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When I first started playing golf I was told it was the little things that really make a difference. It seemed a ridiculous statement but I soon realized my dad was right. The right tee makes a huge difference to my game and the best golf cart bag for me means I know exactly where everything is; allowing me to focus entirely on the game.

I’ve got friendly with the owner of the local store over the years. So, when he asked if I wanted to help him test the best golf cart bag I was happy to say yes. It turned out there were over a dozen to test but I have no doubt that the best golf cart bag is the Sun Mountain H2NO. It’s lightweight, heavy duty and an attractive price. The fact that it’s also waterproof is a bonus; I do seem to end up playing in inclement weather more often than I wish.

Choosing the best golf cart bag will make a difference to your game skills; here’s my top 3 picks:

Sun Mountain H2NO – Best Golf Cart Bag Overall

Best Golf Cart Bag
Best Golf Cart Bag

It’s not hard to see why this bag is the best golf cart bag. It is designed beautifully and provides the perfect number of pockets to ensure everything is just where you need it to be.

Sun Mountain first started trading as long ago as 1981. They are recognized as market leaders in design and innovation. Today they produce a whole range of golfing apparel and accessories.  The Sun Mountain H2NO is a great example of how all these elements come together to make one awesome item.

  • Weighs 5.95 pounds
  • Height 36 inches
  • Waterproof
  • Rain hood matches bag
  • Single Strap Design
  • 6 Pockets


  • Waterproof

It can’t be stressed enough that the Sun Mountain H2NO is not just water resistant; it is properly waterproof. This means you can be playing your game and be caught in a sudden downpour and you won’t need to worry that your bag is now ruined.

It’s not disclosed exactly what the H2N0 is made from but it is 100% water proof and even comes with YKK water resistant zippers and the seams are all taped

  • Design

The design of this bag is flawless. It weighs little enough to be almost effortlessly carried thanks to the built in grab handles and a lift assist option under the ball. Of course the majority of the time you’ll be leaving it on the cart.

Alongside this there are 6 decent sized pockets. I have no issue fitting in my GPS rangefinder, spare balls, tees and a few other essential gadgets.

There are also 2 full length pockets. These are designed for clothes and the velour lined pocket is perfect for all your other others needs. It is worth noting that all of the pockets have been situated at the front of the bag to ensure you can access them easily while on the course.

Finally the design incorporates two full length dividers running through the bag from the 15 way top. This will give your clubs all the protection they need as you travel round the course.

The bag is tastefully designed in one of two colors. You can choose between navy-flash and the slightly brighter gunmetal-yellow. Both look good, being easy to distinguish but subtle enough to fit in anywhere.

  • Quality

The name Sun Mountain has become known for the quality of its products and the H2NO fits the bill perfectly.

All the stitches are triple stitched to ensure strength and there is a comfortable single strap to help you carry the bag virtually effortlessly when you need to.

The taped seams and water resistant seams combine perfectly with the YKK zips to ensure this is one bag that will last you for years.


  • Higher End Of Price Scale

It is worth noting that the H2NO is at the higher end of the price scale. However, considering you only have to buy it once this is not actually much of a negative. The bag is easily worth the money.

Mizuno BR-D4 – Best On A Budget

Best Golf Cart Bag
Best Golf Cart Bag

Mizuno sell a huge range of sports products from Golf to football and running. But, most importantly they are a company that is dedicated to providing the very best products at a reasonable price. This is certainly true for the Mizuno BR-D4.

  • Weight 5.5 pounds
  • Dimensions 39” x 9.5” x 8”
  • 14 way divider – 4 are Full length
  • Matching rain hood
  • Zip Off Front Panel
  • Dual Strap Carrying System


  • Quality

The first thing you’ll note when you see this bag is the quality of the material and the attention to detail. It is water resistant although not designed to withstand constant rain. The zippers are smooth and are YKK water resistant.

