Best Electric Golf Trolley

When it comes to playing golf, we all dread the frustration of carrying all of our clubs around the course. This can be time-consuming and tiring, influencing your shots in such a way that you don’t have your best performance. This “Best electric Golf Trolley” article is made to help you find the best trolley that could help improve your game and have some fun. Don’t rush your decision, but if you must, the Spitzer RL150 Golf Trolley is a good option.

I have tested numerous golf carts, ranging from the pull cart to the more advanced push cart. Testing these and playing many hours of golf, I decided to choose an electric golf trolley. The tests eventually paid off, not only increasing my handicap but giving me more insight into the top trolleys that will make your life a little easier.

Best Electric Golf Trolley
Best Electric Golf Trolley


Best Electric Golf TrolleySpecial FeaturesOur Rating
Spitzer RL150 Golf TrolleyAn affordable trolley that comes with everything you need as a player on any level.★★★★★
MGI Zip X3  Golf CaddyOne of the most powerful trolleys with a 250-watt motor for all terrains.★★★★
Spitzer EL100 Golf CartA great basic trolley for those looking for something affordable.★★★★
Spitzer R5 Golf TrolleyA dual powered motor has been included, meaning you will still reach your destination if one fails★★★★
MGI Zip X5 Golf CartAll the features you can dream of with a powerful motor and luxurious LED display.★★★★★
Bat-Caddy X4R Golf CartThe golf trolley has multiple accessories for you to enjoy and have fun with★★★★★

Best Electric Golf Trolleys On The Market Today

While there are many great features that actually set these trolleys apart, you should first look at the top options. We have included numerous different features that you need to look for in the buyer’s guide as well. However, let’s get started with the top electric trolleys that I have tested on different courses:

Top Pick: Spitzer RL150 Lithium Powered Light Weight Remote Control Golf Trolley

One of the top picks that we chosen is the Spitzer RL150 Lithium Powered Light Weight Remote Control Golf Trolley. This trolley is made for the pro golfers that do not like any hassles. It is lightweight at only 29-pounds, but the wheels make it possible for any user to take on different terrains. The real kicker is the remote control that is easy to use.

The Good

  • 2 200W dual motors: Having two different motors means that when 1 fails, you still have a backup to keep you going
  • Lithium Polymer Battery: Having lithium polymer means the battery has a better lifetime that could last an entire pro golf course
  • Versatile: Should your battery die, the trolley can be operated manually and you should be able to reach your destination
  • Remote control: The remote control is really easy to use and offers you 4 different directions that you could navigate

The Bad

  • Expensive: Since this trolley does have many advanced features, it might be a little expensive for some.

Best High-Power Trolley: MGI Zip X3 Electric Golf Caddy

If you are looking for a top quality trolley that has a powerful motor, the MGI Zip X3 Electric Golf Caddy is one of the best. The 24-volt electronic system can give you up to 250-watts of power that will be great for tough terrains. I have used it on numerous hills with great results and easily reaching my destination quickly.

The Good

  • Ergonomic Design: Yes, the design has been made to be comfortable for every person. I find it really good for people with a larger frame
  • Durable: This trolley can hold a full golf kit with ease and many people even use it to carry a cooler box when camping
  • Lightweight: You need to keep the weight as low as possible when you are traveling. Fortunately, this is one of the lightest models
  • 2 Colors: Now you don’t need to have the same color as your friends with the 2 different colors that are both stylish

The Bad

  • Expensive: Once again, this is one of the most expensive models, but the powerful motor does make it worth it

Best Budget Trolley: Spitzer EL100 Lithium-Ion Electric Golf Cart

Once again, we have another trolley from the Spitzer brand and the Spitzer EL100 Lithium-Ion Electric Golf Cart is one of the lighter models. This model is one of the smaller models and it is much more compact than some of the others. It still remains powerful and it can take on virtually any terrain on the golf courses.

