Best Golf Irons For Mid Handicapper

Since becoming a mid handicapper I’ve noticed that everyone wants to play with me. It seems this is the perfect handicap to inspire others. But I’m not planning on staying here! I discovered the best golf irons for mid handicappers and I’m using them to improve the length and straightness of my shots. The difference is noticeable.

You can see the same difference with the Taylormade M4 irons. Put simply they have more flexibility in the face which translates to the ball travelling a greater distance and being more accurate.

I have to admit I was dubious at first. I’d been bordering on the mid to high handicapper for an extended period of time. In fact my best friend was always giving me shots to help me out. That all changed when I got unexpected asked to play a game and didn’t have my clubs. I used the same set as my challenger and was amazed at the difference in my game. It won’t be long before I start thinking about the best clubs for 10 handicap.

It didn’t take long for me to convince my friend to let me try a few different sets. All of the following 3 are good but the Taylormade M4 irons have got the edge in forgiveness, power and quality. They are perfect for anyone who is dropping from a high handicap to a mid and looking to keep improving.

Being a mid handicapper means you’re aiming to break 90 consistently; thanks to these clubs I’m achieving this target and am looking for a new one.

Taylormade M4 Irons

Taylormade was founded as long ago as 1979; by Gary Adams. The product they had was simple; a club made from stainless steel. This was a unique concept at the time!

The company has continued to invest in research and developing; striving to find innovative new products while preserving the authenticity of the game. They’ve certainly succeeded with the Taylormade M4 irons.

These irons use new technology and design to increase the forgiveness of the ball while increasing distance.

  • RIBCOR Technology
  • Very Forgiving
  • 360 Undercut
  • Optimized Heel & Toe Weighting
  • Weight Just 6.5 pounds
  • Dimensions 48” x 5” x 5”


There are a number of advantages to making these your new favorite clubs.

Innovative Features

RIBCOR is the abbreviation for the internal ribbing structure inside these clubs. It strengthens the clubs, making them stiffer; they feel more solid when you swing. But, it also directs the energy towards the ball; ensuring that it has the maximum amount of power possible behind it.

In effect the thin yet firm ribs on the outside of the face separate the heel and toe sections of your club; preventing rotation and helping to get the shot where you want it to go.

This technology is complimented by the dampening material inside the head which reflects the energy back into the ball while reducing flex and vibration in the shaft.

  • Forgiveness

The dampening and RIBCOR work together to increase the forgiveness of your club without the need to increase the head size. Add to this a thin face and a thin walled speed pocket and you have a club that sounds fantastic but also hits the ball just where you want it to.

The sweet spot maybe smaller than a high handicap club but the forgiveness means your accuracy will improve dramatically.

  • Looks

If you want the best looking best golf irons for mid handicapper on the course then you need the Taylormade 4 irons.

They have a carbon fiber covered cavity and the distinctive red / white / blue color scheme. In short they look fantastic.

  • Loft Height

Much of the reason for the Taylormade M4 irons getting you the extra distance is actually down to the loft. When playing I frequently found the eight iron could do the job better than the usual seven iron.

The loft height is achieved thanks to the shallow slope of the head and the performance technology that backs it up.


There are very few disadvantages to the Taylormade M4 irons. They are well balanced with a low centre of gravity and a joy to play with. In fact, there is only one small niggle that occurred to me as I achieved my best score ever.

  • Green Control

The extra height and the reduced spin that these clubs produce mean that the ball is slightly less predictable when it does hit the green. The steepness of the balls landing is directly related to the amount of roll on.  You’ll have to take this into consideration before you swing for the ball.

Callaway XR Irons

Callaway are another company that dominates the golf scene and with good reason. The company started in business in 1982 and has dedicated itself to creating new and innovative products that revolution the game while appealing to all levels of golfer.

That’s not an easy target but one that they have stayed true to. Perhaps the most famous of all their innovations was the Great Big Bertha Driver from the early 1990’s.

The Callaway XR Irons have been designed to use technology currently in woods; the aim is increased distance and more forgiveness.

