Best Push Golf Trolley

Looking for the best push golf trolley I’ve tested a lot over the past few months. In my research, I found some decent options, some really bad options, and a few units that stood above them all.

Those are the trolleys that we will be looking at today. But for shoppers that only want to hear about the best of the best, I can say that the CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart was the best push golf trolley I found.

The combination of value, handling, and ruggedness all accounted for a product that just couldn’t be beat.

But hey, if for some reason it isn’t your thing, that is ok. I also found four other premium golf trolleys for your consideration. Read on!

Top Pick: CaddyTrek SuperLite Golf Push Cart

Let’s just start with the best of the best, shall we? Like I said in the introduction, the combination of features that you get with the CaddyTrek Superlite Deluxe Golf Push Cart simply couldn’t be beaten.

Great Maneuverability

In terms of sheer maneuverability, this trolley is very nearly peerless. When they say Superlite, they definitely are not kidding. The entire trolley weighs only twelve pounds which means it will be easy to transport, and easy to handle once you are on the course.

This may not sound all that important, but golf equipment can get heavy. While each club weighs only a pound the bag itself with all of its accessories can tip the scales at 50-60 pounds. You won’t want your push cart piling on to that total.

Of course, weight is not the only factor that accounts for good maneuverability. You also need a smart design, which the CaddyTrek also features.

The wheels are optimized for easy alignment and rapid breaking for complete control on the course.

High-Quality Accessories

The CaddyTrek also goes to lengths to ensure that you are comfortable on the course. It comes with cups and umbrella holders so that you can be at least somewhat prepared for unexpected weather events.


Of course, buyers should understand that this is not the most rugged trolley on the market. There are certainly carts out there that look like they could be thrown out of a plane and survive the fall.

This isn’t one of them. It is durable enough for many seasons of regular use on a moderate course, but it won’t be as suitable for players that need unrelenting ruggedness.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • Accessories
  • Lightweight
  • Great Handling


  • Not Suitable For Extreme Conditions

Runner Up: Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart

If you aren’t extremely worried about the budget with this purchase, you may find lots of appeal in the Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Cart. This unit is actually very similar to the last trolley that we saw, but it is substantially more expensive.

As I see it, the differences between the Cilcgear and the CaddyTrek don’t at all account for such a big discrepancy in price. But hey, maybe you will feel differently.

Rich in Accessories

It really is a good cart. It is comfortable to use, with accessories to store tees, balls, drinks, and umbrellas. It is also easy to get around with. The hand brake ensures tight stops, and the overall interface makes it easy to stay on track.

You also get several spaces dedicated to the application of aftermarket accessories, also offered by Clicgear.

The capacity for accessories is one of the biggest differences between this cart and the last that we saw. If you like having the spacious compartments of a golf cart, you will appreciate all the add-ons that come with this push trolley.


In terms of concerns, there was not much to speak of. I did find that the Clicgear is a little bit heavier than the CaddyTrek. At eighteen pounds, it isn’t exactly tipping the scales, but it will be a little bit harder to get around with.

Ultimately, most buyers should find plenty to like in the Clicgear. However, my guess is that price will be an obstacle for some buyers.

Pros and Cons


  • Maximizes Accessory Options
  • Handles Well
  • Durable


  • Expensive/Lacks Value Relative to CaddyTrek

For the Golfer that Needs Extra Durability: Sun Mountain Speed Golf Cart GX 

The Sun Mountain Speed Golf Cart GX is an option that might be a little bit better for the golfer that needs something really rugged.

Every pushcart is designed for durability, but some are more optimized for it than others. This seems to be one of them. The durable frame is twenty-one pounds, which is the heaviest that we have seen so far. However, that extra weight has seemed to been applied to fortifying it.

Super Durable

The Sun Mountain truly is rugged. I also found that the wheels handle hills really well. If your home course is hilly (kudos to you for still deciding to walk it, by the way) this cart may be a little bit more comfortable for you.

Accessories Rich

And of course, like all of the carts that we will see today, it is accessory rich. It comes with cupholders, a place for your umbrella, a slot for the scorecard, and a place for your tees.


One thing that I didn’t like so much was that the cart is a little bit top-heavy. This means that in hilly positions, it can tend to top over when left unattended. Granted, this is a fairly common issue for a push trolley, but for a unit in this price range, one would hope to avoid that particular con.

Pros and Cons


  • Accessory Rich
  • Rugged


  • Top Heavy/ Prone to Tipping

For the Budget Buyer: TANGKULA Golf Cart Swivel Foldable 3 Wheel Push Pull Cart

If you found the price tags of some of the other options daunting, you will be pleased to see that getting a push trolley does not need to cost a fortune.

