Your Guide To Finding The Best Golf Clubs For Amateurs

Being new to any sport doesn’t mean that you need to accept less than the best equipment. What’s important is knowing that the best will depend on your current level of expertise. If you’ve just started playing golf, like me, then you need to choose the best golf clubs for amateurs.

Of course, if you’re more experienced you may wish to take a look at the best golf clubs for 10 handicap or even the best electric golf cart you can get. You can even take a look at the best golf clubs for mid-handicappers to inspire you for the future!

But, if it’s the best golf clubs for amateurs that you are after then you need the Callaway Men’s Strata Complete golf set.

The simple fact is that the right tool for the job will make your life easier. I actually discovered the truth of this by accident when I borrowed a friend’s clubs, and realized they were so much better than mine. This sparked a review of as many different clubs as possible in my quest to find the best golf clubs for amateurs; the Callaway Strata was infinitely superior while offering quality at a reasonable price.

Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs
Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs

Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set – Best Overall

Callaway has been making clubs for many years and has a reputation for providing top quality products. They may not be the cheapest option but they are the best, hence why they are top ranking on this best golf clubs for amateurs list.

It is worth noting that these specs are for the latest version of the Callaway Strata complete, you can still buy the older version or even a set with just 9 clubs which may suffice as you start playing.

  • 12 Piece Set: Driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, putter, PW, 6-9 iron
  • Stand Bag
  • 2 head Covers
  • High Level of forgiveness


  • Club Selection

You’re looking at a set that is ready to give you maximum performance right from the first tee. The lightweight 460 forged driver has a titanium head and an oversized sweet spot to help ensure you hit it right every time.

There is also an oversized 3 wood to help maintain your accuracy on those long, high flying shots. You’ll find the hybrid easier to control than a selection of long irons and putter is perfectly designed to help ensure your accuracy with those finishing shots.

The Callaway men’s Strata really is designed to offer every option you could need.

  • Quality Feel

But that’s not it! You will also notice the quality of the craftsmanship when you look at these clubs and when you hold them. Every club is perfectly balanced to help you swing easily and consistently.

This is aided by the materials used; the driver and woods have graphite shafts while the iron and putters are steel.

  • Forgiving

The oversized heads are generally angled which could be an issue for an experienced golfer. However, for the amateur this simply means that the Callaway Strata complete are very forgiving. Even if you’re trying to miss the green there’s a good chance you’ll come down on it!

  • Free Bag

The Callaway Strata come with a free bag that is surprisingly stylish. It’s mainly black with the name emblazoned in white and a few other touches of white and red; in short a professional looking bag. You’ll also find a multitude of pockets for hiding essential game equipment; such as spare balls.

The fact that this bag can be carried like a backpack or used as a stand bag is simply a bonus.


  • Outgrowing Them

Although competitively priced they are not the cheapest clubs on the market. Unfortunately while they are the best golf clubs for amateurs if you practice regularly there is a good chance you’ll quickly outgrow these and need to invest in some new ones.

  • Denting

There have been several complaints that the drivers seem to dent comparatively quickly; which means you’ll need to replace it. Of course this does relate to how hard you hit the ball!

Tour Edge Bazooka 360 – The Middle Ground

Tour Edge is the Score Golf Company of the year and have been operating for over 30 years. Their aim is to produce clubs with the latest technological innovations but at an affordable price. The Tour Edge Bazooka 360 is a well put together set with a lot of potential; especially if you’re on a budget.

  • Driver
  • 3 Wood
  • 5 wood
  • 4 Hybrid
  • 5-SW Irons
  • High MOI Putter
  • Deluxe Cart Bag


  • Forgiveness

Just like the Callaway Strata the Bazooka 360 is a very forgiving set. The driver is 460cc with a titanium matrix and 11.5 degrees of loft. In addition weight in both the heel and toe of the club give this club a high MOI.

You’ll also note that the face is surprisingly thin; this will allow you to connect and launch a ball from the most awkward of areas and also improves the forgiveness of the impressive Bazooka 360.

The same can also be said for the hybrid which has a low profile design and a stainless steel head; helping you to hit the shot right every time.

Even the stainless steel irons have cavity backs and heel and toe weighting to make playing the game as simple as possible. All of these clubs have graphite shafts which help to keep the weight low and the shaft light; allowing you to swing confidently, easily and accurately throughout the game.

  • Alignment Aid

You may be surprised to note the white finish and alignment aid on the putter in the Bazooka 360 set. This is a great tool to help you hit the ball right every time and into the hole.

  • Head Covers

It’s nice to see the inclusion of 4 head covers as these really finish the set off and do help to protect your clubs.  Add this to the stylish bag and you’re onto a winner!


  • No Legs

The bag that comes with these clubs may look good but it has a simple base and no legs. This is a consideration when travelling the course as your bag will constantly end up lying on the floor.

  • Wood Issues

Several players have suggested that the woods look good but don’t deliver. This is likely to reflect the fact that this is a beginner set; you will outgrow it as you improve but they are a necessary step to improving.

Cobra Golf Men’s XL – Best For Seniors

Cobra is another very recognizable name in the golf industry. They have been trading for over 45 years and have patents for several innovations over the years, including the Baffler sole plate design.

Just as with the other manufacturers in this best golf clubs for amateurs list, Cobra is committed to creating high quality products as affordable prices.

This particular set is designed with this in mind and with the needs of senior citizens.

  • Ultra Lightweight Shafts
  • 3 Wood
  • 5 wood
  • 4 Hybrid
  • 5 Hybrid
  • 6 – PW
  • SW
  • Blade Putter
  • Premium Cart Bag


  • Lightweight

All the clubs in the Cobra XL set have graphite shafts. This makes them extremely light and perfect for seniors. The light weight will allow you to swing without effort and still produce great height and distance.

In addition the clubs are lightly weighted to ensure the center of gravity remains low, this helps to ensure your swing is steady and ball contact good.

  • Cart Bag

The bag is provided as part of the Cobra XL set and looks good in black with Cobra written in red across the side. It has 6 zippered storage pockets, a waterproof compartment and 2 insulated beverage pockets. That’s plenty of space for any amateur; in fact you may struggle to remember where you’ve put everything!

Alongside this the bag can be used in a cart or even as a stand bag; allowing you to choose the best option according to the course you’re doing and how energetic you’re feeling.

  • Quality

The clubs are all made with graphite except for the putter which is steel. These materials were chosen to ensure the clubs were light for beginners and seniors who find steel clubs too heavy. Of course, using such high quality materials has meant that the Cobra XL set is extremely high quality and durable which is perfect when you’re investing this much money in your game.


  • Driver Heads

There have been several reports of the driver heads falling off. This is frustrating but fortunately the customer service team at Cobra is excellent and will quickly help you to resolve any issue; that almost makes this a plus point!

  • Cost

Because the clubs are made of graphite this is actually the most expensive set on this list and one of the most expensive amateur sets available. However, this lightness may be essential as you age making the extra cost a worthwhile investment.

Why You Need To Take The Best Golf Clubs For Amateurs Today

One day you’ll be in a position to advise other newcomers regarding which are the best golf clubs for amateurs. You’ll be able to do this because you’ve used the clubs you’re talking about and have progressed your game to the point where you’ve moved on and up. Who knows, one day you may be looking for the best golf drivers for high handicappers! Perhaps you could even give Tiger Woods a run for his money!

For now you need the Callaway Strata Complete set, they offer great value for money and will really improve your game. I know, it worked for me!

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