Best Golf Travel Bag: Are Your Clubs Protected When You Travel?

Traveling is an integral part of being a pro golfer. Since your clubs are the lifeblood of your game, nothing can be more worrisome than not knowing what is going on with them. Fortunately, the best golf travel bag gives you peace of mind to let go of all the worries. With your full attention on the course, your results will definitely follow suit. Why wait? The CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover is an affordable option for every golf player.

Playing golf locally does not make such a difference. It was only once I started traveling that I needed a gold travel bag. Traveling without them is not entirely unsafe, but with the price of the top clubs being on the higher end on the budget scale, wouldn’t you rather play safe than sorry. Ask any pro golfer how frustrating it is to arrive at your next course, only to find one of the clubs being bent or slightly damaged.

In this article, we take a better look at some of the most popular golf travel bags. Many of them I have used with great success, but changing them every now and again also extends the lifetime of the bag. However, when you pick any of these cases, you need not worry about another golf travel case to keep your clubs protected. This is of course if you don’t need a larger travel bag for more clubs.

Best Golf Travel Bag
Best Golf Travel Bag

Best Golf Travel Bags To Help You

The options are many, making it rather tough for the average player and even a beginner to make the best decision. Yes, you will need to save up a couple of bucks, but this will all be worth it in the end. Potentially, it could lead to a couple of long-term savings as well. Here are the best golf travel bags on the market:

Top Pick: CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover

The CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover is one of my all time favorites. Traveling puts strain on the bag, especially rugged terrains. Made from 1800 Denier nylon, it can withstand a lot of punishment and it comes across as virtually tear-resistant. It has also been heavily protected on the sides of the bag as well as on the top. This should make it impact-resistant when the bag is mishandled at the airport.

The best part about this bag is probably the overall durability it offers. Since it has been constructed from tough materials and includes heavy-duty zippers that should hold up under all circumstances. Inline skate wheels make it easier for the user to transport, instead of having to carry it around all day long. Finally, the bag has multiple pockets that accommodate every user with absolute ease.

While many golfing brands are fairly expensive with their products, CaddyDaddy is one of the more affordable brands. Beginners have a hard time finding the right bag, until now. Even the avid pros will enjoy using it. On a final note, they have also included a limited 1-year warranty, with CaddyDaddy claiming that they will even refund any airport damages.

Runner-Up: CaddyDaddy Golf Co-Pilot Pro 2 Hybrid Travel Bag

The runner-up is another bag from CaddyDaddy and it is much harder, but constructed only from 900 Denier nylon. However, instead of having padding, this bag has a molded plastic base that should keep all your clubs fully protected. According to the manufacturer, it is all weather protected, but I would not recommend leaving any of your golfing gear in the rain if you don’t have to.

One of the best features of this bag is the functionality it offers. Since the bag has 6 different dividers on the inside, you can easily place all your clubs without having to worry about them damaging one another. I like the hardtop design, which means it is really easy to open once you need it and it can be used as your playing bag as well.

The bag is slightly more expensive, but the multifunctional use definitely makes it worth this price. Since it can be used for playing and traveling, you hit both birds with one stone. Once again, CaddyDaddy has included a limited 1-year warranty that will even keep you protected from potential damages done by the airlines. Using CaddyDaddy Golf Co-Pilot Pro 2 Hybrid Travel Bag in conjunction with the best pushcart will work wonders on the course.

Lightweight Golf Travel Bag: AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

Not all of us have the arm strength to carry heavy bags around all day and this is where you need to look at the weight. Fortunately, I found the AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag with a weight of only 8.65-pounds. It might not have all-around padding, but the materials will do its job when it comes to keeping your clubs safe.

Storage is something you will have in abundance. This bag features numerous pockets aside from the main pocket that should enable you to store all your belongings. The wheels might not have the best overall durability, but they definitely make it easier for you to transport the bag when you have arrived at your destination.

Since none of the materials are hardened, the bag offers decent protection, but not the best. I would definitely recommend it for the price and if you are a beginner with only a few clubs, you can be sure they are protected. If this bag does not work for you, the Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bagis another lightweight and affordable option to consider.

Best High-End Travel Bag: Sun Mountain Clubglider Meridian Golf Travel Cover

If you need to upgrade and you want the best possible value for your money, the Sun Mountain Clubglider Meridian Golf Travel Cover is one of the best options. Made from solid nylon for the other materials, the bag is definitely tear-resistant. It includes foam padding that offers some shock-absorption and should keep all the clubs safe if the bag falls.

The bag also features wheels that make it easier to transport, but the real kicker is the stand that can be used when you need to take a break. Once you are done, the bag can easily be stored with the collapsible feature. All this works with the heavy-duty stand. With high maneuverability, you should not have any troubles when it comes to moving it around.

Unfortunately, this is one of the more expensive bags on the market today. Although the price might not seem, fine for many people, I believe you won’t really have the same durability and functionality in some of the other bags. Waterproofing is expensive, but this bag already has this included with a great warranty.

The Ultimate Beginner Travel Bag: CaddyDaddy Ranger Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag Golf

As a beginner, I remember only starting with a select few golf clubs. Instead of carrying all your clubs along, you can now only choose a select few as well. Made from 1680 Denier nylon, the CaddyDaddy Ranger Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag Golf definitely works well when it comes to keeping your clubs safe. While it does not have much padding, there is enough padding to protect a few of your regular clubs.

Once again, this is one of the cheapest models on the market today. The molded base will hold up to 9 different clubs, but you cannot use this for your massive golf bag. We all love versatility and this bags offers it, as it can be used for playing and traveling. Using this bag, I found that the best pull cart makes it really easy to transport them without too many hassles.

As you might have already guessed, the bag is rather affordable as well, making it a great buy for beginners. The 1-year standard CaddyDaddy warranty is included, keeping you safe, even from airport damages. I would not only recommend this bag to beginners and I believe that even some of the pros can use this for their local Sunday games.

Key Features To Consider When Looking For The Best Golf Travel Bag

The travel bag is a little different from the general bag you use to play with on the course. Not only is it much larger, but the bag also features numerous pockets that work well for storing some other items. To help you select your next golf travel bag, here are the most important features to keep in mind:


Most of these bags have excellent protection, but you do need to make sure. While having a molded case can be a little expensive, you will be fine with padding. However, the combination of these two will ensure optimal protection for your clubs.


These bags are available in different sizes and you need to find one for the clubs you will be using. By now, you should have an idea of your regular clubs and which of them you always use. Taking into account the different sizes of each club, you can use this to determine the right-sized bag for your needs.


These bags might not have many when it comes to add-ons. However, things like wheels will make a massive difference when it comes to the transportation of the bag. I also find the additional stand to be really functional and it should allow you to store the bag. Speaking of storage, the folding feature ensures the bag is never in the way when not in use.

Is the Best Golf Travel Bag Needed?

You have seen my thoughts and the bags that I recommend for every beginner and pro. Now it is your turn to voice your opinion on the best golf travel bag. I personally like CaddyDaddy for their functionality and their excellent warranties, but you might have a different brand. Let us know in the comment section below which bags you think we missed.

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