The Best Golf Shoe For Plantar Fasciitis

Golfing is one of the best ways for one to kick back and relax, while still achieving a certain level of fitness and health. It is not a contact sport that could harm you but still spikes the heart rate a little for some fun. However, walking is important and some people suffer from plantar fasciitis or arch pain. The best golf shoe for plantar fasciitis can put emphasis on your golf and not your pain. The Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoe is one of the all-time great for quality golf shoes.

Golf shoes are available almost everywhere and most of the top brands have a compatible shoes for your feet. However, it is not fun to deal with plantar fasciitis and this can cause a lot of discomfort. In this article, we explore some of the best shoes that will help you combat the pain caused by something like plantar fasciitis.

Best golf shoe for plantar fasciitis
Best golf shoe for plantar fasciitis

The 3 Best Golf Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis Available

Golf ShoesAdidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes (Top Pick)New Balance Men’s NBG1701 Spiked Golf Shoe (Best Value)Callaway Men’s Balboa TRX Golf Shoe (Best Natural Shoe)
MaterialsMicrofiber and SyntheticLeatherMicrofiber leather
Inner SoleEVAOpti-Soft EVAEVA
Our Rating★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

Best Golf Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis On The Market Today

Much like any type of shoe you are looking for, golf shoes do require a little more depth when you are looking for the best. We have isolated a few of the most important features for you to consider when choosing a golf shoe. However, we are starting out the article with the top picks that we have reviewed so far:

 Top Pick: Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Adidas is one of the most well-known sporting brands, especially the quality of its shoes. We have selected the Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes for the precision-designed footbed that offers comfort. Another benefit of it is the fact that it will mold to the shape of your feet for an even more comfortable fit.

What I Like:

  • EVA Insole: The EVA insole is one of the top features. It might be a little more expensive than polyurethane but gives the shoe the molding feature.
  • Breathability: Microfibers and mesh make up most of the materials use, which allows a lot of space for air to pass through.
  • Flexibility: These shoes are extremely flexible, allowing them to move the same way as your feet would.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Narrow Fit: Adidas has always had an issue with their shoes being a little too narrow for those with wider feet.

Runner-Up: New Balance Men’s NBG1701 Spiked Golf Shoe

It is hard to consider New Balance as a runner-up, but they have been slightly edged out by Adidas. The New Balance Men’s NBG1701 Spiked Golf Shoe is one of the most durable shoes you can find, being constructed from real leather. Additionally, microfiber has been woven in between the leather for more comfort.

What I Like:

  • Durability: We have already mentioned this, but the shoe is extremely durable and could last you a couple of years.
  • EVA: As you might have seen with Adidas, the EVA midsole is the perfect balance of comfort and affordability.
  • Removable Cleats: If you need to use the shoes for other things aside from golf, the spikes can be removed.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Oversized Spikes: Some people have noticed that the spikes are a little oversized which can make them uncomfortable to walk with

Best Natural Shoe: Callaway Men’s Balboa TRX Golf Shoe

Nothing feels better than playing barefoot and having a natural feel when walking. However, it is not always possible on the golf course. The Callaway Men’s Balboa TRX Golf Shoe tries to make this possible and Callaway has designed it with an Opti-Soft EVA sole for the comfortable feeling that you have when not wearing shoes.

What I Like:

  • Waterproof: The shoe has some breathability vents, but still offers protection against some water and moisture.
  • Design: One of my favorite parts is the stylish design and the shoe works well with your favorite golf club designs.
  • Affordable: Some of these brands can be a little expensive, but Callaway has retained an affordable price.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Durability: You might have a 1-year warranty, but the seams that hold the leather together will eventually tear open.

Best Looking Golf Shoe: Nike Golf Men’s Nike Lunar Control II Golf Shoe

A golf shoe should not only be designed for providing you comfort but should also look great when you are wearing it. The Nike Golf Men’s Nike Lunar Control II Golf Shoe is one of these shoes that will look great. One of the key features is the outer sole and its ability of it to absorb most of the impact from walking.

