Best Golf Club Brands for Beginners

As a starter in the golfing game, one of the first steps to take is to get the right golf clubs. That’s why it is important to know the best golf club brands for beginners. If I were you, I would give anything to have a bunch of Callaway STRATA Men’s Packaged Golf  Club sets. With these clubs, you’re sure of a better performance right from your first swing. It is lightweight and offers absolute control and the putter also gives you fantastic accuracy.

Getting your golf club set is a crucial decision, and you need much help. Hence, we’ve put together this review to offer you the assistance you need to choose the best tools. The first thing I would tell you is to look for the quality, features, and of course, the budget.

Also, it would be better if you considered the brands you go for. We know this may be a challenging part for you since you’ve not had your first swing. Thus, we present you with a well-researched review of the best golf club brands for beginners.

Review of the Best Golf Club Brands for Beginners

When it comes to golf accessories, there are brand names you can’t leave out. These brands offer golf clubs at different price tags ranging from $100-$500. So, I’ve put together the top 5 best golf club brands for beginners. You can pick the one that suits you in performance and budget.

  1. Callaway
  2. Wilson
  3. Cobra
  4. Confidence
  5. Ram Golf

Top Pick: Callaway STRATA Men’s Golf Packaged Sets 

The Callaway STRATA Men’s Golf clubs come with a max-performance design. It ensures every hit gives you a pro-level result. The strata set contains 12 premium quality clubs and has a driver inside it. The collection also has a stand bag for convenience as well as two headcovers.

Moreover, the clubs present you with an opportunity to hit farther with a very forgiving material. The oversized wood club has more of a head shape with more aerodynamics, enabling excellent and high-flying shots.

Additionally, you can hit with better control thanks to the stainless-steel iron clubs available in the set. The packaged sets help you to groom your confidence in multiple shots with the more comfortable hybrid clubs.

What I Like

  • Lightweight: The titanium head helps to provide better forgiveness when you take a hit.
  • Contains a Putter: it comes with a mallet putter that offers more alignment and affords impressive accuracy.
  • Variety: it contains various clubs like three wood, five hybrid, and stainless-steel iron clubs; suitable for any course.
  • Unique Combo: The stainless-steel clubs provide a fantastic blend of control and forgiveness.
  • Easier Swing: Hybrid makes it easier to get off longer shots

What I Don’t Like 

  • Not Durable: Clubs may wear with little use over a short while
  • Low-Quality Titanium: Clubs have dent and Titanium tears with so much ease.
  • Different brand bag: The bag has another brand name on it, not Callaway.

Best Starter Golf Clubs for Teenager: Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set 

This golf club from Wilson is a beginner’s treasure with its game improvement technology feature. The Wilson Men’s and Teen Golf Set features a large 460cc driver designed with the starter’s development in mind. The clubs have a low center of gravity, which is highly vital for better distance and accuracy.

The 431 stainless steel irons have a deep and perimeter weighted to aid simple swings. Also, with these hitting wedges, you will achieve better greenside control and better shot-making. On the other hand, the bag is simple to carry around with the adjustable shoulder straps and a firm handle top.

What I Like

  • For tall men: it has a height of 73-77 inches with a fingertip to the ground measurement of 30.5-32 inches.
  • Low weighting and wide sole: this help to achieve better control on greenside as well as a good shot
  • Lightweight bag: it’s easy to carry and has numerous pockets
  • The famous toe weighted putter has soft alignment and enables a good grip.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Poor handle construction: The bag handle has a low finish, although it has durable straps
  • Inferior shaft: The hybrid should have a steel shaft instead of the cheap graphite
  • No Rain Cover: The bag doesn’t have a rain cover and compartments for easy club arrangements.

Best Golf Clubs Set For Beginners: Best COBRA XL Speed Men’s Golf Set 

The Cobra Xl Speed Men’s Golf Set comes with a titanium driver that delivers a perfect blend of forgiveness and distance. It features a clubhead shape that is oversize and heel weighted to provide the best performance combo.

Moreover, the iron and hybrid clubs come with a design that helps you achieve your best swing with little practice. The 4-hybrid and 5-hybrid are a perfect combination of the irons and fairways. They feature low heel weighting needed for higher launch.

What’s more, the 6-PW irons have a deep undercut design that improves stability and forgiveness on miss-hits.

