The Best Women’s Golf Bags For All Player Types

Choosing your next golf bag can be a difficult decision. There are many factors involved, and most people don’t realize all of these factors until after they purchase the wrong bag! We are going to review what you need to know when buying a golf bag and which ones will work best for your golf game. After trying different Golf Bag brands, we are certain that the best women’s golf bags are the Sun Mountain Women’s Sync Golf Cart Bag because of the versatile club dividers and its variety of colors.


Overall Best Women’s Golf Cart Bags: Sun Mountain Women’s Sync Golf Cart Bag

The Sun Mountain Women’s Sync Golf Cart Bag is a top of the line product sure to meet all the needs on your golf bag list. We love that this bag is brand neutral and it won’t matter what type of clubs you put in it. The Spruce Heather color scheme is something that we have not seen in the past and truly makes this bag stand out. The bag is available in six different colors.

The top of this golf bag has a 15 club divider. The top is reverse oriented so that the Woods and Driver will fit in the back and the wedges in the front. This will allow you to quickly grab the wedges and not be digging for them behind longer clubs.

There are ten total pockets on this bag. Two velvet-lined valuables pockets and a waterproof pocket will make sure you keep everything safe during your round. One of our favorite things about this golf bag is a rangefinder pocket that lifts so the bag strap can fit behind it. Not only does this make the bag look nicer on the golf cart, it is a brilliant way to maximize storage space.

The Sun Mountain Women’s Sync Diva Golf Cart Bag weighs 6.5 pounds and comes with a matching waterproof rain cover. This product comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, and with our prior experience with Sun Mountain, you are not going to need a warranty. They make some of the best golf bags around!

Best Carry/Stand Bag for Women Golfers: Ping Hoofer Lite Carry Stand Golf Bag

Carry bags are less popular for women than the cart bags. I have always enjoyed a Carry bag. Even if I do play a round of cart golf, I love the option to take my clubs off and walk for a few holes.
Ping has been the leader for many years when it comes to a quality carry bag. The Ping Hoofer Lite Carry Stand Golf Bag is no exception.

This bag features an easily adjustable strap made with a cooling fabric to help keep you from sweating during those hot summer rounds. The Ping Hoofer also features a pad in the hip area for resting during the round. Ping has always been about making sure the bag feels light and easy to carry.

You will not get the same number of pockets on a bag like this that you would in a large cart bag. Although this can be disappointing, you really don’t want to carry that much when you are walking during your round!

Now that we gave your our two favorite best women’s golf bags available right now, let’s break down a few of the runner ups in some other categories.

Best Women’s Fashion Golf Bag: Taboo Fashions Monaco Lightweight Carry/Cart Bag Bundle with Club Covers

best women's golf bags
Best women’s golf bags

The Taboo Fashions Carry/Cart Bag Bundle comes in several different patters. The good news here is that in addition to these beautiful fabrics and patterns, you are also getting a great golf bag. The package sets, although priced slightly higher, will also include headcovers to ensure that your entire bag is matching.

The golf bag features 14 full-length club dividers and a separate section just for your putter. The material is a Nylon that is guaranteed never to wear. This is a bag you will have for many years. The hardest part will be choosing which pattern you like best!

Best Women’s Lightweight Bag: Cobra Golf Ultralight Stand Bag

This Cobra golf bag is a simple and compact design but it really gets the job done! If you are looking for something simple and in a neutral color this bag has got you covered.

Not only is this bag easy to carry, but it’s easy to grab out of a car or cart with the top carrying handle. Plenty of pockets and an insulated drink pocket, you won’t be running out of space when playing a round with this bag.

Best Women’s Travel Golf Bags: OGIO Savage Travel Bag

If you are going to be purchasing a brand new bag you might as well protect it when you travel. Ogio has been a leading travel bag provider for many years. They stand behind their product, and this product will protect your clubs during those rough travel days.

What Should I Know Before Buying a New Golf Bag?

Although golf bags indeed serve a single purpose of moving your clubs from one place to the next, there are many features to distinguish the good bags from the bad. Here are a few things you need to decide on before purchasing the next new club carrier.

Cart or Stand

Do you play most of your golf in a cart? Are you somebody that is playing this game for exercise? If you are a cart golfer, you need a cart bag. Stand or Carry bags don’t sit as well on a cart and could cause some frustration. If you are a walker, a Cart bag will be unnecessarily heavy for you.


Many of the golf bags designed for women are considered lightweight. When all of your clubs are put into the bag, with the three dozen golf balls, this bag will no longer be lightweight. Manufacturers started getting into a competition with each other several years ago, and bags were being made for 3, 5, 7 pounds. Naturally, a carry bag will be quite a bit lighter than a cart bag. As a general rule, the lighter golf bags will not hold as much, but they should almost always have room for all of your golf clubs, some balls, and tees.

Top Dividers

There are several options for top dividers on Women’s golf bags. Some bags (although quite rare) have a single open hole at the top for all the clubs to fit in. Others will have three sections, or eight, and some will have fifteen. Your preference for this is a personal preference. Are you someone that wants the seven iron in the seven iron spot every time you look for it? If you are, be sure to get as many dividers as you can on the top.

Club Sleeves

Most of the bags that have the fourteen or fifteen club dividers will also have full sleeves that your club will fit into. The benefit of the sleeves is that the shafts and grips of your clubs will get less wear and tear on them. They are in their individualized tube that keeps other clubs, or the side of the golf bag from rubbing on them. With the majority of women’s golf clubs being graphite shafts, the protection of your clubs is essential. Graphite shafts do not hold up as well over time as steel will.


All golf club manufacturers will have their idea of the best possible designs for pockets. For a cart bag, be sure to look for something that has plenty of forward-facing pockets. An added benefit is a waterproof pocket. When it starts to pour out there, and you need to tuck a few things into the bag, this pocket can come in handy. Something else to look for is a valuables pocket that most bags will feature. Some will be hidden deep in the bag, so your valuables are not easily accessible to a passerby. Some new designs also feature cooler pockets to help keep that water cold during your round.

Carrying Straps

For the cart bags, this is not as important as it is for the carry bags. When playing with a carry bag, you have to make sure you get an adjustable X Strap on the bag. If your bag does not have a supportive golf strap, you can cause yourself some severe back trouble at the end of the day. Try to see pictures of what the bag strap looks like and make sure that it can be adjusted to fit you properly.


Brand can be a personal preference, but many times players that are playing with all Callaway clubs like to go with a Callaway bag or a brand-neutral bag (Sun Mountain, DaTrek, Bag Boy, etc.). Indeed, having a bag full of Callaways does not mean you can’t choose the TaylorMade.
Now that we have reviewed the most critical factors in choosing the correct golf bag for your game, let’s jump into which golf bag is best!


Choosing a golf bag can be a personal decision, but there is also a good deal of factual information that needs to be considered. Our guide provided you with the differences between the majority of golf bags on the market and how you can make sure you are choosing the one that works appropriately for your game. Let us know which bag you chose and how you have enjoyed it!

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