  • Design

The design is simple but effective. The main pocket has 14 dividers, 4 of which are full length. This will give you plenty of space to put your clubs. There is also an array of large exterior pockets on the sides and front of the bag.

You can choose between gray and red, gray and blue or black and white. You’ll also appreciate the 9.5 inch 4 way top cuff. But, one of the best features is the zip off front panel. This is to provide you with the opportunity to embroider your own logo or design on to the material and zip it back onto your bag.

It also has a dual strap carrying system. This actually makes it comfortable for all 18 holes; if for any reason you can’t take your cart.

A nice additional touch is the loop at the top of the bag. It helps to provide access but also doubles as a convenient place to hang towels and other items while playing.

  • Features

The big top opening is a real plus when sliding clubs in and out. The multiple pockets are easy to access as they are all dotted round the ides easier to access when your bag is on its stand. You can still access these pockets when the Mizuno BR-D4 is on the cart. There is enough space to cover all the usual extras that you find yourself needing on the course.

A really great feature is the zipper at the bottom of the main compartment. This is great when you accidentally drop something in this compartment and don’t want to pull all your clubs out in order to find it.

There is also a magnetic pouch which ensures you don’t lose any valuables while you’re playing.


There is very little to find fault with on this bag. It’s well made and the design gives you enough space to carry anything you want. Even the price is reasonable. If you can’t afford the Sun Mountain H2N0 then you’ll probably be happy with the Mizuno BR-D4.

  • Material

The material used in the construction of the BR-D4 is good but it is disappointing to note it is the same material as the previous incarnation of this bag, the D3.

Callaway Golf Org 14

Callaway are dedicated to producing golf equipment and clothing. They have been trading since 1982 and are based in California. They have gone from strength to strength over the years and now produce some of the finest golf equipment in the world; selling in over 70 countries.

The Callaway Golf Org 14 is the latest incarnation of a very popular bag.

  • Weight 6.8 pounds
  • Size 12” x 35” x 10”
  • 15 way top with full length dividers
  • Single Carry Strap
  • 14 Pockets
  • Water Resistant
  • Cell Phone Sleeve


  • Features

There is no doubt that Callaway Golf Org 14 moves with the times. The individual cell phone sleeve testifies to the importance of keeping your cell handy.

You’ll also appreciate the rain hood and the molded top handles which make it easy to grab the bag in a hurry.

There is also a water resistant valuables pocket and a compression molded magnetic range finder pocket; ensuring everything you need is right where it needs to be.

Other useful features include the dual pen holder, an insulated cooler pocket, umbrella holder, tee holder and even a glove patch.

  • Design

Whether you opt for black/titanium/silver, black/white/titanium or titanium/navy/white you’re sure to be happy with the simple yet elegant design of the Callaway Golf Org 14. The material definitely has a premium feel although it is also water resistant and extremely durable. For reference it is made from premium polyester.

The full length dividers are a nice touch as well.

  • E-Trolley System

It is very frustrating to have a bag and not be able to add it to your cart. The Callaway Golf Org 14 doesn’t have this issue. It has an E-Trolley base system which integrates with the majority of carts on the market. Just check you have a compatible model.


  • No Access To Bottom Of Bag

A zip at the bottom of the main pocket allows you to access items that you drop into it without emptying all your stuff out. Unfortunately the Callaway 15 doesn’t have one of these and you can’t be sure that you’ll never accidentally drop something in there.

  • Cooler Pocket issues

Unfortunately the cooler pocket leaks. If you put any ice in it you will find everything in your bag gets wet. In addition there have been several reports regarding the magnetic pocket not staying shut.

The Best Golf Cart Bag Overall

The Mizuno BR-D4 has a lot going for it. However, it doesn’t have the same presence as the Sun Mountain H2N0. It is slightly cheaper but the weight difference is negligible and the one strap carry is a pleasure to use. I have no doubt that I would pick the Sun Mountain H2N0 again as the best golf cart bag.

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