Find The Best Golf Push Cart To Make Your Game Easier

Carrying a golf bag round the course can leave you feeling drained and dramatically reduce your performance at the end of the game. It can also leave you with back, shoulder and even knee injuries. That’s why it’s important for you to take a look at the best golf push cart.

The best golf push cart is undoubtedly the CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe.

Getting yourself a push cart can revolutionize your game! I know from personal experience. I had hit a plateau and even my new golf clubs for amateurs were only helping me to improve slightly. It was then that I copied all my friends and became the last member of our group to purchase a push cart.

I did get to try all of their push carts first and several others from the store my friend runs; this helped me to be certain that the CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe was the right one for me.

You may want to consider your bag as well; mine was good but the best golf cart bag makes it even easier to get round the course. My attention and energy was finally focused where it should be; the difference in my game was noticeable.

Best golf push cart
Best golf push cart

CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe – Best Overall

The CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe is a well made cart with a unique and patented bag holder design. It will accommodate virtually any stand bag and secure it in place with a simple strap. This makes the cart very easy to use and very practical.

In addition, it is incredibly light and virtually effortless to push round the course. Those two features alone make it the best golf push cart.

CaddyTek is a company that focuses on building innovative and practical golf carts. This shows in the quality of the products they produce which are durable and easy to use. That’s why they have produced the best golf push cart.

  • Ball bearing technology
  • 3 Wheels
  • Available in Black, Red or Green
  • Dimensions 53.5” x 27.2” x 45.7”
  • Weighs 12.2 pounds


  • Smooth Ride

The CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe has just 3 wheels it doesn’t use a standard axle as so many push carts do. Instead, it has ball bearings in each of the wheels which rotate independently. This makes it much easier to pull across rough terrain as it doesn’t matter if one wheel is not turning.

It also ensures that the ride is incredibly smooth; this reduces the drag on your arm making it virtually effortless to push the CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe round the course; no matter how many times you end up in the rough.

  • Accessories

The golf push cart is made to carry your golf bag. However, it’s always nice when there are a few extra accessories on it; even if they are duplicating those on your bag.

The CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe has a cup holder built into it, a mesh pocket for storing any little bits and even an umbrella pocket. The result is that your hands are free to focus on steering your cart not on holding all the little bits that seem to become essential.

  • Weight & Foldable

The CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe is light, it weighs just 12.2 pounds; this means that you won’t have any issues pulling it or pushing it round the course.

It can also be easily folded to fit into your vehicle. A simple pull lever on the main bar allows the front to fold into the rear part of the cart. This reduces the dimensions to 17.5” x 15.75” x 33.6”; that’s small enough to fit into virtually any trunk.

You’ll also be pleased to note there is a built in brake on the wheels. Simply push the red button with your foot to apply or release this brake; ensuring your cart is exactly where you want it to be. There is nothing more embarrassing than your cart disappearing down the hill as you take your shot.

Finally, you should be aware that there is a front wheel alignment mechanism; allowing you to direct the cart wherever you want without the wheels trying to take you in a different direction.


  • Tipping

The downside of a light cart is that it has the potential to tip. Other users have commented that this can happen when an umbrella is in the rear pocket. Personally, I haven’t found this to be an issue but it is worth noting.

  • Folding

The fact that it folds is great as you can fit it into the trunk of your vehicle. However, because it doesn’t fold completely flat it will have a tendency to roll round your trunk. This can be frustrating as you drive and could even damage the trunk or the cart.

Jef World Of Golf Deluxe Steel Golf Cart – Best On A Budget

J.E.F. Corp was established in 1994 with the sole aim of providing high-quality golf products at affordable prices to all levels of golfers. They have built a good reputation for supplying quality products and have a good customer service team. That’s one of the reasons why they’re on the best golf push cart 2019 list.

The Jef World of Golf Steel cart is unsurprisingly, made of steel. The design is kept to a bare minimum in order to maintain the low price of this product; making it the best golf push cart on a budget.

