Find The Best Golf Bags For Push Carts And Transform Your Game

It feels pretty good slinging my golf bag on my shoulder and heading off to the first tee. Unfortunately, that feeling only lasted a few moments. My three playing partners all had push carts; they weren’t struggling to keep it all together at the end of the game.

That was one of many lessons I’ve learned the hard way. It doesn’t matter how good you look at the start, you’ll be grateful for the push cart by the end. The moment we finished that game I vowed to find the best golf bags for push carts.

I was lucky, my best friend and golfing partner works as a rep; he was able to hook me up with a selection of the best golf bags for push carts. Better still he let me test an array of bags until I found the best of the best golf bags for push carts. I’m certain the right equipment makes a difference.

I have absolutely no doubt that this is the Sun Mountain CX1. It weighs in at just 5.4lbs and has an impressive array of features that help me to focus on the game; not where my gear is. But what really won over wasn’t the good range of color choices; it was the convenience of sliding it on and off the push cart and still being able to access all the pockets. Of course, the fact that the quality is excellent help.

For me this is the best of the best golf bags for push carts.

Best golf bags for push carts
Best golf bags for push carts

Sun Mountain CX1

Sun Mountain was founded in Montana in 1984. It is credited with creating the first lightweight bag with legs; defining the standard of all golf bags for push carts today.  The firm has continued to be at the forefront of innovation and today offers a huge array of golf related products.

The Sun Mountain CX1 is designed for use with push carts or riding. It is specifically designed to fit over the lower bag rest of the Speed Cart and the Micro Cart but can comfortably fit almost any push cart or even sit in the well of the golf cart.

  • Weighs just 5.4lbs
  • 15 top dividers
  • Top diameter 9.5”
  • 8 Pockets


  • Array Of Pockets

You may be surprised to find 15 top dividers. These run the full length of the bag and ensure each of your clubs is exactly where it should be without damaging the others.

Alongside this, there are 8 pockets. These include a full-length clothing pocket, several accessories pockets and a valuables pocket, (which is velour-lined). But my favorite is the cooler pocket and the rangefinder pocket. They are perfect for keeping your drink cool and keeping your rangefinder close to hand; I use it a lot.

Of course, the Velcro glove holder is a nice touch.

It is worth noting that all the pockets face forward; this ensures you can get to them even when your bag is on the cart. That’s a thoughtful and useful measure.

  • Material

The Sun Mountain CX1 is made from hard wearing 700D fabric which is designed to resist scuffs and abrasions as you travel round the course. I can testify it works. Although not described as waterproof it did keep my gear dry in a light shower. There is also a rain cover included in the package which gives your gear complete protection; although not you!

The rain hood matches the color of your Sun Mountain CX1, whether you choose black, cobalt gray, gray / white / red or gunmetal / black / red.

  • Carrying Options

 If you’re feeling strong or have the need you can carry the Sun Mountain CX1round the course with its surprisingly comfortable single strap carry handle.

In addition to this, there are three lift handles that will help you effortlessly lift the CX1 on and off of your push cart. The well designed base will slot into position and hold the best of the best golf bags for push carts secure.

Once you’ve lifted the bag into position there is a smart strap system that uses 2 hook and loop straps; effectively securing your bag to the cart.


  • None

Surprisingly I haven’t found a downside to this bag yet. That’s why it tops the best golf bags for push carts list and is likely to remain my favorite choice for some time. This really is a great looking bag and the perfect accompaniment to improve my game.

Cobra Ultralight

Cobra is another top manufacturer of golf products. They were first founded in 1973 by amateur golf champ Thomas Crow. Just 2 years later they set a new category of clubs with utility wood. Since then they have remained at the forefront of innovation; driving the game forward.

The Cobra Ultralight is a new addition to the range but one that is proving to be a fine choice for any golfer. It is, as the name suggests, very light but also tough enough to withstand the rigors of being hauled around the course for hours at a time.