What I Like

  • Great value: Everything about the set renders quality to your game
  • Excellent Clubs: This is a right-handed club with perfect configuration, and the shaft material is of high-quality graphite.
  • Quality Cart Bag: It has numerous zippered compartments and a beverage cooler with a valuables pocket
  • Putter design: Machine aced putter gives fantastic feel and control on long putts
  • Better stability: construction on the irons, fairways, wood, and hybrid clubs are excellent

What I Didn’t Like

  • Inferior straps: The bag’s straps are defective and can cut at the slightest rough carriage
  • Look Used: The clubs had a dent after the first use, and the titanium head had scratches
  • Low-Quality bag material: It has a big hole in the pocket lining.

Best Hybrid Golf Club: Confidence Golf men’s Power V3 Hybrid Club

As the name goes, these clubs instill confidence in the beginner golfer with its many fantastic features. The Confidence Power V3 Hybrid Club set has a 24° hybrid iron with an easy-to-hit cavity and a steel shaft. In addition, the 35″ blade putter helps you attain impressive long and short putts with reasonable greenside control.

It also comes with a 35-inch putter fitted with a shaft of steel, which is obtainable on all clubs. The golf bag is an upgrade five divider cart carrier with pop legs that shoot out automatically. It also has a rain cover and dual padded strap for convenience and durability.

What I Like 

  • All-Weather Grips: the construction of the clubs gives a firm right-handed grip
  • Steel Shaft: the shaft enables your swing and delivers amazing shot and performance.
  • Hybrid Irons: Hybrid irons are better off than other irons which are difficult to hit
  • Upgraded design: 460cc alloy driver with 10º loft provides better forgiveness and greater control

What I Didn’t Like

  • Lacks Reliability: the clubs may break after a short while if handled rough
  • Loosehead: the headcovers loosens and flies off when you take a swing
  • No Stability: the clubs can’t last for golfers looking to take more than 100 swings per week. Particularly the irons

Best Budget Golf Clubs: Ram Golf SGS Men’s Left-Hand Golf Clubs

The Loading product data. Ram Golf SGS Men’s Left-Hand Golf Clubs are easy to use and have an excellent design. This construction is perfect for beginner swings and provides ample forgiveness in your shots. It’s one of the best golf clubs for beginners who seek to improve their game in a short time.

It contains three wood clubs, four irons, and a putter. The clubs also come in a deluxe standing bag with a ton of pockets for your balls and essentials. The bag has a rain hood that protects the clubs from the falls.

What I Like 

  • Convenient Straps: The golf bag comes with dual shoulder straps for improved convenience.
  • Accurate irons: The iron has a fitted steel shaft that guarantees a high level of accuracy
  • Deep cavity back design: It helps to give a higher swing power and better strikes
  • Large sweet pot: The fairway wood is perfect for tee shots and long approaches

What I Didn’t Like 

  • Not Strong: it broke off on the first use and looks cheap
  • Inferior finish: the clubs have an imperfect finish which lacks professional swagger
  • Short: clubs a bit short for tall people

Factors to Consider when Looking for the Best Golf Club Brands for Beginners

Choosing the right set of golf clubs can be so tedious. This is due to the many varieties of designs available in the market today, each with its own pros and cons. Certain types of golf clubs even gave some special features which might set them above the others.

I have put together a list of factors to take into consideration for beginners and intermediates alike. They are certainly sure to help you pick out the best golf club brands for beginners.

Club Head Size

It is commonly known that the bigger the head size, the bigger the sweet spot. This is why you need to seriously consider the size of the head of your golf club. Oversized clubs work better for beginners and intermediates, much more than mud or small heads do.

However, I don’t advise you to go for something too big, as this may compromise your control of the ball. To straighten things up, senior golfers are better off with oversized heads as they don’t generate plenty of clubhead speed.  On the other hand, a beginner would do best with a mid to large head.

The typical size I recommend for a driver is 450 to 460 cc. Irons should posse a bigger face and deeper cavity at the back of the club.

Don’t Buy Expensive or Professional Golf Club Sets

Expensive golf clubs may come with all the latest specs and features, but we don’t advise you as a beginner to buy them as they are not the best golf clubs for starters. Even the pros of today that use them wouldn’t advise you to get them.

When you’re just starting out, you’re going to require a lot more practice. Not to mention all the experimentations you might try out. This is not something you want to task an expensive set of golf clubs with.

