Best Golf Club Sets For Beginners: Get Off To The Right Start

Pick a club, take a swing and watch the ball loft right onto the green. It looks so easy when you see the professionals do it. Of course, it’s not quite so simple when you try it yourself. But, it is certainly fun learning, you can only get better and it’s a fantastic feeling finishing your first round. It’s an even better feeling when you do it with one of the best golf club sets for beginners.

I’ve tried out almost every club set on the market; thanks to a friend who runs the local golf club & store. There is no doubt that the Wilson Ultra Complete Package is one of the best sets on the market, but, if you want the best golf club sets for beginners you need the Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf set. It’s not just that Callaway is one of the best-known names in the sport. These clubs have the right amount of forgiveness and are well made; they will last you until you’re ready to upgrade to the best golf clubs for mid-handicappers.

I know what I’m talking about. It’s been years since I played that first round, but I still remember being invited at the last moment and gratefully accepting the clubs my friend offered. I also remember the difference when I purchased my own set of clubs. It took several months of testing but I’m still convinced that my choice of clubs really helped my game.

In fact, the same is true regardless of what level you are playing at. You may be surprised at how much difference the right golf clubs for 10 handicap can make when you reach this level.

Best Golf Club Sets for Beginners
Best Golf Club Sets for Beginners

Callaway Men’s Strata – Best Golf Club Sets For Beginners Overall

It can be said that Callaway makes the most advanced golf clubs in the game. They have been producing clubs and other golf accessories for over 35 years and have always adhered to the policy that quality and innovation, are the defining characteristics of all their products. The Callaway Men’s Strata is simply another example of this.

It is important to note that there is a Callaway Strata Women’s setwhich offers the same benefits.

  • 12 Piece Set: Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6-9 Iron, PW, Putter, Stand Bag & Head Covers
  • Lightweight with large sweet spot
  • Stand Bag
  • Weight 12 pounds
  • Dimensions 48” x 11”x 11”


  • Selection Of Clubs

You may feel like playing your first round with just one club but the Callaway Men’s Strata set gives you an array of clubs to ensure you hit the ball right every time.

The driver is 460cc forged with a titanium head and a large sweet spot; helping you to hit the ball where you want it to go. You’ll find the Fairway wood is also very forgiving and the aerodynamic shape of its head is perfect for long and high shots. The wedge and Irons are stainless steel, ensuring you have control while offering a surprising amount of forgiveness. Finally, the putter is a mallet style to ensure you are accurate with those crucial last shots.

  • Affordable

Despite being one of the best names in the business, the top offering on the best golf club sets for beginners is surprisingly affordable. This is a set that will last you for several years and you’ll be able to pass them on when you’re ready to upgrade.

  • Very Forgiving

Each of the clubs is designed with a large sweet spot and enough weight in the head to ensure you get your shot right, even when you don’t connect with the ball perfectly.

This level of forgiveness is essential when starting to play golf; it will inspire you to improve.

  • Free Stand Bag

The Callaway Men’s Strata complete set comes with a free stand bag. This is a stylish looking black bag with the name “Callaway” across the side. It can be used as a stand bag, or it can be placed on your push cart; rivaling the other best golf bags for push carts.


  • Putter Looks Cheap

The putter is good quality but it is hard to deny that it looks cheap. It doesn’t affect the quality of the set or the fact that it is top of the best golf club sets for beginners. But, it is something you should be aware of.

  • Gloves Are Essential

Several users have commented that the grips are rough on your hands, especially as you near the end of the course. You’ll need to wear gloves; which could be an issue on a hot day. Personally, I haven’t noticed an issue but then I always wear gloves!

  • No Sand Wedge

It is a little disappointing not to have a sand wedge in the set. While you don’t want to be in the sand it is inevitable and the right wedge really makes a difference. I had to buy a separate one and I suspect you will too.

Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete

Wilson is another firm that has been in existence for many years. They create a full range of sports products and have a dedicated golf department which offers some of the best golf club sets for beginners and advanced golfers.

The Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete is a comprehensive, well-made set, designed for right-handed players. Perhaps one of its defining features is the inclusion of a hybrid with high launch technology; ensuring the best possible trajectory with every hit. You can get this is a left-handed set as well.

