Best Golf Ball For 20 Handicapper

Once you reach a handicap level of 20, you might feel that you are making progress and slowly becoming more professional. However, it is still a very high handicap level and the right golf ball can improve your handicap even more. The best golf ball for 20 handicapper players will help you get your handicap close to single digits. The Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls might be expensive, but they stand atop of the list.

With each golf ball, you get a few different features and qualities. However, most beginners at the handicap level of 20 are still new to the game and this article will ensure that you understand the right features and which golf balls are the best. The additional buyer’s guide will easily show you which features are the most important.

Best Golf Ball For 20 Handicapper
Best Golf Ball For 20 Handicapper

The 3 Top Golf Ball For 20 Handicapper Selection

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls (Top Pick)Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls (Most Popular)Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls(Best Beginner)
Recommended HandicapMid to HighBeginnersHigh
Softness RatingMediumHighMedium
Our Rating★★★★★★★★★★★★★★


Best Golf Ball For 20 Handicapper On The Market Today

The selection of golf balls on the market today have increased substantially, making it harder for beginners to find the right golf balls. However, our research has culminated in the revelation of a few great high handicapper golf balls. These golf balls combine with your clubs as a beginner and will improve your overall handicap.

Best Soft Golf Balls: Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

The hardness of the golf ball will show you how far a ball can travel and how much shock the user feels when playing. Fortunately, the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls are soft and easy to use, while giving you a lot of speed off the tee. The golf ball has reduced spin, allowing the player to get more distance with each shot.

What We Like:

  • Comfortable: These golf balls are comfortable to play with and they feel much softer when coming off the tee.
  • Reduced Spin: With reduced spin, you can add a lot of distance to your shots. Once they bounce, they also tend to travel straighter.
  • More control: These golf balls have a 4-piece construction with a dual-layered core. The even spread of weight allows for more control around the course.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Price: The worst part of these golf balls is the price and they do command a large price tag. However, it is worth the price.

Best Beginner Golf Balls: Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

There is no doubt about the fact that the Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls are some of the best on the market today. These golf balls are popular and they have a very soft outer cover. The HEX outer pattern is specifically made to reduce the drag, resulting in more distance and faster speeds for the golfer. Here are a few of our thoughts:

What We Like:

  • HEX Pattern: The HEX pattern is perfect for reducing the drag. It also adds more speed off the tee, which creates more distance.
  • Soft Feeling: A soft feeling off the tee reduces the shock for the player. With beginner’s clubs, you can reach top distances.
  • Forgiving: Since the golf balls are soft, they are also forgiving, allowing the player to mis-hit a few and still get a decent distance.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No Longevity: Since these golf balls are very soft, players might outgrow them as they improve their handicap.

Best Golf Balls For Straight Shots: Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls

One of the most important skills you can learn as a beginner is to play straight shots without fade or drag. The Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls feature a mid compression and a pattern that reduces the spin off the tee. These golf balls might lack some control on the green, but they will add a lot of extra distance for a beginner:

What We Like:

  • Mid Compression: The mid compression is the perfect middle point for a golf ball used by beginners and intermediates.
  • Affordable: It is an affordable golf ball and you have access to a variety of different colors to choose from.
  • Reduced Spin: Much like the other top soft golf balls, you don’t need to deal with a lot of spin coming off the tee.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Less Control: Unfortunately, it is not that easy to have control of the golf ball on the green or for shorter shots.

Best Durable Golf Balls: Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

As a beginner, one might damage a few golf balls, or even lose them. A durable golf ball can make a big difference when it comes to your golfing game. The Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls are slightly more expensive, but the durable urethane cover makes them durable in the long run. Here are a few of the intriguing features:

What We Like:

  • Durability: The durability of the golf ball is one of the biggest features that can help you play for many years.
  • Balance: These golf balls have incredible balance, allowing the player to get more flights and reduce the hooks and fades.
  • Visible Design: Since you might lose a golf ball, it is worth noting that the visibility is high and it is easy to track these golf balls.