The Good

  • Lithium-Ion Battery: The lithium battery is one of the best and it can last you the full 18-holes on most courses.
  • Folding: The folding feature is excellent for those with limited packing space. I like this feature when traveling long-term
  • Dual Motors: Once again, this trolley has a dual motor design, which means it will work even when one of them fails
  • Reasonably Priced: The trolley has been reasonably priced, which means most intermediate players can also afford it

The Bad

  • Assembly: Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to assemble this cart, which might be a little frustrating for those less inclined to mechanical skills

Best Trolley For Beginners: Spitzer R5 Digital Remote Control Golf Trolley

As a beginner, we cannot always afford to splash hundreds of dollars on the top golf products. However, this does not mean you should not buy something worthwhile. The Spitzer R5 Digital Remote Control Golf Trolley is one of the great trolleys that can be used by anyone who is breaking into the sport. It also features a great display for tracking your speed and distance traveled.

The Good

  • Remote Control: If the trolley is remote controlled, it is that much easier for you to move it around on the course
  • Auto-Run: The autorun feature means you can preset the trolley to a specified distance. This is much like GPS technology
  • Massive Battery Life: The battery life can be sustained for at least 36-hours and this will hold up longer than you need
  • LED Display: The LED display is great for calculating the distance and the speed at which you are traveling. It also displays the battery power

The Bad

  • Unbalanced: Using this trolley, I have found it to be a little unstable when carrying some of the heavier loads

Best High-End Trolley: MGI Zip X5 Motorized Golf Cart

Once you have reached the upper echelons of the sport, you might be looking for something a little better. The MGI Zip X5 Motorized Golf Cart is really expensive but features a powerful 250-watt motor for taking on all terrains. With a state of the art display, you can also track some of your important stats when playing.

The Good

  • Powerful Motor: I like the power of the motor and this is great for those rough area and uphill terrains
  • Great Maneuverability: Since the front wheel can either lock into place or it can be left loose, you have all the functionality in the world when it comes to moving around
  • Display: This display has an odometer that is incorporated and this can show you the steps you have traveled
  • Easy Control: Of all the different trolleys I have tested, this is definitely one of the most comfortable to control, even slowing down on downhill sections

The Bad

  • Price: Unfortunately, this is one of the most expensive options currently on the market today, making it a tough option

Best Accessorized Trolley: Bat-Caddy X4R Remote Control Golf Cart

If you are looking for fancy features, the Bat-Caddy X4R Remote Control Golf Cart is one of many different carts one them market today. However, it features numerous areas for storage and a USB port that can be used for charging your mobile device. Additionally, the added scorecard makes it easy to keep your score.

The Good

  • State Of The Art Display: The display on this trolley is excellent and also features a scorecard for digital score tracking
  • Massive Range: Yes, the remote can connect to the trolley and operate the movement with a distance of up to 100-yards
  • USB Port: Occasionally, you might find your mobile device low on battery. To counteract this, the USB port now offers charging capabilities
  • Really Affordable: This is one of the cheaper models on the market today that should offer you some great value

The Bad

  • Durability: Unfortunately, this trolley does lack a little when it comes to the durability on tougher terrains

Key Features To Consider When Choosing An Electric Golf Trolley

Now that you have seen all of these trolleys, you might also be wondering how we came across them. With some expert help, I found the top features that you should know when choosing any one of these trolleys.


The motor is one of the most important parts of the trolley. If it has a flimsy motor, it won’t be able to make it up steep hills or even endure tough terrains. You might have to push it uphill and this is no better than a great pushcart.


I believe the cart should be really easy to maneuver. If it is not easy to maneuver, you might have some troubles when the course forms a dogleg. We recommend looking at the front wheel to ensure that it is able to swivel. However, being able to lock it might give you some added speed on the straights.


While not all of these carts have a display, the more advanced models have a top quality display that tracks your important stats. I personally like a display that will show you the traveling distance as well as the battery life remaining.

Battery Life

Lastly, you should also consider looking at the battery life and these trolleys do need to have a decent battery life. We recommend a trolley with a 36-hole battery life for those longer games. However, 19-holes should be sufficient for your shorter games amongst friends.

Our Final Choice

The best electric golf trolley is not always something you see on the course, but it does make a massive difference. We have carefully selected these trolleys and they help us improve the focus on the game as well. I personally love the Spitzer RL150 Lithium Powered Light Weight Remote Control Golf Trolley for the functionality it offers and the overall quality.

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