  • Large 460cc Titanium driver
  • Oversized Sweet Spots
  • Soft & Comfortable Grips
  • Lightweight Stand Bag
  • Weighs 16 pounds
  • Dimensions 48.2” x 12.4” x 8.8”


  • Club Range & Comfort

The first thing to note is that the grips on the Wilsons Men’s Ultra Complete are oversized and padded. This means they are very comfortable to hold throughout your game.

You’ll also be impressed with the array of clubs at your disposal; a driver, 3 woods, 4 hybrids, irons 5-PW, and a modern putter. The driver and woods are created from graphite which ensures strength and enough feedback that you can actually improve your swing. The irons have steel shafts to ensure rigidity when you swing and hit the ball, while the putter has heel/toe alignment to help you get the ball in the hole.

  • Fast Swing Speed

Each of the clubs is carefully weighted and balanced to optimize your swinging speed, without you needing to think about it. This allows you to focus on accuracy. The fact that the clubs are lightweight also helps to prevent you from tiring as you near the end of the 18 hole course.

  • High Level Of Control

This is an extension of the swing speed and quality construction of the Wilsons Men’s Ultra complete. Put simply, you’ll feel in control of every swing and ball positioning.

  • Free Stand Bag

As with the Callaway Strata, you’ll get a stylish free stand bag which can be used on a cart or carried with the comfortable, padded, shoulder strap. The bag is high quality and has a variety of pockets to ensure you have spare balls, scoring cards or even a snack. Although you may want to consider a separate cooler bag to help you stay refreshed.


  • Steel Shafts Can Bend

Unfortunately, despite excellent engineering, the steel shafts on the hybrids and irons are known to bend slightly if you make contact with the ground during your swing. Considering this is surprisingly common when you first start playing; you may feel it is better to use alternatives until your game improves slightly.

  • Insufficient Feel to Driver & 3 Wood

The driver and 3 woods are made from graphite but they don’t feel stiff enough to really inspire your full confidence. While they are good quality clubs, it may be better if Wilson improved their stiffness and therefore the feel and feedback.

  • Club Sizes

The Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete set can be had in right or left-handed versions. You can also get a woman’s version. However, the clubs are a standard length. This is acceptable to many people but if you’re below average height or above it you may find these clubs are not a great fit.

Cobra Golf Men’s XL Complete Set – Best for those with no budget

The third option on the list of best golf club sets for beginners is from Cobra, another firm that has been producing high-quality golf products for many years. In fact, Cobra was founded in 1973, making it the oldest of the three companies on this list.

Their offering, the Cobra Golf Men’s XL club set is a 13 piece set and is likely to be at the top end of your budget.

  • 13 Pieces – Driver, 2 Fairway Woods, 2 Hybrids, 2 Irons, Putter, stand bag, head covers
  • Low Centre Gravity To Improve shot quality
  • Premium Cart Bag Included
  • Weighs 18 pounds
  • Dimensions 48” x 10” x 13”


  • Club Design

All the clubs in the Cobra XL set are designed to have a low, back CG weight to ensure you get the best possible combination of spin, distance and even launch when you hit the ball. You may not fully appreciate this when you first start hitting the ball but the benefits will quickly become apparent.

The shafts are designed to be lightweight and the design of the heads maximizes the speed at which you can hit the ball; allowing you to hit it further.

Each club is made with graphite to ensure strength and lightness.

  • Cart Bag

The free bag is stylish. It’s black with a touch of red and gray, plus the name ‘Cobra’ is emblazoned on the side. This is a high-quality addition to the set and comes with a variety of pockets to help you store everything you need around the course.

It is possible to carry the bag if you wish but it is designed as a cart bag, making your walk around the course effortless and ensuring your energy is retained to help you hit below par.


  • Cost

There is no doubt that this is a high-quality set. But, it comes with a high price tag that may put it out of the range of most beginners. You’ll need to consider your budget and how long you are likely to use these clubs for before you commit to the Cobra XL set.

Rounding It Up

The Cobra XL set is a well-rounded set, with a high-quality finish. However, the price tag will be enough to put off most beginners. In contrast, the Callaway Strata is also a high quality and well-rounded set; but at a much more affordable price for the beginner.

That’s why the best of the best golf club sets for beginners has to be the Callaway Strata; you won’t regret purchasing it!

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