Best Golf Rangefinder with Slope For All Golfers

Golf range finders are essential for club selection. A rangefinder with slope feature makes the distance measurement more precise. You can learn of the accurate distance to the green or any other target before taking action. Hence, scoring more shots.

The Bushnell Pro X2 is the best golf rangefinder with slope at the moment. It is packed with all the high-end features that pro golfers and avid golfers are after. The design of the device is great, and it features a more accurate slope calculation alongside none-slope. It is worth every penny.


Top Pick

Bushnell Pro X2 – Best Overall Rangefinder

The Bushnell Pro X2 is really an excellent device to carry along to the field. Though pricey it is packed with all the juicy features and performs excellently. Avid golfers will enjoy this.



The Bushnell X2 has a bold appearance and appeal. The gun-metal finish adds to its premium build and look. When handling it for the first time, it was a bit on the weighty side. However, that is to be expected based on the choice of material. Working with it wasn’t an issue though, It was just enough to make me know my buddy was tagging along.

Though it has a bold appearance, it isn’t bulky. The X2 is compact and fits right in your hands. When considering the Tour X, it’s more ergonomic to handle.


The Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder has an in-built slope feature that you can turn off by just sliding the button to the side. The slope works higher than the Tour X I used earlier. Same to the newly budget-friendly Precision Pro Nx7.

When the slope isn’t turned off, I was able to get the yardage of both the none-slope and sloped measurement. With it, I could easily identify the difference in yardage due to various elevation.

Another good thing about the slope function is that it works in both view modes. If you have used the Tour X, then you will be relieved. No more switching of lenses just to enjoy the slope feature.


The Bushnell Pro X2 delivered a precise measurement for me during the test. I enjoyed both displays, but the red one more. The black works fine for periods when the sunlight is up and ready to go. However, the red view glows and works fine in the night. You can switch both displays with a press of a button which is awesome compared to the Tour.

So far, the battery has worked well for me. Other golfers who have purchased the same, seem to have observed this too. The added good news to this is that the Bushnell X2 comes with the battery. So, I didn’t have to purchase one for testing.

The Pinseeker function alongside the red display makes this unit pretty awesome for targeting obscured objects. However, I have noticed without it, getting a reading from flags in far distance without reflectors isn’t easy. I had to hold still for a while for the vibration to kick in.

Some users have mentioned that fog could get in the way of its performance, but I didn’t experience the same with mine. Would have to update if I discover such.

Best golf rangefinder with slope
Best golf rangefinder with slope


  • Compact size
  • A working lock-on vibration tech
  • Bold and premium finish
  • Long lasting battery
  • Dual view modes
  • Long range measurement
  • Easy to use
  • Pin-seeker and JOLT function for obscured targets
  • A rapid lock and measuring ability
  • Fully waterproof



  • Pricey
  • Difficult to get a reading for flags at a far distance without laser reflector

Overall: The Bushnell Pro X2 is a leading Rangefinder with Slope tech. Though pricey, it has succeeded in packing all the amazing features of its previous models. Hence, it gives value for the money spent. However, some people like me do not like the zipping mechanism of the casing. It wastes time locking and unlocking to get the device out.


2nd Choice:

Bushnell V4 Shift Slope Rangefinder

Bushnell v4 Shift Slope is a budget-friendly and superb rangefinder with slope functionality. It is compact in size and good looking. Though it is a unisex model, women will need one or two extra clubs than men folks.


The white and black hue of this rangefinder is what caught my eyes first. It seems so simple but yet unforgettable. Would surely help you avoid forgetting it at an outing. The plastics are also of higher-grade material and should withstand bouncing and bumping for a long time. 

The device isn’t bulky, fits right in your hand. The controls are on the right sides. I also found the textured pad useful for keeping the device steady when finding my yardage.


The slope feature of the Bushnell v4 Shift was really spot on during my testing. I was able to get an accurate measurement for targets uphill and downhill. Tried it a couple of time to be sure of its consistent delivery of precise measurement. Just like the Pro X2 and Precision Nx7, you can easily turn it off for legal tournament practice.


Unlike the Bushnell Pro X2, there are no dual view modes, and I was stuck with one display. Though for most of the day, this won’t be a problem. However, due to its poor lightning during dark hours you can hardly know your readings.

