Improve Your Game With The Best Golf Clubs For Seniors

Golf is an excellent way for seniors to keep healthy and meet other like-minded people. But to make the most of every game you need the best golf clubs for seniors. A good set will bring you consistent results; that’s why I recommend the Wilson Men’s Profile XD.

The reason is simple. The Wilson Men’s Profile XD has a large grip area; helping you to grip the club properly and maximize your swing. The fact that it is also exceptionally comfortable is simply a bonus. They come with a forged titanium composite driver. I noticed the extra volume it gave me and how that increased the distance I was shooting.

It’s important to get the right clubs as you age. Unfortunately as you past 50 you’re likely to feel a decrease in your strength and flexibility. This is likely to slow your swinging speed; reducing the height and distance you can get from the ball. However, if you get the right club it will help you to compensate for these issues and even maintain your current level of performance; you may even notice an improvement with the best golf clubs for seniors!

Best Golf Clubs for Seniors
Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

Best Golf Clubs For Seniors: Wilson Men’s Profile XD

Wilson are a massive company making products for golf, football, basketball, baseball, tennis and a host of other sports. The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality products in each field; something they have certainly succeeded in delivering with the best golf clubs for seniors. The Profile XD are exceptionally well made and have enough forgiveness to ensure your game goes from strength to strength.

What we like:

  • Large Sweet Spot
  • Graphite Steel Shafts
  • Carry Bag
  • 460cc Titanium Composite Driver
  • Directional Lines On Handles


  • Light & Durable

The clubs are made with a mixture of graphite and steel. This allows them to be light enough to swing easily. It also ensures the centre of gravity is low; helping to make sure you hit the ball solidly and low enough to get the results you want.

This lightness will be appreciated by any senior and should be considered an essential part of any of the best golf clubs for seniors.

The high quality production process is part of the reason why these clubs are so durable. To give additional peace of mind regarding their durability Wilson has guaranteed to simply replace any club you break during the warranty period.

  • Design Features

The irons in this set have deep cavity heads. This helps to ensure improved accuracy.  All the cubs also have large heads, allowing the sweet spot to be larger than usual. This will ensure you hit the ball right even if your shot is slightly off.

A nice extra touch is the matching head covers for your driver, fairway and hybrid.

  • Large Set

There is almost every club you could ever need included in the Wilson Profile XD best golf clubs for seniors.

Included is the forged 460cc titanium composite driver with one of the largest sweet spots in the game.  You’ll also benefit from a fairway wood with a low weight; helping you to get the ball out of the rough. There are several irons in the set; all of which are made from stainless steel.

Unfortunately there is no 3 Iron although the Hybrid should make a fair compromise when necessary.

The Wilson Profile XD set also includes a sand wedge, pitching wedge and putter. All of these will help to improve the stability and accuracy of your strokes.

  • Carry Bag

The carry bag is a great free addition if you’re feeling like walking round the course. If you prefer to use a cart then you should check out the best golf bag for carts.

The carry bag has a large comfortable strap, one pocket for each of your clubs and an array of other pockets; including one at the top. This should give you all the space you need to keep the essentials as you work your way round the course.


While the Wilson Profile XD is definitely the best golf clubs for seniors there are a few issues worth noting:

  • No 3-Iron

There is no 3 iron in the set. The theory is that it’s not needed as you have a hybrid. In most situations this is acceptable but sometimes you just need that 3 iron.

  • Driver’s Head

Several customers have reported that the drivers head is easily damaged. This is not usually covered by the warranty and is something you should consider before committing to the purchase of these clubs.

  • Longer Putters

It’s a little disappointing to note that the bag is not designed to take a putter longer than 33 inches. This could be an issue; especially if you’re on the taller side. Considering everything else is well made and thoughtfully put together this is a disappointing development for the best golf clubs for seniors.

Runner Up: Senior Men’s Majek Golf Hybrid Set

Unsurprisingly the Senior Men’s Majekclubs are all hybrids. This means their design is borrowed from irons and woods but they are unique.

