Discover The Best Golf Clubs For Amateur Golfers

Fairly recently a friend asked me if I wanted to give Golf a go. I was instantly taken back to my youth when my father taught me the basics of the game. I had many happy memories of that time but none of my gear. That’s when I started thinking about the best golf clubs for amateur golfers.

I’m happy to report that the Callaway Men’s Strata complete golf club set is the best currently available.

I’m lucky that my best friend lives and breathes all sports and owns the local sports store. He was kind enough to lend me a few clubs to help me choose the best golf clubs for amateur golfers.

He even hit the course with me once; but that’s another story!

I tested as many clubs as I could before realizing the Callaway men’s strata, which was the first one I tried; was also the best. They are a recognized and trusted brand; the set has every club you’ll need as a beginner and they are really great quality.

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Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set – My Preferred Choice

Best Golf Clubs For Amateur Golfers

Callaway are not strangers to the game of golf. They have been producing clubs and related gear since 1982 and are recognized as one of the market leaders. The initial vision was to create high quality wedges and putters; now they make high quality everything golf related.

The Callaway Men’s Strata Complete golf set is designed specifically for beginners; it actually lifted my game.

  • Forged Driver approx 460cc
  • Fairway Woods
  • Stainless Steel Irons
  • Hybrid Clubs – specifically designed to help beginners
  • Set Weighs 10.9kg


  • Surprisingly Affordable

Despite Callaway being a market leader they have chosen to keep the price of the Callaway Men’s strata set affordable. You’ll struggle to find any other sets with this much quality for less; even if you choose to buy individually.

  • Comes With Bag

This Callaway Men’s strata set actually comes with a high quality bag complete with an array of pockets. In effect you’re saving money by purchasing this and not looking for the right golf bag for your cart.

The bag has a classic styling but manages to look elegant while being easy to carry with the built in shoulder strap.

  • The Clubs!

Of course the most import element of any set is the clubs. In this regard the Callaway Strata won’t let you down! There is just one driver but it’s approximately 460cc and you’ll quickly note how large the sweet spot is.

In fact it’s very forgiving.

You’ll also benefit from a forgiving 3 wood with a well designed head that allowed me to gain both length and height on all my shots.

The irons are stainless steel which maximizes your control while minimizing the negative parts of your swing. You’ll also be impressed by the T style putter; helping you to stay accurate.

Finally the clubs are finished with several hybrids which are perfect for beginners.  They allow you to adapt to any type of shot.

  • Quality

The Callaway Strata club set is designed to last. They and the bag they come with look fantastic and are designed to last for several years.

You should see better service and durability from these clubs than you will from anything else on the market.


There have been a few comments regarding the Callaway Strata set. These include

  • Grips

The grips are decided rough on your hands. To get round this you’ll need to wear gloves. If you don’t there s a good chance your hands will be left feeling raw by the end of the course

  • Sand Wedge

It is surprising to find there is no sand wedge in this set. While it is possible to survive a round without it you’ll find it much easier with one. This leans you’ll have to spend extra buying one separately.

  • The Look

These clubs are well made and durable. Unfortunately they don’t look as good as they should. The putter in particular looks very cheap.

WILSON Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set

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Wilson also produces a full range of golf accessories. In fact this is just one division of a massive sporting manufacturer. A testimony to the capabilities of their products can be found in the number of professional golfers who use the Wilson band. Nick Faldo, Arnold Palmer and Ben Crenshaw are just a few of the names from this firm that has been going for over 75 years

The balance between hybrids and fairway woods is just about right, the quality is excellent. If the price were a little lower they may even take the crown from the Callaway!

  • 3 Wood
  • 4 Hybrid
  • 5 Irons / Wedges
  • Putter
  • Bag Included
  • Weight 17 pounds


  • Array Of Clubs

The WILSON Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set comes with an excellent array of clubs. You’ll note the drivers and fairway woods are made out of graphite. This ensures they are light but exceptionally strong. It will even help your accuracy.

All the clubs have iron shafts to ensure they will last for swing after swing and the standard grips can be called the best grips currently on the market; they are that good.

Even the putter comes with a heel / toe alignment to help you get the right shot.

  • Quality

The quality of the WILSON Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set is obvious from the first moment you see them to when you swing

They are built to last and even come with a comprehensive warranty to give you peace of mind.

  • Free Bag

It’s always nice to get something for free but in this case it’s better than that. The golf bag is stylish, lightweight and built from a quality material to ensure it lasts as you walk the curse over and over again.

