton cord serves massive benefits and it also molds to the shape of your hands. You will have a consistent placement for your hands every time you are playing. All of this will translate to more long-term consistency.

Tension Reduction

Another excellent feature of the grip is to actually reduce some of the tension that you are dealing with when playing. Thanks to the same cotton cord, players have a grip that seems somewhat thicker. However, the weight remains the same to keep it lightweight and not have any real adverse effects on your swing.

Now you can hold the grip as tightly as you actually deem comfortable and it will still not place any strain on your hands. According to tests, the grip itself is up to 4.6% larger on the lower hand section. This should make the grip comfortable and allow it to absorb even more of the moisture that comes from the rain or sweat.

A Unique Grip Texture

When it comes to grip, the texture is definitely everything. The align models do not have any normal studs, The diamond pattern is something unique and it does not let the grips slide out of your hands quite as easily. A small red rib is added as well to indicate the best placement for your hands. However, this definitely also increases the overall look of the grip.

The MCC Plus4 Align Midsize Grip is a perfect example of what a third of the top PGA tour players are currently using. It includes this diamond design and won’t rub off on your hands. We should also mention that the durability factor on these grips are some of the best we have seen and they also take a few years before showing any weaknesses.

Stylish Design

We all like to look our best and this is especially true when you are playing at a PGA tour level. Fortunately, the Golf Pride Align Grips have been specifically designed to have a universal style. This means the grips will fit most clubs and even work for some of the top brands on the market today. Some already include them.

You can also find them in different colors. All of these colors are as neutral as possible and this has ensured that the grips work with most club models and brands. Brands like TaylorMade will definitely work well with these grips and the two brands have a great reputation of actually complementing one another.

Multiple Sizes

If you are one of the taller players and your club is larger than the usual, Golf Pride has also kept you in mind and they have a selection of grips specifically for these users. Since the clubs are a little longer, you need more grip. These different sizes of grips should definitely be handy to players with a few additional needs.

Raised Ridge

The raised ridge is not something that the older golfer will worry about too much, but it does make a difference for the newer golfer. You can clearly feel this ridge across your fingers and many of the newer players have also said that they feel more in control. While it could be an expensive club, it is definitely beneficial to all players.

The Velvet Difference

Golf Pride has released the velvet grip in later years and it is definitely making a name for itself. We have dedicated an entire section to this grip to help you understand some of the features. While the grip has the same moisture-wicking technology as many of the others, it does not have a studded grip pattern to hold.

It is a little smoother and the grip features have been bulged to the inside of the grips. This enables them to absorb a little more moisture. Since it is also a little softer, it works well for the larger player, liking to grip the club a little too hard. The compensation is truly magnificent and this is one of the very best options to choose from.

The Golf Pride 8 Align Tour Velvet Midsize Golf Club Grips are slightly heavier and more expensive, but they do the job well to ensure no moisture is left on your hands. While many of the other grips focus solely on the control and grip aspect, you can choose these for sweaty hands specifically. They rank well as part of the best grips for players with sweaty hands.

Summary – Golf Pride Align Grips Review

With all that said, we have broken down some of these features in a few bite-sized chunks that should make it easier to understand. Here are a couple of the things we love and hate about the new Golf Pride align grips:

Pros of the Golf Pride Align Grips

  • Moisture Wicking: It offers excellent moisture wicking capabilities that make the club stick in your hands.
  • Different Patterns: No need to have the same pattern as everyone else anymore. Golf Pride has included multiple different patterns.
  • Unique Style: The grips have a unique style as the lower part is a little thicker than the upper. It might not make much of a difference to beginners, but pros should keep this in mind.
  • All-Weather: Since the grips are designed for all weather conditions, they are perfect for every situation and can even be used in the rain
  • All-Sizes: No matter the size of your clubs, these grips will work well with you and ensure that your club is fitted.
  • Work With All Clubs: No matter if you have the best irons from one brand or the best driver from another, these clubs work well with almost every club made today

Cons Of The Golf Pride Align Clubs

  • Price: The main concern here is the price and these grips are all a little expensive. However, they will have an impact on your game for the better

Should You Buy These Grips?

The short answer is definitely. These grips have a proven record for helping the player with minor flaws. They might not help you win on the course of drastically improve your handicap, but a little bit of a difference can go a long way. If you are looking to buy something that is highly rated, these grips are definitely for you.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you to let us know which one is your favorite. The Golf Pride MCC PLUS4 Align Standard Ribbed Golf Grip is definitely my favorite and offers everything an intermediate player needs. We look forward to reading your comments.

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