Golf GPS Black Friday Deals – Get Ready To Improve Your Game

The golf GPS is one of my favorite golfing accessories. With one of these GPS systems, you can easily keep track of your progress and understand the course. Playing the game, we have noticed how much of a different course knowledge does make. These Golf GPS Black Friday Deals are specifically selected for you to help improve your golfing kit with the least amount of effort.

I have been playing golf for many years. Even before the first GPS or rangefinders were released, golfing was something in my blood that needs to be understood. However, the GPS made life easier, and with so many models; I have spent numerous hours testing them. Now you can find the best golf GPS and perhaps even save a couple of bucks for Black Friday.

These Black Friday deals might not be the final deals on sale. The Golf GPS Black Friday Deals only get released a couple of days before the actual day. However, tracking previous years, we have found many of the same deals occasionally making the market. Here are some of the top golf GPS devices from previous years that have been or might be featured as part of Black Friday. (Note: This list is subject to change as we get closer to Black Friday)

Golf GPS Black Friday Deals

Best Golf GPS Black Friday Deals

Key Features To Consider When Buying The Best Golf GPS Black Friday Deals

Whether you are buying the best Golf GPS Black Friday Deals as part of a special, or you are simply looking to buy a new one for your kit, you need to understand some of the specs. After hours of testing and numerous games, these are the top features that actually stood out for me when it comes to choosing one of these GPS devices:


When it comes to selecting one of these GPS devices, you will find that they are broken down into two types. The handheld versions are a little larger, while the watches can be worn on the go. Here is a small breakdown of each to help you understand which one is better for your specific needs:

  • Handheld: The handheld devices are slightly larger, but they can be stored away in your pocket. They are a little easier to use and you have both hands to operate them. The handheld devices and the wearables are similar when it comes to things they can do and specific features.
  • Watch: The watch is a little more intricate and these small devices work similar to your smartwatch. Generally, they can be connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth for all your mobile notification. However, the technology has been specifically designed to help you on the golf course.

Preloaded Courses

Depending on your course of choice, you will need to eventually upload new courses to ensure your device is up to date. Garmin is one of the leading brands and after experimenting with numerous of their devices, I have found them to have most of the courses already uploaded.

On a side note, the handheld devices have a much better memory when compared to the watches. This makes them a little better when it comes to storing more courses. However, the watches are simpler to choose your course and navigate around the settings.


Not everyone might find the size to be really important. However, I do find it to be important as the device needs to fid in your pocket or on your belt with ease. The wearables are a little smaller when it comes to portability. However, many of wearables are not that easy to control. If your handheld can be strapped to your pull cart, you can still have great functionality.


Depending on your level of skill with golf, you might need a coach. It can be a little frustrating if you have to pay an expensive caddy. Nowadays, these GPS devices often have a coaching setting that will tell you which clubs to use. This could help you with your club selection and which of the best clubs need to be apart of your kit.

One thing you should understand is that these coaches are not always the best. Some of them are based on probability and they should not be the sole supporter for your game. You still need to study the game to ensure that you do know what to do in different situations.


The rangefinder is one of my favorite features and while it is not always included as part of the GPS, you should consider it. Once you have a direct estimate of your range, you can choose your clubs a little better. Now, you have the ability to play the perfect shots more frequently. This should eventually increase your handicap.


The warranty is one of the best parts of these devices. If a device has any sort of technology included, you should consider looking at the warranty as well. The warranty will ensure you are protected from any defects. Devices with a good warranty might be a little more expensive, but this will be worth it if your device gives you any troubles.


A great GPS on the golf course has the ability to make a lot of difference. These deals are great for anyone looking to save a couple of bucks and Black Friday is a great time to get all your favorite items. A top quality GPS has helped me quite a lot to improve my handicap. However, the top remote control carts are also great advancements for your game.

We would like to thank you for reading this article. These GPS devices all come highly recommended for their features. Let us know in the comment section which GPS you would like for Black Friday. We would also like to know if we might have missed any of your favorite options.

FAQs for Golf GPS Black Friday Deals

A selection of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Golf GPS Black Friday Deals.

When do the Black Friday deals on golf GPS devices get released?

The Black Friday deals on golf GPS devices are typically released a few days before the actual Black Friday day. Although the final deals may vary, tracking previous years has shown that many of the same deals tend to make a return to the market.

Are the golf GPS devices listed in the blog the final deals, or will there be additional discounts on Black Friday?

The golf GPS devices listed in the blog may not be the final deals on sale. Black Friday deals are known to change, and additional discounts may be revealed on the actual day. It’s advisable to stay updated and check for the latest offers as Black Friday approaches.

What are the key features to consider when buying the best golf GPS during Black Friday deals?

When shopping for the best golf GPS on Black Friday, consider the following key features:
Type: Choose between handheld and watch options based on your preferences.
Preloaded Courses: Ensure the device has your preferred golf courses preloaded.
Size: Consider the portability and ease of carrying, whether it’s in your pocket or on your belt.
Coaching: Look for devices with coaching settings to assist with club selection and gameplay.
Rangefinder: Consider devices with a rangefinder for accurate range estimation.
Warranty: Check the warranty to ensure protection against defects, especially for devices with advanced technology.

Can you recommend a specific golf GPS device for Black Friday, or are there any additional options not mentioned in the blog?

The blog recommends several top-rated golf GPS devices for Black Friday, including Garmin Approach G8, IZZO Golf Swami 6000, Garmin Approach G30, Garmin Approach S70, GolfBuddy Voice 2, Bushnell Phantom, Garmin Approach G8 Waterproof, and Garmin Approach G6. However, preferences may vary. Feel free to share your favorite options in the comments, and the blog welcomes suggestions for any potentially missed favorites.

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