  • Cup 360
  • Internal Standing Wave
  • Guide Lines
  • Lower Centre of Gravity
  • 2 Piece Construction
  • Dual Heat Treated
  • Dimensions 45” x 6” x 6”


  • Innovative Design

The cup 360 is a single sheet of metal which is the face and covers the top and bottom of the head. It then attaches to the rest of the club with a second thin piece of metal. This results in a small air pocket allowing the face to flex and the energy to the ball to increase. The result is a shot that goes further and has better accuracy.

In addition to this the centre of gravity has been lowered and moved slightly forward. This has been achieved by another piece of metal on the sole of the club. It looks like a breaking wave.

The surprising thing isn’t this technology; it’s been used for years. What is amazing is the fact that it has been incorporated into a classic distance iron design. It simply doesn’t look big enough to have these features but it does!

  • Construction

The Callaway XR irons are actually a 2 piece design which uses dual heat treatment to ensure strength in the finished product. So far users have been exceptionally satisfied with the quality of these clubs and the craftsmanship.

This heat treatment does more than just ensure the club is strong enough; it allows them to be as thin and attractive as they are.

  • Sound & Feel

There is no doubt that these iron give you the result you need. The clubs may feel a little soli or even sound a little clicky but they also feel great when you swing them; confident that they will knock your ball straight onto the green.


  • Forgiveness

In many ways this is an advantage. After all a forgiving club is able to cope with a miss-hit and still get the ball where you wanted it to go.

However, the problem with the Callaway XR irons is that they can be too forgiving. This means you hit the ball and don’t even realize that you’ve hit it off. Without this kind of feedback you’ll struggle to actually improve your game; because you won’t know where you’re going wrong.

Cobra King F7 Irons

Thomas Crow founded Cobra Golf in 1973; making it the oldest of the three companies here. The company went on to produce the first utility wood and the extended driver as well as pioneering the autoclave system.

The company still exists on the same premise today; innovation and quality remain the driving force behind this firm and this is evident in the Cobra F7 irons.

The Cobra F7 irons have a cavity back and are designed to give distance as well as plenty of forgiveness. These are one of the best golf irons for mid handicapper for a good reason; innovation, design and price. This is the irons to get if you’re looking for the best golf irons for mid handicapper on a budget

  • Powershell Face
  • Teflon Progressive Set Technology
  • Progressive Spin Technology
  • CNC Milled Face & Grooves
  • Dimensions 48” x 6” x 6”


  • Distance

The sole on the Cobra F7 irons is wide. This is designed to help alleviate the issue created by a steep down swing; a common problem for mid to high handicap players. Instead of hitting the ground and bouncing onto the ball the club glides across the ground ensuring the hit is still good. In turn this maximizes the distance the ball will travel.

  • Technology

Perhaps one of the best features of the Cobra F7 irons is the TOP technology. It means that the weight of each club is progressively changed to ensure the centre of gravity is perfect every time. All you need to do is hit the ball consistently.

It does also help to reduce the vibrations from a miss hit.

The forgiveness of the entire set is also improved by offering an array of club styles in one set. You’ll notice the long irons have a full hollow cavity while the 6 and 7 irons have only got a half cavity. This maximizes the forgiveness helping you to get the best possible shot.

  • Good Looking

Not all irons are good looking but the Cobra F7 irons definitely have an appeal to them. The grooved face appears small and you’ll hardly notice he offset as you square up for your shot. In fact there is a mid-sized top line that helps the look of the club while boosting your confidence over the ball.

The simple yet effective nickel chrome finish is flashy enough to catch your eye without distracting you or the other players.


  • Head Issues

Several customers have complained of issues regarding the heads coming off while being used. This is something that is covered by the comprehensive warranty but it is still something to be aware of.

  • Control

These irons are great for improving your game but there will be times when you feel that you’re not actually in control of the ball. They are just a little too forgiving which threatens to create a new plateau for your game that will be hard to get away from.

Best golf irons for mid handicappers
Best golf irons for mid handicappers

Get The Best Golf Iron For Mid Handicapper Today!

There is no doubt that all of these clubs have something to offer the mid handicapper. However, despite the technological advances in each club the Taylormade M4 irons remain the one to beat.

There is no doubt that this is the best golf irons for mid handicapper. The M4’s offer the control and precision you need with the only real issue being unpredictability on the green; that’s something I can live with and work on. All I need now is the right golf bag.

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