Bridgestone Golf Balls Review

It wouldn’t be a true Bridgestone golf balls review if we didn’t start by pointing out that it’s one of the fastest-growing brands in the game. From the local circuit, all the way to the PGA Tour with superstars like Tiger Woods and Bryson DeChambeau electing to go with Bridgestone, it’s cemented itself as a top brand.

Everyone knows Bridgestone as a tire company. Until recently, only hardcore golfers knew them as a golf brand as well. What most people probably don’t realize is that Bridgestone has been making golf balls since 1935, only four years after the company was founded. Let’s just say it took them a little time to find their stride. But, in the last 20 years Bridgestone has taken a huge step forward in the golf world.

Since they’ve expanded their market, we now have the opportunity to do a Bridgestone golf balls review for players of every skill level. Whether you’re first starting out or a seasoned veteran looking for a bit more greenside control, there’s an option for you. Adding distance, adding control, you name it—Bridgestone has you covered.

As you expand your horizons when it comes to golf ball brands, Bridgestone is an option jumping off the shelves. I mean, Kuch even won an Olympic medal back in 2016 playing Bridgestone golf balls—not many brands can boast that. We did the heavy lifting here and have profiled a half dozen of their top models. Keep reading below to learn some more and use our Bridgestone golf balls review to find your perfect fit.

Bridgestone golf balls review

Top Pick: Bridgestone Tour B RXS

In a Bridgestone golf balls review or any type of review for that matter, the top pick is supposed to fit the widest variety of golfers. Well, that’s exactly what we have here. The Bridgestone 2022 Tour B RXS AlignXL Golf Balls offers tour-level performance for low, mid and even high handicappers.

Best golf ball for seniors with slow swing speed

While the ball is on the expensive side, it offers the highest levels of performance. In building a ball for the masses, Bridgestone designed the Tour B RXS so that even those who do not swing as hard are able to activate distance and control.

On this model, Bridgestone uses a gradational core. What this means is that it helps add speed at contact, but also reduces spin. The result? Added distance and a straighter ball flight. For a golfer with an average swing speed, you don’t have to worry about the big hook or slice when trying to add a few extra yards. This ball naturally helps it stay straight and long.


  • Designed for swings under 105 mph, so you don’t need to be the hardest hitter to reap the rewards of the Tour B RXS
  • Played at the professional level by Fred Couples and Rocco Mediate, adding a little star power to this model


  • May not be the best option for extremely hard swingers, who should opt for a different option in the Bridgestone Tour Series

Runner-Up: Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact

The e12 series has been around for a few years now, with no hints that it will go away. Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact golf balls are a great option for those that swing hard, but do not want to pay for a tour-level golf ball.

Bridgestone recommends this ball to golfers that swing at more than 105 mph. If it weren’t for the high swing speed standards, the e12 Contact would have topped our Bridgestone golf balls review. That being said, second place isn’t bad and there is some wiggle room on the swing speed requirement.

When you pick the e12 Contact, you’re looking for distance. The benefits of this are two-fold. You get added distance, and also forgiveness. As a 3-piece ball, one is are focused on distance and the other two forgiveness.

Increased distance comes from the active acceleration mantle and cover. The middle layer of e12 Contact golf balls maximizes the effect of your impact on the ball, transferring the most possible energy.

Once the ball is in the air, the delta dimple pattern reduces drag and side spin. This combination produces a straighter and longer flight than other similarly priced golf balls. Also helping with forgiveness is the core. Since the mantle does so much work for distance, they were able to design the core to increase feel and forgiveness by further reducing side spin.


  • Great ball, great price—a bargain for what you get
  • Reduced side spin comes into play off the tee and as you hit approach shots


  • Requires high swing speeds to take full advantage

Best for Beginners: Bridgestone Ladies Precept Golf Balls

Just because a golf ball has “lady” in the title does not mean it is only for female golfers. The same thing goes for lady clubs and senior clubs. Golfers should use what fits them best, regardless of name and Bridgestone Ladies Precept Golf Balls are a great example of this. If you’re a beginner golfer and reading our Bridgestone golf balls review, this is where you need to be.

What makes the Bridgestone Ladies Precept Golf Balls a great option for beginners is that it provides a high level of forgiveness and helps add distance. Another great benefit for beginner golfers is that it fits those with moderate swing speeds. No matter how athletic or strong you are, it is nearly impossible to be a beginner golfer and have a high swing speed. This is not to say that you won’t get there eventually. But, until you master the mechanics, your swing speed will be average at best.

The Bridgestone Ladies Precept Golf Balls might be a 2-piece ball, but what makes it worthy of being included on our list is the core. This component is lower compression, which adds to feel. Additionally, this level of compression will help to maximize distance without having to swing as hard as you can.


  • With no side spin reduction, it is possible to shape this ball—on purpose or not
  • Not only great for beginners, but also players who do not swing very hard


  • Difficult to produce spin around the greens with

Best for Low Handicappers: Bridgestone Tour B RX

If you’re a low handicapper and reading our Bridgestone golf balls review, it probably means things haven’t been going as great as you’d like. It also means you’re looking to switch things up. If you want to add more control and spin to your game, there’s not many options better than the Bridgestone Tour B RX.

