Put More Focus In Your Game With The Best Golf Pull Cart

The golf pull cart is not used as often nowadays. Since the pushcart is much simpler to use and it does not require as much effort, many people choose the pushcart. The best golf pull cart is designed to make life easier and it will simplify the process of carrying all of your clubs around your shoulders. It also removes the added expense of having a caddy follow you around all day. Starting out sucks, but the Intech LiteRider Cart will make this process a little easier.

While I have been using the pushcart more often, I also started using the pull cart at first. One of the biggest differences between the pushcart and the pull cart is the design. The pull cart generally features only 2 wheels, while the pushcart has 3 wheels, making it much easier for you to stop. Fortunately, the pull cart is much more affordable and should be ripe for beginners.

In this article, we take a deeper look at the best golf pull carts and some of their features. During my beginner years, I had the opportunity to test some of these carts. However, times have changed and technology has improved, leading me to ask some of the pro golfers I know for some tips. If you are looking for a great golf pull cart, this article should be perfect for you.

Best Golf Pull Cart
Best Golf Pull Cart

Best Golf Pull Carts On The Market Today

The pull cart is a great addition to the kit of any beginner. I love the designs and the simplicity. After testing numerous carts, I have concluded that these are some of the best to get you started. The buyer’s guide should give you some basic tips for choosing them as well. Nevertheless, here are the current best options for any player:

Top Pick: Intech LiteRider Cart

One of the first carts I ever found was the Intech LiteRider Cart. This cart is designed for pulling only and it features a durable steel frame for durability. Weighing only 6.9-pounds, the cart is simple and easy to use, with a state of the art design for your large kit. Your kit will also be locked into place with a strap, to ensure the bag does not fall over to the front.

I find the 10-inch wheels to be really functional. These wheels make it much easier to navigate some of the tougher slopes on the golf courses. Since they are made from plastic, they require virtually no maintenance and are really simple to use. The additional scorecard holder should make it possible for you to keep your scorecard in place when playing.

One of the common things you will notice with these golf carts will be the price. Fortunately, they are all really affordable, making it perfect for every beginner. With a state of the art stand included, you should not worry about the cart tipping either. If you are a beginner, this will definitely be one of the top carts to consider choosing for your golfing needs.

Runner-Up: Caddymatic Golf Lite Trac 2 Wheel Folding Golf Cart

The Caddymatic Golf Lite Trac 2 Wheel Folding Golf Cart is one of the best options I have seen with the folding feature. Caddymatic is also one of the top brands, especially when it comes it the best golf push carts. This cart has also been constructed from durable steel materials, giving it a great sense of durability for those rugged terrains.

While it weighs only 8-pounds, the cart features a folding feature. This feature might not seem important, but for those with smaller vehicles, it will definitely make a massive difference. As with many of the others, the scorecard holder should help you to keep score. The biggest downside is the lack of coverage from rain if this does set it unexpectedly.

Caddymatic is considered one of the top brands, but this is one of their cheaper models. Since you will be using it as a beg9nner, it will include all the basic features. The assembly process is rather easy and we believe this cart will be great for beginners. It loses to the Intech LiteRider Cart slightly in terms of the overall design, but it is a little cheaper.

Best Push/Pull Cart: ProActive Sports Fairway Flyer 603 Golf Push Cart

Marketed as a pushcart, the ProActive Sports Fairway Flyer 603 Golf Push Cart is much simpler to use when you are looking for a pull cart. Since it only features 2-wheels, the pushing motion is a little strenuous.  Since aluminum is used for the construction, this cart is really light, with a little touch of durability. I also like the fact that the cart is weather resistant to rust.

It is not only designed for your golf clubs. This cart features a state of the art scorecard holder as well. It includes a bottle holder and these additions are not generally found in all of the other carts. Since it can be folded, it is really simple to fold and the braking system is used to ensure the cart will not tip or run away when playing your shots.

Compared to the first two options, it is slightly more expensive. However, all of these features and the push/pull feature also mean that the cart is versatile. Since it is really lightweight, it can also be used by the female players breaking into the sports. We would highly recommend this as one of the best and most versatile carts on the market today.

Best Modern Pull Cart: TANGKULA Golf Cart Foldable 2 Wheel Push Pull Cart Trolley

The TANGKULA Golf Cart Foldable 2 Wheel Push Pull Cart Trolley is not one of the top branded carts on the market today. However, I decided to give the art a go and find out if it is worth the price. Made from solid steel, we once again have all the durability one might need. The additional strength means you can carry along all of your clubs if needed.

My favorite part of the trolley is the wideness of the wheels. This will make it much more stable when standing and when being pulled. Additionally, the foot brake is really easy to operate and you have a scorecard holder added to the frame. With smooth ball bearings, it also removes the need for a struggle to change the direction when needed.

This is one of the cheapest options on the market today, making it really sought after by beginners. I believe it does offer all the value for your money that it needed and the folding features add more functionality. If you are strapped to a budget and you are looking for a cart with all the needed features, this will be one of the best options.

Best High-End Cart: Bag Boy M350 Cart Bag

If you don’t like the pushcart and you prefer sticking to your pull cart, the Bag Boy M350 Cart Bag is one of the best options. It is made from durable aluminum and features steel bearings that should ensure the cart is functional. I also like the stylish design, making it perfect for anyone trying to look a little more professional.

This cart comes with a solid frame and the 9.5-inch wheels are also removable when you need to change them. I like the tough bag bracket that has been included and this means the bag will be kept in place. When this is combined with the quality of the braking system, you should not need to worry about the cart running away of the bag falling off.

Unfortunately, the price is a little expensive and many people believe they can simply choose the pushcart. However, I think that buying a quality cart like this one should last you multiple years. It might not turn you into a pro like Rory Mcilroy, but the but the art can make a difference to help you reach the top levels. It is definitely recommended.

Key Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Golf Pull Cart

Now that you have seen the best cart I have tested, you might be wondering which of these features are the most important. If you plan to choose a different cart, you should keep these features in mind, ensuring you get the best possible quality and value for your money:


The pull cart is a little tougher to move around and the weight will have a major impact. If the cart is too heavy, it will be a drag to pull around the course. We recommend looking for something lightweight with a decent durability to ensure the cart is easier to move around.


Unfortunately, you won’t be moving the art in one direction. Having additional maneuverability in the form of decent ball bearings will make the cart simpler and easier to use. Steel ball bearing with larger wheels man the cart is simple to use and the maintenance will not force you to spend an arm or a leg.


The scorecard holder is one of the best additions that can be added to any cart. This will allow you to keep track of your score and see your improvements. Additionally, the braking is also fundamentally important and we recommend looking for state of the art brakes.

Wrap Up – Best Golf Pull Cart

The pull cart is slowly phasing out nowadays, but it still works well for beginners. If you like to move your kit around without too much effort, all of these carts should enable you to do so. The Intech LiteRider Cart is one of the cheapest options with all the basic features every beginner will need to get started. The best golf push trolleys are also affordable and effective.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you to share some of your thoughts. Let us know in the comment section if you have ever used one of these carts. We would also like you to share some of the best golf pull carts that you feel we might have missed.

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