What I Like:

  • Stylish: As mentioned, the shoe looks great, but will still provide you with all the comfort you need as a player.
  • Waterproof: Once again, we have a shoe constructed from synthetic leather, but remaining waterproof.
  • Cushioning: The insole is ideal for absorbing shock and providing some excellent cushioning for you.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Price: Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive golf shoes on the market today.

Best Shoe For Hot Feet: PUMA Men’s Titantour Ignite Golf Shoe

The heat will build up inside your shoe and combat this, you need some sort of ventilation. The PUMA Men’s Titantour Ignite Golf Shoe is designed to give you this ventilation, while still providing you with the best possible comfort. It is constructed from extremely durable leather and synthetic materials, which are also waterproof.

What I Like:

  • Durability: The combination of real leather and synthetic materials will keep the price a little lower and make the shoe durable.
  • Fit: It works well for those with plantar fasciitis due to the wider design and extremely comfortable fit.
  • PWR Cool Insole: The PWR insole is designed to mold to the shape of your feet. It also helps to regulate heat.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Bad Stitching: You might want to have the stitched for a second time to help combat the initial bad stitching.

Best Flexible Shoe: FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Golf Spike Shoe

When dealing with something like plantar fasciitis, you will need something that will flex with your feet. The FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Golf Spike Shoe is one of these shoes that can help you attain this level of flexibility. The shoe features a synthetic outer sole, which helps to mold the shoe to the way you walk and move your feet.

What I Like:

  • Lightweight: The combination of synthetic and mesh might not be durable, but it does make the shoe much lighter.
  • FlexGrid Technology: When you need something flexible, this is the technology that will help you get there.
  • Traction: Yes, the shoes do have spikes, but they offer a lot of traction that many of the others cannot compete with.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Price: Unfortunately, these medical-grade shoes can be a little expensive for most people to buy when starting out.

Best Budget Shoe: Etonic Golf Stabilite Shoes

Etonic is not a popular brand like many others, but they have been focusing on stability technology in their golf shoes. The Etonic Golf Stabilite Shoes are designed to help you avoid any twists of the ankles and bad movements that could potentially harm your feet. The combination of the integrated mesh also makes it more breathable.

What I Like:

  • Price: Since the brand is not as popular, you can find a pair of these shoes for an affordable price.
  • Saddle Overlay: The saddle overlay is ideal for adding durability when your feet are stretching out the fabrics.
  • Breathable: As mentioned, the shoes do have a lot of mesh integrated, which might not be durable. However, it provides breathability.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Unproven: Unfortunately, these shoes do not have a proven reputation that can ensure some of the claims.

Key Features To Consider When Buying Golf Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

When buying shoes for golf, you have a whole list of important things to consider. However, most people will know this by now and we have focused on the most important features to help combat Plantar Fasciitis. These features will ensure that you have comfort and you can enjoy playing with your clubs.

Inner Sole

You will generally come across one of three different inner soles and it is one of the first things to look at. The PU inner sole provides a little comfort. However, EVA tends to mold to the shape of your feet and provide more flexibility. Those with serious foot conditions might want to consider looking at memory foam. However, it is a little more expensive.

Outer Sole

Most outer soles are constructed from rubber. However, golf shoes have synthetic materials used for the outer sole. The synthetic materials provide a little more comfort, but can also be hard on your feet. Here is where we would look at technology and a lighter outer sole. The cleat or spikes also play a huge role to ensure you have decent traction.

Shoe Design

The notion that all golf shoes look the same is not true, with some being a little more stylish than others. When considering the right shoe, you will need to look at the overall design as well. Not only the colors but also the stitching for added durability. The design can be specific to a brand as well, making all of their shoes look similar.

Arch Support

One feature that we did not discuss in detail is having arch support. While it might not do much for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, it can help you prevent fatigue. Since your ankles and joints take the brunt of the impact, having some decent arch support seems to neutralize this and make the shoes more comfortable.

Wrap Up – Best Golf Shoe For Plantar Fasciitis

No matter what you like in the world of golf, a great pair of golf shoes can help improve your game. If you have the best clubs, but you don’t feel comfortable playing, you might not enjoy the game as much. Fortunately, these shoes can be worn by anyone. You don’t need to be suffering from plantar fasciitis to give them a try.

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