It should go without saying that the use of professional golf clubs as a beginner will not improve your game. In fact, due to the special features, most of them come with, you might find it harder to handle. This could lead to frustration and just plain tiredness.

Consider purchasing beginner clubs. They are affordable, easy to handle, and helps you hit hard and far. That could really do great for morale.

Cast Iron or Forged Iron Golf Clubs

Another thing to consider is the main factors that distinguish irons. Cast iron clubs are made from cast iron, thus, most of the weight in the club are distributed around the perimeter. The end result is the club having a larger sweet spot,  which makes it the best golf club sets for beginners.

However, a forged iron golf club is usually used more by professional golfers, and thus us because of its design and extra features. It has its center of gravity at the front. Ultimately, it is a bit heavier with a tighter sweet spot.

Forged are best enjoyed by pure hitters, but not so much by mishits. All in all, they’re s terrible choice for beginners.


Golf clubs are quite expensive. It is therefore recommended you set a budget before you decide on what to buy. Also, by knowing the amount you’re willing to spend on your golf clubs, you will then realize the level of dedication and commitment you have for the game.

We recommend going for a high-quality set if you plan of golfing regularly. They’re not always more expensive, however. But as a beginner, who isn’t certain how much time they plan to dedicate to the sport, we advise you don’t invest so heavily in the golf clubs.

You’ll be fine if you only buy what you can afford, provided you already made a budget before shopping.

Graphite or Steel Shafts

There are three things to consider when it comes to golf shafts: length, flex, and material (i.e. graphite and steel). The standard length of a golf club is suitable for males that stand between 5’8′ and 6’2′. For those in this height range, you can conveniently make use of the standard shaft lengths.

Also, those who are just a bit taller it shorter may also be able to use it. For those with a drastic height difference, however, you are left with the option of custom fitting. You can start with standard clubs as a beginner, and as you get better, you can get custom-fitted clubs.

The second thing to consider is the stiff flex. There are some clubs that are stiff, and there are those that are flexy. However, most clubs are designed with a standard flex shaft.

For those with fast swings, your best option would be the stiff flex. If you have a slow swing, then I recommend a flexy shaft. Basically, the elderly and ladies, who don’t have power to their swing, will do better with a flexy shift, otherwise, go for the regular flex.

Lastly, shafts may either be made from stainless steel or graphite. Clubs with Graphite shaft are typically lighter, thus they are able to create greater club swung speeds. You’d be better off with woods with graphite shafts, with them you will get the most distance.

When it comes to irons, steel shafts are your best, but still, graphite shafts are great for beginners. So, ensure to put this into consideration for this feature when looking for beginners’ golf clubs

Final Word

The journey to pro-level golfing begins with a good club. Hence, anyone that seeks to improve quickly in the game should get an excellent golf club set. Even though this should have been a challenging task for a beginner, this review has made everything a lot simpler.

We carefully picked the best golf club brands for beginners to make it an easy choice for you. With a lot of amazing features, these brands guarantee the best performances as well as quality models. Arm yourself with them, and you will notice a tremendous development in your full-round golfing.

FAQs on Best Golf Club Brands for Beginners

A selection of the most commonly asked questions regarding Best Golf Club Brands for Beginners.

Why is it crucial for beginners to choose the right golf club brands?

Choosing the right golf club brands is vital for beginners because it significantly impacts performance. Quality clubs tailored for beginners enhance forgiveness, control, and overall enjoyment on the course. Selecting the right brand ensures a positive learning experience and faster skill development.

What sets Cobra XL Speed Men’s Golf Set apart from other options?

The Cobra XL Speed Men’s Golf Set stands out for its titanium driver, oversize clubhead shape, and heel-weighted design for forgiveness and distance. The set includes well-designed irons and hybrids, contributing to better stability and forgiveness on miss-hits, providing great value for the golfer.

Why are oversized club heads recommended for beginners?

Oversized club heads offer a larger sweet spot, making it easier for beginners to make contact with the ball. This results in more forgiving shots and helps build confidence in the early stages of learning. However, it’s essential to find a balance, as extremely large heads may compromise control.

What makes Callaway STRATA Men’s Packaged Golf Club sets a top choice for beginners?

The Callaway STRATA Men’s Packaged Golf Club sets are favored for their max-performance design, lightweight construction, and a variety of clubs, including a forgiving oversized wood club. The set offers better forgiveness, accuracy, and control, making it an ideal choice for beginners.

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