The battery of the Bushnell V4 Shift has remained full so far after a couple of rounds. Some fellow golfers have been able to get in 10 rounds without changing the battery. The device is built to turn off after a short while of no use. This action helps conserve the battery more.

The manufacturers, Bushnell says the accuracy of this unit is plus or minus 1 yard. I tested this within the 200-yard mark. Trusting the yardage giving by the Bushnell V4 Shift I was able to land accurate shots. This was done both on high and low grounds to the flag.

The jolt function and Pinseeker work great. Though I have noticed that it becomes hard to get a reading quickly when seeking out a target from an elevated spot beyond the 200 marks. You will have to hold steady for a few, but it does vibrate at the end.



  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact and light
  • Rain resistant
  • A fast lock-on target system
  • A working Pinseeker with JOLT system to capture obscured targets
  • Long range measurement
  • Accurate readings
  • Easy to use case locking system
  • Ability to target any object



  • No ability to adjust the brightness
  • Low light
  • Poorer performance in fog


Overall: the Bushnell V4 Shift is a mid-range budget rangefinder with slope. It houses some of the performance pricier rangefinders like the Pro X2. However, it might not be good for those who will be on the course beyond sunlight.


3rd Choice:

Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder

The Precision Pro Nx7 Rangefinder with slope is a commendable rangefinder for the price. It might not ring all the bells that high rangefinders do, but it performs in all the key areas. This range finder allowed me to capture objects excluding the flags that were in my line of site.



The Precision Pro Nx7 like its variant the Nx7 has an appealing finish. It is compact in size, very ergonomic. It fitted right into my hands as if it belonged there. Also, it isn’t that weighty, so thanks to the size, I used it with one hand only.


The unit features an adaptive slope tech function which allows you to use the slope measuring feature. You can use it for uphill and downhill targeting. The good thing about it is that this feature can easily be toggled off or on for the legal tournament.  


Being someone who started with Bushnell products, it was difficult for me to handle the Nx7 Pro operation. I have discovered this to be the same for others who are used to Bushnell. DO NOT USE THE PRECISION NX7 THE BUSHNELL WAY!

How it works for the Precision Pro Nx7 is pretty easy once you master it. To use, here is what to do:

  • Tap on the green button to turn on the device.
  • When you have found your target on the screen, click the button again.
  • Hold it in place over your crosshair, and you should get a mild vibration letting you know, the target is locked!
  • The distance will almost immediately display on the screen in your preferred measurement.

The pulse vibration that comes with the Precision Pro Nx7 is useful. It allowed me to grasps quickly when my target was locked. Then the distance is shown in either meter or yards.

You can easily change the measurement from yards to meter. I did that by just clicking on the mode button while using the unit.



  • A loving compact size
  • Affordable
  • Ability to utilize it with one hand
  • A non-slip ergonomic design that works
  • A 30% faster laser than previous models
  • Easy and clear distant measurement
  • It has a clear and visible display
  • A handy locking system to keep the device safe within the case
  • A flag feature to mark targets.
  • It is waterproof
  • A useful carrying case



  • Couldn’t get a distance beyond the target
  • Can’t adjust the brightness
  • Accuracy isn’t stable beyond the 200 yards

Overall: The Precision pro Nx7 rangefinder is a nice device that worth its affordable price tag. It handles shots within 200 yards with ease. However, I noticed in mine that once I go beyond that, the accuracy weavers drastically. Like me, some customers have also found it unable to mark targets that are obscured and beyond the 200 yards mark. Might be different for others though.


Criteria Used in Making the Product Choices

To narrow down my selection of the top three rangefinders with slope, I had to spend ample time on Amazon. I already had some products in mind thanks to the opinions of other golfers. However, I made an extensive and intensive research on stores and checked what customers experience was like. Based on my findings and some key features I was after, I was able to narrow down the right products to test.

Here were the factors I based my selection on:

  • Slope
  • Accuracy
  • Durability
  • Stability
  • Range
  • And general performance.



Having a rangefinder with slope feature makes all the difference. You can practice before the big game and know your terrain. Some of these terrific rangefinders will allow you to record the distance of any target other than flags. Hence, ensuring you can use it for things other than golf.

Here are the three best rangefinders with slope out there at the moment. Bushnell has just released the Bushnell XE, and I will be trying that soon!

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