These clubs have been on the market for several years and have gained a reputation for being reliable, durable and predictable. Considering their attractive price this makes them a great option as one of the best golf clubs for seniors.

  • Right Handed Set
  • Graphite Shaft For Ease Of Swing
  • Long Hybrids in Set to Increase Distance
  • Additional Loft To Improve Height Of your Ball


  • Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid clubs are lighter and easier to swing than the standard golf clubs you may be used to. This makes them perfect for the senior player. The 3, 4 and 5 hybrids stand in for the driver, 3 wood and the long irons. The 6, 7, 8 and 9 cover the mid and short irons; giving you a complete range of clubs which are much easier to use than the standard clubs you may be used to.

  • Graphite Shafts

The graphite shafts are designed to be lightweight; encouraging you to swing harder and faster. They are also exceptionally strong; giving you the confidence you need to make those difficult shots.

In short you’ll find the Senior Men’s Majek hybrid clubs to be easy to use.

  • Flex Velocity

The design of these clubs includes a large head and sweet spot. This ensures you can hit the ball accurately every time. However, this development is also combined with the comparatively deep heads to provide the maximum amount of flex possible.

This will ensure the vibrations you feel are kept to a minimum while the club has enough flex to help power the ball where you need it to be.


  • Enamel Wear

Several users have commented that the enamel on the outside of these clubs wears off faster than you would expect. This is disappointing considering the money you’ve paid to purchase the clubs.

  • Missing Specialized Wedges / Putter

Although the hybrids are supposed to cover all options I did note a few occasions when a wedge or a putter would have been the better option.

These are not included in the Senior Men’s Majek set which means you’ll need to spend extra funds on purchasing them; if you really want to maintain or improve your game.

  • Customization Options Missing

The clubs are firmly aimed at the average sized older golfer. If this is you then they are some of the best golf clubs for seniors on the market.

However, if you’re taller or shorter you’ll find there are no customization options. Put simply you won’t even be quite comfortable enough with these clubs to get the best from your game.

Tour Edge HP25 Complete Set

This is another set that comes with a lightweight bag; in case you feel like carrying your clubs round the course.  This is a great option for seniors whether experienced or new to the game.

This is not actually surprising. Tour Edge was founded over 30 years ago by David Glod; a former golf pro. His vision was to make golf products that were affordable but still high quality. This promise holds true today and can be seen in the Tour Edge HP25 set.

  • 460cc Titanium Driver with 10.5° Loft
  • Ultra Thin Face
  • Option for regular or senior flex


  • Range Of Clubs

As mentioned you can choose between regular flex or the senior flex. You can also select the all graphite option or choose graphite woods and driver with steel irons. You choice will depend on how your current game is.

You’ll find a 3 wood, 5 wood, 4 hybrid, 5 irons and a putter in your set. That should be enough to get you round the course!

  • Large Sweet Spot

The face on these clubs is deliberately thin; this maximizes the size of the sweet spot. The result is a club that is forgiving and will still give you the power and accuracy that you need when playing.

  • Low Weighted

Although the actually clubs are extremely light and easy to swing; weights have been included in the lower part of the shafts to help keep the centre of gravity near the floor. This allows you to make a smoother and more controlled swing while maintaining accuracy and distance.

The long irons actually have stainless steel heads to help even further with this.


  • Forgiveness

If you’re new to the sport or have a high handicap, such as perhaps a 10; then you’ll probably find the Tour Edge HP25 set a great option for your game. This won’t necessarily apply if you’re more experienced as you’ll find these clubs offer a little more forgiveness than is useful to improve your game.

Pick Up The Best Golf Clubs For Seniors Today

Choosing the best golf clubs for seniors is not an easy task. After all, everyone has their own style and personal preference.

However, the design and quality of the Wilson Profile XD puts them ahead of the competition. In short you’ll be able to focus on enjoying your game and the company.

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