There is a built in shoulder strap to help ensure the clubs are comfortable as you move round the green. OF course you can always look for a bag to go with your electric cart.

  • Excellent Balance

In fact many professional sets don’t offer clubs as well balanced as these! Add this to the fact the clubs are lightweight and you can see why your swing becomes easier and your accuracy improves.


As always there must be a few issues with any product. In fact the WILSON Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set has very few issues:

  • Drivers Head

A number of customers have commented that the head of the driver is prone to falling off after you’ve played a few rounds. It will need to be replaced.

  • Sand Wedge

It is also disappointing to note that this set doesn’t have a sand wedge; despite it being such a useful club. I’ve bought a separate one for my Callaway and use it far more often than I want or should do.

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Nitrix Pro Set

The third contender is from Pinemeadow. A slightly smaller supplier of golf products but still a good name and the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Nitrix Pro Set could easily have been the best of the best golf clubs for amateur golfers.

  • Titanium 10.5 degree driver
  • 15° Fairway Wood
  • Hybrid Clubs
  • Irons: 4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Putter
  • Stand Bag
  • 12 Golf Balls
  • Weight 10kg


  • Very Forgiving

It would be hard to find a set of clubs that is more forgiving than the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Nitrix Pro Set. In many ways they are the perfect set for beginners although may be more forgiving than you wish as an amateur or professional.

  • Stand Bag

This set also comes with a well constructed stand bag. It has dual straps to allow you to carry it like a backpack. You’ll also be grateful for all the exterior pockets; allowing you to carry everything else you may need.

The bag is well made and has an integrated kick stand to help you keep it just where you want it.

  • Quality Clubs

Once again there are high quality clubs included in the Pinemeadow PRE 16 set. You’ll benefit from the 10.5° driver with titanium enhanced core. This keeps it light while maximizing the power on each shot.

The Fairway Wood shares the same qualities while the hybrid shafts ensure you have the right club for virtually any ball position. The shaft on the hybrids is steel to ensure maximum power.

All the irons are perimeter weighted to maximize the sweet spot and cavity backs to help your swing. You even get a weighted putter to help improve your swing.


  • Poor Balance On Putter

Unfortunately the putter is a great club but lacks the right balance. This can make it harder to get the shot right; which is a shale when the putter has been so carefully created.

  • Head Issues

Several customers have complained that the heads of the putters come off even with normal play. This is worth being aware of and one of the reasons why this set comes in at third, behind the Callaway Strata set.

  • Sweet Spot

It has also been noted that the sweet spot on these clubs is a little smaller than on similar clubs. This makes it more difficult to get the perfect hit.

  • Strap Buckles Issues

Finally the buckles on the straps are made of plastic. They will almost certainly break after they have been used a few times.

Get The Best Golf Clubs For Amateur Golfers Today!

I know I had the advantage of being able to test a wide variety of clubs before I picked the best golf clubs for amateur golfers. But I wouldn’t hesitate to choose the Callaway Strata set again.

I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in my game and still use the same clubs today. I’m not likely to change anytime soon because they really do what they claim to; give you the full range of options with a good level of forgiveness in every stroke.

I’m confident that you’ll feel the same way, get the best clubs for amateur golfers today; choose the Callaway Strata and I’ll be surprised if you don’t see your game improve!

FAQs on The Best Golf Clubs For Amateur Golfers

A selection of the most commonly asked questions regarding The Best Golf Clubs For Amateur Golfers.

Why is the Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set recommended as the best for amateur golfers?

The Callaway Men’s Strata set is recommended for its comprehensive inclusion of every club needed for beginners. Its forged driver, fairway woods, stainless steel irons, and specially designed hybrid clubs make it an ideal choice for those starting out in golf.

What advantages does the Callaway Men’s Strata set offer to amateur golfers?

The Callaway Men’s Strata set is not only surprisingly affordable but also includes a high-quality bag with various pockets. The clubs, including a forgiving driver and 3 wood, are well-designed to maximize distance and control, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

What makes the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Nitrix Pro Set a contender for the best golf clubs for amateur golfers?

The Pinemeadow set is noted for its forgiveness, making it suitable for beginners. It includes a stand bag for easy carrying, high-quality clubs with a titanium-enhanced core for the driver, and steel shafts for the hybrids, ensuring versatility for various ball positions.

How does the WILSON Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set compare to the Callaway Men’s Strata set?

The WILSON set offers an excellent array of clubs, including drivers and fairway woods made of graphite for lightness and strength. It comes with a stylish, lightweight bag and is well-balanced, providing an alternative to the Callaway set, though at a slightly higher price.

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