  • Affordable
  • Steel Frame
  • 2 Wheels
  • Foldable
  • Waterproof Scorecard Holder
  • Dimensions 9” x 10” x 33.5”
  • Weight 8.2 pounds


  • Ease Of Use

This is a budget push cart and it shows in the simplicity of the design. You won’t find a cup holder or even any straps to hold your bag in place. But, what you will find is a well-built golf push cart that allows you to move your golf bag and clubs round the course with very little effort.

The Jef World of Golf Steel cart has a singular central pole with a bracket to support your golf bag and a standard handle at the top. The two wheels are supported from the main bar by moveable axle bars. A simple press on the switch and these can be folded into the frame; allowing you to secure the cart in your trunk.

  • Price

You’ll be hard pushed to find a cheaper golf push cart that will do the job as well as the Jef World of Golf steel cart. The lack of extras means that the price can remain low while strength and ease of use remain high. This is undoubtedly the best golf push cart 2018 if you’re on a budget or even just starting the game.

  • Stability

The two wheel design is complemented by the base plate; where your golf bag sits. This makes it surprisingly easy to pull or push and incredibly stable.

It isn’t a heavy cart but the weigh is low and well balanced; helping you to steer it where it needs to go.


  • Wheel Issues

A few users have complained about the wheels either exploding or simply coming off. These seem to be fairly isolated incidents but it is worth noting. Losing a wheel half way round the course will not make it your best game ever.

Clicgear Model 8.0 – Best 4 Wheeler

There are 2 wheel carts, 3 wheels and 4 wheel ones. 3 wheelers tend to offer the best balance between stability and ease of movement. However, every so often a really good 4 wheeler comes up. As well as offering extra stability the Clicgear Model 8.0 is surprisingly easy to steer round the course.

Clicgear is actually based in Hong Kong but they design and manufacture their products for distribution round the world, and the products look good. They emphasize usability and style in every one of their products and this is evident in the Clicgear Model 8.0

  • Oversized aluminum tubing
  • 4 wheels
  • Solid Tires
  • Foldable
  • Weight 22 pounds


  • Innovative Design

The four wheel design is not often chosen by golf push cart manufacturers. However, in the case of the Clicgear Model 8.0 it works thanks to oversized aluminum tubing and a wider front stance. What you’re getting is one of the most stable carts that money can buy.

The cart features dual front brakes; which are applied via a lever under the main cart handle. Because it uses a pin hole system you can actually apply the brakes softly or hard; depending on the terrain.

It’s also worth noting that the handle is adjustable to help ensure you are comfortable when pushing or pulling this cart.

Finally, the tires are solid foam. This helps to give a stable ride and eliminates the potential of punctures on the course; one less thing to worry about and prepare for.

  • Foldable

The Clicgear Model 8.0 can be folded. Its folded dimensions are 27” x 17” x 15”. This is easy to do although it is worth noting that thanks to having four wheels and an oversized aluminum frame it doesn’t fold particularly small.

You may need to put it on your back seat.

  • Extras

There are very few carts that offer this number of accessories and extras. There is a large storage tray, a mass of different pockets, accessory tabs and even holders for your scorecard or your tablet. You can also add a cooler bag, travel covers, shoe brushes or a seat; useful if the course is exceptionally long or slow.


  • Weight

Although the weight helps to make the Clicgear Model 8.0 extremely stable it also ensures that it is quite heavy to pull. You are likely to notice this weight towards the end of your game.

  • Carry Bags Not An Option

It is also worth noting that the strap at the bottom of this cart is actually quite flimsy; it struggles to work with the top strap and hold your bag in place. In fact, a carry bag is likely to twist when on this push cart. You’ll need to get a stand bag for it.

Get the Best Golf Push Cart Today

I’ve bought the CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe and haven’t looked back; I even prefer it to my friend’s electric push cart. The reason is simple; this is a cart that does exactly what it is supposed to do. It carries my bag around the course with minimal effort from me.

In essence, this is all you want from your push cart. The fact that it’s as comfortable at the end of the game as at the beginning reinforces my decision that the CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe is the best golf push cart 2018. If you haven’t got yours yet then you really should get one!

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