Best Putter For High Handicapper

So you have finally upgraded to a top handicap and you are having a few problems getting the ball from the green into the hole. The best putter for high handicapper might come to your rescue and make it a lot easier making that long shot. Essentially, you are on your way to perhaps joining a tour and becoming a pro. The TaylorMade Golf Spider Putter stands out as the overall best for any player.

Whilst clubs for beginners might be great at aiding you with your games, they don’t always work well for top players. The system will try to help you but the system is not on the level of top players like Rory Mcilroy and this is where a club that ultimately gives you freedom will be ideal. I personally like these high-end clubs for their creative freedom that is offered.

In this article, we take a deeper look at some of the top putters that high handicappers can use to give themselves that boost and make it to the pro levels. We have also studied some of the intricate features, allowing us to make a better judgment. You can find them in our small, yet intricate buyer’s guide that follows.

Best Putter For High Handicapper
Best Putter For High Handicapper

Best Putter for High HandicapperRecommended Skill LevelOur Rating
TaylorMade Golf 2018 Spider PutterPro★★★★★
ODYSSEY EXO White Hot PutterPro/Intermediate★★★★★
TaylorMade Golf 2018 TP Black Copper Collection PutterPro★★★★★
Scotty Cameron Select PutterPro★★★★★
Evnroll Golf ER8 Tour Mallet PutterPro/Intermediate★★★★
TaylorMade Big Red OSCB Daytona PutterPro/Intermediate★★★★


The Best Putter For High Handicapper Rated And Reviewed

Before we dive into some of these intricate features, it is fundamentally important that we look at which clubs are at the top of the line. While we can’t really test them as a pro would, we used some professional assistance in the selection process. Here are the top clubs for high handicappers that could make you a pro:

Top Pick: TaylorMade Golf Spider Putter

The TaylorMade Golf Spider Putter is specifically designed for the top players. It features Pure Roll Technology with 45-degree grooves for increasing the topspin and giving the ball more forward momentum. With multiple neck hosels to choose from, the club will accommodate any player, no matter what your stroke type is.

The Good:

  • Forward momentum: With the Pure Roll Technology, the club will offer you more topspin, allowing the ball to travel farther.
  • Alignment: with accuracy being key in top golfing tournaments, this putter will allow you to play straighter.
  • App: With an interactive app, it makes it easier for players to understand the tech features and adjust the club.
  • Grip: Superstroke grip technology has been incorporated, allowing the club to be much more secure in your hands.

The Bad:

  • Price: All these special features will come at a price and TaylorMade is one of the most expensive brands to choose.

Best Classic Design: ODYSSEY EXO White Hot Putter

The ODYSSEY EXO White Hot Putter is a Callaway exclusive design and it comes with multiple tech features for advanced players. The club includes the classic “White Hot Insert” and this has been crafted to ensure the putter gives you a crisp sound. It also ensures a faster role once hit. This could improve distance.

The Good:

  • Faster role: Much like the TaylorMade brand, this club gives you a faster role, which means more distance and power.
  • Crisp sound: When looking for a quality driver, many people look at the sound as well. However, this putter has a majestic sound.
  • Design: It features a classic design that is desired by many players. However, the tech features are still impressive.

The Bad:

  • Needs practice: This is one of those clubs that can make anyone hate golf and it means you need a few practice rounds.

Best High-End Putter for High Handicapper: TaylorMade Golf TP Black Copper Collection Putter

The TaylorMade Golf TP Black Copper Collection Putter is much similar to the spider. However, it includes a copper insert that will not only improve the sound but add more power to each stroke. With Pure Roll Technology, the club still enables you to have more topspin and increase shot distances with ease.

The Good:

  • Increased distance: Once again, we find the Pure Roll technology that will enable the ball to have more topspin and go a little farther.
  • Design: With copper added to the design, it looks like something that has just been made from the future.
  • Weight: Having two 10g weights added, the club offers more stability than some of the cheaper alternatives.

The Bad:

  • Price: Unfortunately, it is still from TaylorMade and they are well-known for their expensive club prices. However, it will go well with your set of irons.

Best Underrated Putter for High Handicapper: Scotty Cameron Select Putter

We often find many putters that are new and a little underrated. This is true for the Scotty Cameron Select Putter. The putter is actually multifunctional and with multilayered materials, you can adjust the weight to your needs. Additionally, it has been precisely milled to achieve an extremely accurate design for your games.

The Good:

  • Precision: since the club has been milled with precision, it worth noting that you will have better alignment.
  • Removable weights: if you don’t think this matters, try playing up a slope with a light putter and see the ball rolling back
  • Design: Once again, the company has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure the putter looks like a pro club.

The Bad:

  • Expensive: Unfortunately, it is one of the more expensive brands, but the putter will be the only one you ever need.

Best Tour Putter for High Handicapper: Evnroll Golf ER8 Tour Mallet Putter

If you are on your way to becoming a professional player, the Evnroll Golf ER8 Tour Mallet Putter will be the putter to help you. It has the most forgiveness of any putter on this list. This is all thanks to the miss-hit forgiveness feature. With a heavy head, it works well on flat greens, but you can lose some control when playing downhill on a steep slope.

The Good:

  • High MOI: Since it has a high MOI, you can make multiple adjustments to ensure the club does fit your style.
  • Heavy: A heavy head is not always a bad thing. This club works well when going uphill and for longer puts.
  • Forgiveness: With the miss-hit forgiveness as high, it is no secret that you have a lot more forgiveness than many of the others.

The Bad:

  • Might be too heavy: Unfortunately, the club might be a little too heavy if you are strong or playing downhill.

Best Intermediate Putter: TaylorMade Big Red OSCB Daytona Putter

The TaylorMade Big Red OSCB Daytona Putter is one of those putters that you generally find around the golf course. It was once an elite putter, but with improved tech, it has fallen behind. However, it has excellent forgiveness and perfect milling. Many top players still find a lot of accuracy with using it on the course.

The Good:

  • Precision: With precise milling, this club is definitely one of the putters that will lessen your strokes on the green.
  • Alignment: With a high-contrast design, you have much better alignment and more accuracy as well.
  • Stability: The head might be a little larger and heavier than most people might think, but this does offer more stability.

The Bad:

  • New Tech: Unfortunately, it has fallen behind quite a lot with the new advancements in tech features.

A Few Important Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting The Best Putter For High Handicappers

If you are still not sold on the best putters, you might be interested in looking at how we went about selecting them. Here are a few of the most important features that you need to keep in mind. They should help you when discerning and choosing the best club over something that might only be overpriced.


Having more weight an be a good or a bad thing and that is why an adjustable putter is so much better. Most clubs in this range will allow you to set the weight depending on what you are playing. If the club is too heavy, you will have a hard time with control downhill. Too light means less control and power on uphill slopes.


When talking about the design, we are referring to the level of comfort. The putter is much like a good driver and it will become the core of your arsenal. You might need to play around with a couple of hosel designs to ensure yours does fit comfortably for your specific style. It will also be a plus if it matches the rest of your clubs.


Accuracy is one of the most important parts of reducing your puts. When this is what you are looking for the alignment aspect is really important. You can look for grooves that have either been incorporated with paint or the design. This will ensure even more accuracy when you are playing your shots on the green.

Which One is the Best Putter for High Handicapper ?

All of these clubs are highly rated by tour players and professionals alike. However, the TaylorMade Golf Spider Putter stands out as one of the very best that any player can choose. Now, it is your turn to let us know in the comment section below. Let us know which putter you see as the best putter for high handicappers today.

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