Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer

To classify someone as an average golfer is a very broad term. Golfer levels are rated based on the level of their handicap, but an average golfer will be someone with a mid-handicap level. The best golf balls for average golfer handicaps are good for almost any player. It can allow you to improve from a high handicap or maintain a mid-level handicap. The Callaway Golf 2023 Supersoft Golf Balls are rated highly among the top golf balls for average players.

For many golfers, the selection process for golf balls is daunting. Many people simply decide on the one they like and go with it. However, golf balls vary from one another and the right golf ball can make a big difference. The following article aims to educate you on the features of the best golf balls for average golfer handicaps. We also look at a few of the products.

The 3 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer Handicaps

Best Golf Balls for Average GolferCallaway Golf 2023 Supersoft Golf Balls (Top Pick)Taylormade TP5x pix 2.0 USA Golf Ball (Best High-End)Srixon Z-Star 6 XV Golf Balls (Best Value)
Skill LevelBeginnerIntermediate – ProfessionalBeginner

Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer Handicaps You Can Buy

Before we have a look at the features, you need to distinguish from the vast number of golf balls to find the ones that are suitable for your game. We have selected a couple of these golf balls that work for almost any player. If you don’t know which golf ball will offer you the best value for money, you can look at any of the following golf balls.

Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer: Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

A golf ball does not make almost every list if it is not a great golf ball. The Callaway Golf 2023 Supersoft Golf Balls are featured on almost every golf ball list, due to it being a softer golf ball that holds its distance when hit. The HEX aerodynamics will enable the golf balls to travel much farther than it generally travels without advanced technique shots.

What We Like:

  • Aerodynamics: The HEX aerodynamics will hold the shot and improve the distance. Even bad shots can be saved by the golf ball.
  • Low Compression: The low compression is great for players that need fast ball speed while reducing the strain from shock.
  • Price: These golf balls are fairly affordable. The Callaway Superhot and Supershot golf balls are both excellent picks.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Longevity: As you become a better golfer, these golf balls might not be the option you can use forever.

Best High-End Golf Balls: Taylormade TP5x pix 2.0 USA Golf Ball

There is little doubt that TaylorMade is a luxury golf brand with a proven reputation. The Taylormade TP5x pix 2.0 USA Golf Ball are the golf balls of choice for professional golfer Ricky Fowler. The 5-layer construction helps the golf ball spin more on the green. It offers a speed-layer system to give you control in bad weather conditions.

What We Like:

  • Proven Reputation: These golf balls are preferred by many of the top golfers around the world and they are consistently praised.
  • Construction: The 5-layer construction makes it durable while adding features to improve control in the wind.
  • Spin: The additional spin means that precision shots are easy and it flies straight when you hit the golf ball straight.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Price: The biggest downside is the price. These are professional golf balls that might not suit beginners.

Best Golf Ball For Consistency: Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Consistency is a very important part of playing the game and succeeding. The Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls have a urethane construction made up of various layers. It is 17% thinner than most of the competitors, making it a lightweight golf ball. The design also gives you more spin when it hits the green, but could impair the distance.

What We Like:

  • Bounce: These golf balls have extraordinary bouncing capabilities and will give you additional distance on the roll.
  • Spin: The main feature that makes these golf balls stand out is the spin. They have more spin than other golf balls for beginners.
  • Soft Feel: The golf ball is soft reducing the impact on your hands and making them more comfortable for older players.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Distance: Due to the golf balls having a reduction in weight, they might not travel far in heavy winds.

Best Value For The Money: Srixon Z-Star 6 XV Golf Balls

Srixon golf balls are commonly marketed at the beginner breaking into the sport. If you ant great value, the Srixon Z-Star 6 XV Golf Balls set comes with a SeRMA coating that combines with the 4th Generation spin skin to give you more spin. The 338-dimple pattern is great for players that need aerodynamics for more distance

What We Like:

  • Spin Skin: The new spin skin is not proven, but it performs well for players that like to have a lot of spin.
  • Aerodynamic: The 338-dimple pattern is aerodynamic and it allows the golf ball to travel slightly farther.
  • Straight: These golf balls tend to fly extremely straight, which can be hard to add fade or draw if needed.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Hard: These golf balls are very hard for new players. It might feel like hitting a rock if you are not playing with the right technique.

As a beginner, chances are that your budget might be tight at first. The low budget means you need to look for something affordable like the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls. These golf balls flourish on a straight shot. They are aerodynamic with a solid outer cover that will go straight. Unfortunately, it means no spin.

Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer

What We Like:

  • Trajectory: These golf balls will give you a mid trajectory that enables the golf balls to travel a bit further.
  • Putting: Due to the straight nature of the golf balls, you will notice that they go much straighter when putting.
  • Price: It is hard to compare them to others if you are on a budget. They are the top budget golf balls for beginners.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No Spin: As mentioned, you won’t have a lot of spin with these golf balls, which can be a blessing or a curse.

Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers: Bridgestone Golf 2022 Tour B RXS Golf Balls

The Bridgestone Golf 2022 Tour B RXS Golf Balls have gradational compression which means you have some forgiveness and distance. These golf balls have a lot of friction, which gives you more spin when it hits the deck. The dual dimple technology gives you an aerodynamic ball that will give you more distance when hit.

What We Like:

  • Forgiveness: If you are not yet playing with precision, these golf balls will give you some forgiveness.
  • Durable: The urethane cover adds to the durability and will help the golf ball with rebounds from objects.
  • Softness: it might seem like a hard golf ball, but the soft feeling will be great for absorbing shock if you don’t have the right grips.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Lacks Bounce: Unfortunately, you don’t have a lot of bounce to work with if you want some extra distance.

Best Distance Golf Balls: TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

If you are an average golfer, you need to look for something to increase your distance. The TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls have a 342 pattern to provide additional aerodynamics for average players. The golf balls might have a highly reactive core, but the spin remains on the low side while focusing more on the distance.

What We Like:

  • Aerodynamics: With the 342 dimple pattern, you have a lot of aerodynamics to gain more distance.
  • Low Spin: As a beginner that seeks more distance than spin, these golf balls will give you the right outer cover.
  • Price: TaylorMade might be an expensive brand, but these golf balls are some of the most affordable.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Durability: If you need a golf ball that will last you multiple games, these might not be the best for you.

What To Look For In The Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer Handicaps

f you have still not decided on the right golf ball for your game, you might find the following buyer’s guide helpful. These features can be debated depending on your skill level, but we have found them helpful. The following features are what we consider the perfect combination for the best golf balls on the market today.

Dimple Pattern

The dimple pattern is an important part of finding the right golf ball. If the dimples are low, they provide more of an aerodynamic feeling when playing. Having more dimples can increase the distance that the golf ball will get when you play it into the wind. However, fewer dimples can aid in spin and bounce, giving you more bounce and precision.


A softer golf ball might be a better pick for the average player. Since the ball will be softer, it will not put as much strain on your hands. While you can find golfing equipment for things like arthritis, it is a good idea to adjust your golf ball as well. The compression is a good indicator of whether the golf ball will be soft or hard.


If you want to improve your game and play with more precision, you must master the skill of spin. Depending on your golf ball, you will need to adjust your game to get the best spin out of it. As mentioned, the dimple pattern and compression will affect the spin you get from your game on different terrains.

Wrapping Up

The best golf balls for average golfer handicaps are not that hard to find. However, numerous golf balls make the process of selection much harder. The options we have picked can make a difference in your game. Keep in mind that you still need to work on your technique and the golf ball can only aid you.

FAQs on Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer

A selection of the most commonly asked questions regarding Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer.

Why is the Callaway Golf 2023 Supersoft Golf Ball considered the top pick for average golfers?

The Callaway Golf 2023 Supersoft Golf Ball is highly recommended for average golfers due to its HEX aerodynamics, which enhances distance even on less-than-perfect shots. The low compression is ideal for players seeking fast ball speed while minimizing shock. Additionally, these balls are relatively affordable, making them a well-rounded choice for average golfers.

What are the key features of the Taylormade TP5x pix 2.0 USA Golf Ball that make it suitable for intermediate to professional players?

The Taylormade TP5x pix 2.0 USA Golf Ball is preferred by top golfers globally for its 5-layer construction, offering durability and control. The additional spin, especially on the green, and a speed-layer system for control in adverse weather conditions set it apart. However, it’s important to note that these balls are considered high-end and may not be suitable for beginners.

How do the Srixon Z-Star 6 XV Golf Balls provide value for money for average golfers?

The Srixon Z-Star 6 XV Golf Balls are marketed towards beginners, offering great value with features like the SeRMA coating and 4th Generation spin skin for enhanced spin. The 338-dimple pattern provides aerodynamics, allowing the ball to travel farther. While the spin skin’s effectiveness may vary, these balls are considered a good balance of performance and affordability for average golfers.

How does the price factor into choosing the best golf ball for average golfers?

The price of golf balls varies, and it’s essential to consider the budget while making a selection. While professional-grade balls like the Taylormade TP5x pix 2.0 USA Golf Ball may be higher in cost, options like the Srixon Z-Star 6 XV Golf Balls offer good value for the money. Balancing quality and affordability is crucial for average golfers.

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