Budget shoppers will want to pay careful attention to the Tangkula golf cart Swivel Foldable 3 Wheel Push Pull Cart. I’ll admit that this cart isn’t quite as sturdy as some of the other options that we have seen. If you want a cart that will last forever, this isn’t it. However, if you want something that will get you from the first tee box to the eighteenth green without issue for a few seasons, this will be a suitable option.

Feature Rich

It is worth noting that, for a budget buy, it is surprisingly rich in features. You get the standard umbrella slot and cardholder, but what I liked the most was the presence of a small retractable stool on the side. The stool allows you to pop a squat while you wait to hit into a fairway or green.

Smooth Riding

The Tangkula also handles pretty well, brakes smoothly, and it won’t be terribly hard to move around with either. These attributes are largely thanks to the lightweight design that you get here. At eighteen pounds, this is one of the lighter pushcarts that we have seen today, which does make it naturally easier to maneuver with.


The principal issue is definitely sturdiness. Particularly in the wheel region. I gathered from my own experience with the cart that this region was vulnerable and have since heard from others using it the long term that that is indeed the case.

As I said, this probably is not your forever pushcart. However, if you are looking for something to last a few seasons, this will be quite suitable.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • Accessory Rich
  • Good Handling


  • Sturdiness is an Issue

For Maximum Maneuverability: Caddymatic Golf 360° SwivelEase 3 Wheel Folding Golf Cart

We end with a cart that puts a premium on maneuverability. The Caddymatic Golf 360 SwivelEase 3 Wheel Folding Golf Cart maintains their promise of being one of the most maneuverable golf carts on the market, by featuring a front wheel with complete 360-degree rotation. Let’s dive in with a quick look at some important features.

Maximum Maneuverability/Storage Friendly

The manufacturer uses lots of sales jargon to talk up this feature, but it actually does work quite nicely. The rotational range of the wheels makes it about as easy as possible to turn the cart abruptly.

What I liked even more than the handling though was this pushcarts compactness. It folds up quickly, and to a size that is so small, you won’t have any trouble stuffing it in the trunk with your clubs at the end of the round.

Onboard Accessories

It sounds almost redundant to mention at this point, but of course, the Caddymatic also features an accessory rich push bar. You get the same seemingly mandatory cup, car, ball, umbrella holder here that you get with all of the other options.


There are problems, of course. For one thing, this cart is heavier than most that we have seen today. At almost twenty-five pounds, some golfers will have trouble getting around with the Caddymatic.

It also features a footbrake instead of a handbrake.

Granted, this isn’t a huge problem, but it is a departure from the trends that we have seen with most of the other carts. A handbrake makes it infinitely easier to stop on a dime when the need presents itself.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to Store
  • Great Maneuverability
  • Onboard Accessories


  • Footbrake Instead of Handbrake
  • Heavy

Conclusion – Best Push Golf Trolley

As you hopefully realized, all of the push trolleys on this list are good in their own way. Whether you are a lover of value, accessories, or sheer ruggedness, there is something on this list for everyone.

In terms of what push trolley to buy, you will have to be the one to make that decision. Like I said at the beginning of the article, I found the combination of quality and value presented in the CaddyTrek to be tough to beat.

However, at the end of the day, you should just go with the best push golf trolley that suits your needs.

FAQs on Best Push Golf Trolley

A selection of the most commonly asked questions regarding Best Push Golf Trolley.

What makes the CaddyTrek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart the top pick among the best push golf trolleys?

The CaddyTrek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart is considered the top pick due to its exceptional combination of value, handling, and ruggedness. It weighs only twelve pounds, offers great maneuverability, and includes high-quality accessories, making it a standout choice.

How does the Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart compare to the CaddyTrek, and what factors contribute to its higher price?

The Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart is a runner-up to the CaddyTrek, offering similar features but at a higher price. While it handles well and is durable, the notable difference lies in its maximized accessory options, making it more expensive. The discussion provides insights into whether the higher cost justifies the additional features.

What sets the Sun Mountain Speed Golf Cart GX apart from other push golf trolleys, and what concerns should buyers be aware of?

The Sun Mountain Speed Golf Cart GX is highlighted for its ruggedness and durability, making it suitable for golfers needing extra durability, especially on hilly courses. The discussion outlines its features, including accessories, but also notes concerns such as the cart being top-heavy and prone to tipping, especially in hilly positions.

How does the TANGKULA Golf Cart Swivel Foldable 3 Wheel Push Pull Cart cater to budget buyers, and what are the trade-offs in terms of sturdiness?

The TANGKULA Golf Cart Swivel Foldable 3 Wheel Push Pull Cart is presented as an option for budget buyers, offering affordability and surprising features. The discussion emphasizes its lightweight design, smooth handling, and accessory richness. However, it also addresses concerns regarding sturdiness, particularly in the wheel region, suggesting that it may not be a forever pushcart but suitable for a few seasons.

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