Bridgestone makes a few other options in the Tour Series line, but we chose the Tour B RX because it is for golfers who swing under 105 mph. Considering the numbers you see professional golfers swing at, you might think that’s slow if you’re a low handicap golfer. Contrary to popular belief, countless studies, including this one by Swingman, prove that most amateurs swing at less than 100 mph.

Almost every low handicapper can hit it long, or at least on par with most golfers. What separates a 5 handicap from a scratch golfer is how good they are around the greens and hitting approach shots. The key to having more 10-foot birdie putts and less chips—dropping and stopping the ball.

Added control is made possible by the REACTIV cover on Tour B RX balls. Bridgestone calls this technology an “impact modifier” in the sense that it reduces spin on long shots, but adds plenty around the greens. With this technology, you can land the ball in tighter areas with more success and set yourself up for easier up and downs when you miss the green.


  • Dual dimple technology reduces drag and improves ball flight
  • Reduced driver spin helps you to hit more fairways and keep tee shots straight


  • For the low handicappers in the top 1% of swing speed, this ball might not hold up as well as other Bridgestone offerings

Best for High Handicappers: Bridgestone 2023 e6 White Golf Ball

The best golf ball for high handicappers is the one that goes the farthest, with the least amount of effort. When it comes to doing a Bridgestone golf balls review, the Bridgestone 2023 e6 White Golf Ball is far and away the top choice.

Best golf ball for 80 mph swing speed

Distance comes from the core. With the e6, it has a low compression core that adds speed at impact. Even those with moderate swing speeds will be able to add some distance off the tee due to its simple, yet effective design.

As you start to improve beyond the high handicap level, you’ll want to start looking for a 3-piece ball that allows for more control. But, at this point, you should focus on distance and advancing the ball with each shot. When you’ve graduated beyond these balls, you’ll know. It won’t be anyone specific shot that tells you this. But, as you start to look for more control and are hitting different types of shots, it will make sense to switch it up.


  • Refreshingly soft feel for a ball built for distance, which helps around the greens
  • Also comes in yellow, which is useful for a high handicapper looking off the beaten path for their ball


  • Generates a lot of spin off the tee, something difficult to control for a high handicapper

Budget Option: Precept Laddie Extreme

Bridgestone also produces Precept golf balls. If you’re the type of person who plays once a year and knows they’re going to lose a ton of balls, Precept Laddie Extreme is your best bet. This model is also perfect for twilight golfers who might lose a few extra balls than they should as daylight fades away.

When it comes to the actual ball, the benefits do not stop at price. Off the tee, this ball will launch at a steep angle with minimal spin. This core feature helps to maximize distance and keep the ball on target.

Another major benefit is the ionomer cover. Due to its design and material composition, this ball offers better greenside control than other bargain golf balls. While it does not fall under the Bridgestone name, the performance of the Precept Laddie Extreme was deserving of being in our Bridgestone golf balls review.


  • Price trumps all, and paying around the same price for a dozen balls as you do a bucket on the range is a good deal
  • Doesn’t sting as bad when you lose one of these compared to a $4 ball


  • Let’s be honest, it performs well for a budget golf ball—don’t expect tour-level performance

Bridgestone Golf Balls Review Takeaways

You wanted a Bridgestone golf balls review, we gave you a Bridgestone golf balls review. With any luck, you’re now in a better spot to pick the right model for your game. If you haven’t played Bridgestone yet, you’re missing out.

If you tried one type of ball and didn’t like it, you probably just didn’t play the right one. The good news is that Bridgestone has an ever-expanding catalog to pick from. Even if Bridgestone isn’t for you, we’ve profiled a variety of balls from brands like Titleist and Volvik as well. The funny thing is though, Bridgestone is for everyone and you’ll be able to find a model that helps you drop your handicap with ease.

FAQs on Bridgestone Golf Balls

A selection of the most commonly asked questions regarding Bridgestone Golf Balls

Why has Bridgestone become one of the fastest-growing golf ball brands?

Bridgestone has experienced rapid growth in the golf ball market due to its commitment to innovation and performance. Notably, endorsements from top players like Tiger Woods and Bryson DeChambeau have further solidified Bridgestone’s position as a top brand.

Is it true that Bridgestone has been manufacturing golf balls since 1935?

Yes, Bridgestone has a long history in the golf ball industry, dating back to 1935, only four years after the company’s founding. While it took some time for them to gain momentum, the last two decades have seen Bridgestone make significant strides in the golf world.

How does Bridgestone cater to golfers of different skill levels in their golf ball offerings?

Bridgestone offers a diverse range of golf balls suitable for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a low handicapper, Bridgestone has options that focus on distance, control, forgiveness, and feel, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every golfer.

What sets the Bridgestone Tour B RXS apart as the top pick in the review?

The Bridgestone Tour B RXS is designed to fit a wide variety of golfers, including those with lower swing speeds. Its gradational core technology enhances speed at contact while reducing spin, resulting in added distance and a straighter ball flight. This makes it an ideal choice for golfers seeking performance without the need for an extremely high swing speed.

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