Callaway Supersoft Vs Superhot: A Comparison Review

Callaway is one of the leading brands when it comes to top-quality golf balls. The brand not only specializes in the clubs, but many of the top golf balls for beginners and those with swing deficiencies can be found within the Callaway brand. For this Callaway Supersoft vs Superhot Comparison, we have tried to look at how these golf balls can improve your game. Keep in mind that the Callaway Chromesoft is also an excellent golf ball.

In this article, we take a detailed look at the Supersoft and the Superhot. You might notice many similarities, with only a few differences. These golf balls are ultimately designed for the avid beginners to help them improve the quality of their games. Essentially, you should see handicap improvements with them.

Callaway Supersoft Vs Supershot
Callaway Supersoft Vs Supershot

Head to Head Comparison

Callaway SupersoftCallaway Superhot
Core Design3-piece3-piece
CompressionLow (38)Medium (50)
Outer CoverSurlyn (Ionomer)/ UrethaneSurlyn (Ionomer)


A Beginner’s Dream Golf Ball

Golf ball technology is something that we have very limited insight about. However, these small pieces of golfing equipment can make a big difference to certain players. The right golf ball can take your game to the next level. In many cases, your swing speed can be significantly increased, helping you improve accuracy and distance.

Some of the characteristics that these golf balls share include the ability to help beginners improve. They are available in a wide variety of different colors, but can all be used at a professional level. Using them can be done with any club type and any handicap level, making them ideal to have in your kit, whether it is the Superhot or the Supersoft.

Before we look at some of the many benefits and drawbacks that each of these golf balls will hold for you, we want to give you a small breakdown of the different specifications. These specifications are a little deeper than the simple table but should give you more of an indication of which one is the best suited for your needs.

The Callaway SuperSoft

The Supersoft is one of the most recognizable golf balls among beginners and how it feels is basically already mentioned in the name. It is one of the softest golf balls on the market today but might feel a little mushy for certain players. With a low compression number of 38, the golf ball has very limited spin, especially when you are playing off longer clubs like your drivers.

The ball is available with a Surlyn (Ionomer) or urethane cover to protect the outer part of the ball. So far, it has been proven that the Surlyn cover is slightly harder than the urethane cover, which makes it spin a little less. When looking at your short game on the green or from the fairway to the green, it will make a difference.

One of the downsides to the Supersoft is that expert drivers with a swing speed of more than 90 MPH might have a lot of backspin off the tee. If you are looking for the best overall feel, the Supersoft feels more solid at lower swing speeds. However, it is one of the best when putting due to the slow swing speed of putting.

Important Features:

  • It works great for slow swing speeds under 90 MPH
  • A very low compression of 38
  • Works best with a Surlyn cover to reduce spin
  • Little to no greenside spin to show
  • Available in white and yellow

The Callaway Superhot

The Superhot is also one of the best golf balls that Callaway can pride themselves on. It does not have the same low compression, but it is still decent at only 50. By comparison, the hardness of the Superhot is a little more, and you will certainly feel it coming off the club. However, this is due to the internal design, rather than the compression.

On shorter shots, with the use of shorter clubs, you will notice a bit more consistency with the Superhot over the Supersoft. Since the lower compression does ensure that you have less spin to deal with, you will notice that the golf ball can reach better distances. Additionally, you don’t need to throttle your swing speed as much for great results.

Driving is one of the areas that you first notice the difference. We did mention the massive amount of backspin found of the Supersoft that is not present here. As a golfer, you will notice that your tee-offs have less hook or fade on the shots. These golf balls tend to go much straighter with more distance attainable.

Important Features:

  • Compression is slightly higher at 50
  • Reduced backspin off the tee
  • Extremely low rate of spin with shorter clubs like the top irons
  • Sounds solid when struck
  • Available in a wide variety of colors

The Benefits – Callaway Supersoft Vs Superhot

These golf balls are pretty similar as you might have seen so far. However, they have benefits that they both can bring to your game with their special features. Here are some of the key benefits that these golf balls bring to the table and how they can potentially enhance your game:

Low Spin

Both of these golf balls are primarily found with a Surlyn outer cover. While the Supersoft has a lower compression rating and might give you more spin with faster shots, they both have limited spin capabilities in general. Off the tee, you might use the Superhot for less spin, but they both work great on shorter shots.

The Surlyn cover makes a big difference. Not only is it harder than your standard urethane covers, but it offers more durability. Once the ball leaves the club, it should not have as much backspin, especially when you are using the Superhot. For putting, both of these golf balls have very little spin, allowing more straight puts.

Long Game Specialists

Whether you have a high or low handicap, your goal is always to make it onto the green in the least amount of shots. Both of these golf balls have been designed to help you extend the range of shots and have a better performance on the course.

The Supersoft and Superhot are made for those Par 5 courses that we all often have a few issues with when it comes to great shots. You should keep in mind that they are about the same age in terms of design and the technology of the 3-piece core is really similar to that of the new golf balls. A 3-piece core is one of the most reliable ways to go.

Refined Outer Surface

One feature that only some of the more advanced golfers will look at is the outer surface. Each surface has dimples and these dimples can affect your game. Both the Superhot and Supersoft have refined outer dimples. These dimples are not as deep, but it helps a lot when you are looking to reduce the amount of drag.

If you have an extremely fast swing, you might not even notice the drag, or it might not bear any real influence on your game. However, someone with a slow swing speed will definitely notice the difference that is found when you have reduced drag. We think that you can steadily increase the range of your shots with these golf balls.

Drawbacks – Supersoft Vs Superhot

While they both offer you some great benefits, you might also need to deal with some of the common drawbacks. These golf balls are similar and have a few similar drawbacks, but there are also a few differences that stand out. Here are a few of the common drawbacks that not everyone would like to know about:

Spin Is Not Reduced On Bad Shots

If you think that you will eliminate all of the bad shots you have with a golf ball, you can be farther from the truth. The Callaway Supersoft has a lower spin on the backend of courses, which makes it much better when putting and when you need to reach the green. However, it could have adverse effects on your game when you tee off too fast, with the backspin being an issue.

The Superhot, on the other hand, does not have the same spin off the tee when you power up your shot. However, it has a little bit of spin when pitching with your irons or wedges. A bad shot can lead you farther away from the pin than you were initially. You need to have a decent set of golf clubs to ensure this does not happen.

Practice Is Needed

If you are heading out with friends and you happen to see these golf balls, don’t think that they will instantly improve your game. Unfortunately, you need to spend some time practicing with them to make sure they do the job. Many people have complained about having to adjust their game, especially the swing speed.

HEX Aerodynamics makes a big difference, but don’t count on it to completely change your game. You still need to put in some effort on your side if you want to get the best results. A few shots on the course should allow you to see which adjustments you need to make. Alternatively, you might need to ask an expert for the best golf balls for slow swing speed.


By now, you would expect us to give the benefit of the doubt to one of these golf balls. However, they are very similar in almost any facet of the game. The slight differences are not as prominent as many people might think, but they will both offer you value and help you to improve your game and handicap significantly.

The Callaway Supersoft is and has always been one of the top beginner golf balls on the market today. With a little bit of practice and a whole lot of patience, players with a slow swing will indeed see some improvements in their game. The Callaway Superhot is perfect for distance, allowing you to see a lot of improvements in the distance.

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