  • Weighs 4.5lbs
  • 5 way divider
  • Top size 9”
  • 7 pockets
  • Dual strap


  • Easy Grab Handle

The first thing you’ll note about the Cobra Ultralight is not that it is one of the lightest bags on the market. It’s actually the distinctive grab handle at the top of the bag. This can double as a towel holder while you’re travelling around the course but it is perfectly designed for grabbing in a rush and moving on.

Although the Cobra Ultralight is designed for push carts it does have a dual shoulder strap; allowing you to carry it like a backpack. This is a useful feature if you’re recovering from a back injury. The straps click off to ensure they are not in the way when you drop it onto the push cart. Separate straps will allow you to fasten it to the push cart in seconds and get going.

It is also worth noting that the Cobra Ultralight has Coolflow foam in the back and hips; this is designed to improve comfort and reduce sweating when carrying the bag.

  • EasyFlex Base

The base is perfectly designed to slot into virtually any push cart. It is also big enough to sit securely on the ground if you’re playing without your cart. This is a useful feature.

The same design will also allow it to sit comfortably and securely in the well of your riding cart.

  • Pockets

There are 5 dividers that run the full length of your bag. This isn’t enough to keep all your clubs separate but does do a good job of keeping them away from your other gear.

In addition, there is an extremely large clothing pocket that features a key clip and a fleece-lined valuables pocket. You’ll also appreciate the insulated beverage pocket and a customizable ball pocket. I have to say that is a nice touch.

  • Material

The Cobra Ultralight is built to last. It is made from 100% polyester which is tough enough to withstand most scrapes and bumps as well as providing a good deal of protection against inclement weather.

The bag itself comes in a nice choice of colors; black, peacoat, peacoat / red / white and quarry / raspberry.


  • Divider Numbers

Although only a small issue it would be better if the Cobra Ultralight had more divider pockets. 7 is enough for the basics but I prefer to keep all my clubs separate.

Datrek SGO

Datrek is actually a division of Dynamic Brands who own a variety of companies; all of which are seen as premium suppliers in their respective fields.

The Datrek SGO is designed specifically with push carts in mind and utilizes a patented TOP-LOK design to join the bag to the cart. It is worth noting that the SGO is designed principally for short game clubs.

  • Weighs 5.9 pounds
  • 15 Way Divider
  • 12 pockets
  • Oversized putter well
  • TOP-LOK Technology


  • The TOP-LOK System

This is a patented system which is designed to work exclusively with the Bag Boy push carts. The TOP-LOK system attaches the golf bag to the cart in seconds and secures it firmly enough that it won’t even move side to side.

This is a great innovation but you will need the Bag Boy cart.

  • Pockets

15 dividers and a rubberized short gale insert make the Datrek SGO a very flexible bag for all your clubs. The pocket separation is excellent to house different clubs and keep them accessible.

You’ll also benefit from 12 pockets including a large clothing pocket, valuables pocket, several accessory pockets and even an umbrella slot. There really seem to have thought of everything except the insulated drink pocket.

  • Durable

The bag is available in a wide range of colors; black, lime, red, royal and silver; all combined with charcoal. The material is hard wearing and resistant to water; although not technically waterproof.

It’s certain to last for several years.


  • Designed For Short Game

This is less of a disadvantage and more of something that you need to be aware of. The Datrek SGO is designed for the short game and it works exceptionally well in this role. But, it’s not as good as the Sun Mountain CX1 or the Cobra Ultralight at holding your long game clubs.

Choose The Best Golf Bags For Push Carts And Improve Your Game Today

With such a good section on offer it can be hard to choose the best of the best golf bags for push carts. However, despite the Cobra Ultralight being very lightweight it is beaten into second by the Sun Mountain CX1.

The reason is more than just the number of dividers. The CX1 feels sturdier and offers a better range of pockets. It also is easier to clip to the push cart. That’s why it gets my vote as the best of the best golf bags for push carts.

I’ve got one and I won’t be changing it in a hurry!

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