What We Didn’t Like:

Best Tour Golf Balls: Srixon Z Star XV 5 Golf Balls

As a beginner, you might not be concerned with the PGA Tour or affiliate competition yet. However, you might be reaching that level soon with a great set of golf clubs. The Srixon Z Star XV 5 Golf Balls are made specifically for Tour purposes and they include a third-generation spin skin that will add more control over the course.

What We Like:

  • Better Spin: Spin is very complicated and it can have a lot of implications for golfers, but as you improve, it is something that can help your game.
  • Control: With the specific design of the outer coating, the player will have more control on the green.
  • High Swing Speed: If you have a high-speed golf swing, the golf balls will allow you to reduce fade and drag.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not for a slow swing: If you have a slow swing speed, you might not generate enough force to reap the benefits.

Best Colorful Golf Balls: Volvik Crystal Golf Balls

A colorful golf ball is not a very important feature to have. Aside from added visibility, it does not have any real benefits. The Volvik Crystal Golf Balls might be colorful, but they also have a durable outer coating and 3-piece construction. The zirconium is durable while adding some weight for improved durability.

What We Like:

  • Visibility: Since these golf balls are available in bright colors, you have a high level of visibility when playing.
  • Low Compression: Low compression makes the ball softer on the inside, reducing the amount of spin on the fairway.
  • Durable: The outer coating of the golf balls are durable, resulting in less damaged golf balls when you play.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Colors: The colors are bright and not every player likes to play with a colorful golf ball. A few normal golf balls might be needed.

Best Budget Golf Balls: Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

The overall tone of golf is expensive, but if you can find a set of golf balls that are affordable, it is worth doing it. The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls have an aggressive core, which means they react very efficiently. The 302 PhD aerodynamics are responsible for flight to ensure that you can get a bit more distance from the golf ball.

What We Like:

  • Distance: One of the special features of these golf balls is that they will enhance your distance and improve flight.
  • Responsiveness: Beginner golf balls are not always very responsive. However, these golf balls will respond a lot.
  • Softness: The softness will add more distance and reduce some of the spins that a very aggressive core might add.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Spin: The spin is positive and negative, with a lot of responsiveness, you might find that the balls do spin after landing.

Most Important Features To Look for In Golf Balls

Each golf ball has a difference in design and this design plays an important role when it comes to the features. There are a few important things to keep in mind when you select a new golf ball as a high handicapper. Here are a few features that could affect your game when you choose a new golf ball for your game.


The construction plays a huge role in the golf ball you will choose. Intermediate golfers can choose a 2-piece golf ball with less durability. However, the 3-piece golf ball has a lower compression and it can improve the flight of the golf ball. With an additional layer of the construction, you have added features like reduced spin.

Outer Coating

The best golf ball for 20 handicapper collection will all come with an outer coating and the outer coating gives you clues to how the ball will behave. More advanced players should consider the urethane cover for the golf ball. However, the Surlyn covers offer more reactiveness. These reactive outer covers will lead to more spin and they do not have the same quality forgiveness.


One small feature that some people overlook is the dimples. However, the dimples are important for reducing or adding drag. If you have a very fast swing speed, you might like some drag. However, beginners that do not have a perfect swing might need shallow dimples. The more dimples the golf ball has, the more drag it will have.


The distance can be hard to determine beforehand. However, the more distance you can get, the shorter you will make the course when it comes to chip shots and putting. It is worth noting that you should play around with different golf balls to find one with the best distance. The features mentioned above should also influence the distance.


With all of this said, any golfer should now be able to find the right golf ball for their needs. The golf balls we selected in this article, are specifically made to improve the game you play and improve your overall handicap. Be sure to let us know in the comment section if we missed any of your favorite golf balls. Now, you can also find the best golf ball for 20 handicapper skill levels.

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