Best Electric Golf Push Carts Available Today: Be Amazed!

After extensive testing I was left in no doubt that the Stewart Golf X9 is the best of the best electric golf push carts. Its sleek style and the ease in which it can be controlled are what won my heart.

I’ve got enough to concentrate on when playing a round of golf without having to worry about whether my back will hold up to carrying or pushing my bag round the course. I’m lucky, I have a good friend who works as a rep and can access a wide range of the best electric golf push carts. The majority of which will take any golf bag.

All I had to do was test over 20 of them and let him have me honest opinion; it would help him sell the right product to his customers and ensured I knew which one I wanted to buy myself.

Stewart Golf X9 Follow– Sleek, Stylish & Full Of Gadgets

Best Electric Golf Push Carts
Best Electric Golf Push Carts

This company started trading over 10 years ago with the intention to design and build the best electric golf push carts in the world. The company is owned and run by engineers and it looks like they’ve achieved their goal.

Every cart is built by hand to exact specifications; and it shows.

The Stewart Golf X9 Follow is the flagship model in their range and with good reason. Not only is it incredibly good looking, it also features an innovative controller device that means it will literally follow you round the course!

This is one cart that is certain to get the attention of all the other players.

  • Innovative Control Function
  • Lightweight 12 volt lithium battery
  • Foldable
  • Weighs 31.08 pounds


  • Control

The problem with any electric push cart is that you need to control it. In general this is done by a controller which you use too tell the cart where to go. Of course this does distract you from where you’re walking as you need to keep a constant eye on the cart.

The Stewart Golf X9 Follow  uses revolutionary and innovative technology which makes the cart follow the controller. All you have to do is put the controller in your back pocket. The cart will follow you when you move and stay a safe distance behind you; stopping the moment you do!

That’s why this is the best of the best electric golf push carts; it is always exactly where you expect it to be without you needing to do a thing!

It even has downhill braking built into it to ensure it always stays the right distance behind you.

  • Durability

Of course the cart is also exceptionally well built. This is seen to by the fact that every one of the Stewart Golf X9 carts is handmade. The molded chassis is made from lightweight coated metal, ensuring it retains its structure even on the bumpiest of grounds.

The 4 wheel design with a rear stabilizer accentuates this feature and ensures the cart always remains upright.

In addition the cart is designed to accommodate any golf bag, whether a carry type or a cart type. That makes the Stewart Golf X9 Follow a very versatile and robust cart.

  • Ease of Folding

To aid you getting the cart and your bag to the course the X9 can be folded up. This is done by pressing one button and then pulling the post in, folding the top into the base. The process should take less than a minute. Unfolding is the opposite; just pull the post into position and make sure you hear it click before you add your bag.

  • Rechargeable

The Stewart Golf X9 Follow  will comfortably last all 18 holes and takes between 4 and 6 hours to recharge. That means it’s ready for day 2 before you are.


  • Cost

This is a state of the art electric push cart and you will be paying top dollar for it. Providing you have the budget it’s worth it!

  • Remote Feature

Some users have reported an issue with the remote feature. It is supposed to stay connected up to 50 yards away but some users have reported that it keeps losing connectivity.

This issue is frustrating and intermittent; fortunately for me it’s not a problem I’ve discovered yet.

  • Weight

The weight of the Stewart Golf X9 Follow is irrelevant when it is trundling round the course behind you. However, when you fold it and lift it into your boot, you’ll realize that it could be an issue if you have a back problem.

Since there is no other way to get it into your car this is a serious consideration for some golfers.

Bat Caddy X8R – Great Runner Up

Best Electric Golf Push Carts
Best Electric Golf Push Carts

The name alone earns this cart a place on the best electric golf push carts list! In fact Bat caddy has been making golf carts since 2004. They have a wide range of products although the Bat caddy X8R is one of their top models currently available.

  • Weighs Just 22 Pounds
  • Foldable
  • Remote Control
  • Virtually silent
  • Top speed 5.5mph


  • Materials

The Bat Caddy X8R is made from airplane grade aluminum alloy. This means it’s as strong as a plane! This is also the reason that the X8R is so light.

Alongside this stainless steel is used in the housing, axles and even the motor. This ensures the cart is strong enough and robust enough to keep working in all weathers and won’t break on you after just one or two uses.

In fact it is often considered to be the most durable of all the carts on the market at the moment.

An added bonus is the fact that it uses dual motors. This eliminates the need for a heavy gearbox and reduces the amount of moving parts; meaning less can go wrong with it.

  • Foldable

The problem with the best electric golf push carts is that they can be heavy and difficult to put in your car before and after your game. Fortunately the Bat Caddy X8R is foldable. The cart folds downwards into itself, leaving all the wheels in position. Because it is designed a s a frame and motor it can be compacted to a surprisingly small size; allowing you to virtually effortlessly put it into your boot and find a good storage space at home.

  • Stable

There are two large wheels at the back and one at the front in traditional trike style. You’ll also note a rear stabilizer wheel to prevent the Bat caddy X8R from tipping when you’re using it.

This is useful when you are up to 120 yards away using the supplied remote controller to tell your cart to follow you.  It can be made to go forwards, backwards, left and right. You can even set it to go in a straight line for 30 seconds with the inbuilt timer.


  • Cost

Again this is a premium product and the price reflects this. In addition you’ll find the cost of replacing the battery periodically is higher. This is because of the dual motors and dual batteries which power them.

Spin It Golf GCR1 – Perfect For the Smaller Course

This is perhaps the best of the best electric golf carts if you have a limited budget and regularly play smaller courses. While the Spin It Golf GCR1 may struggle with an 18 or 36 hole course it will have no issues with something a little shorter.
Spin It Golf has been making golf carts for over 10 years and focus on making products that are easy to use and affordable. They’ve certainly succeeded with the GCR1.

  • Weight 55 pounds
  • Airless Rubber Tires
  • 12V motor
  • Free Wheeling Capability



  • Reliable

The Spin It Golf GCR1 has a 200W motor; that’s impressive by any standards and more than enough power to get you round any course.  But, more than this the motor is well built. It isn’t likely to let you down.

Combine this with sealed lead batteries and you have a cart that could last 36 holes if needed. However, it will take 12 hours to recharge the batteries.

You do get a 1 year warranty.

  • Remote Control

The GCR1 may be simpler in design but it still comes with a remote control that will allow you to move the cart forwards, backwards, left and right from as much as 120 yards away. You can even choose a pre-set speed option to ensure it moves along at the right pace.

It is worth noting that all the controls are also on the handle of this cart, in case you need them or you lose your remote.

  • Cost

It is important to note that the Spin It Golf GCR1 is significantly cheaper than its counterparts. This makes it an attractive option; especially if you’re on a budget.

  • Remote Control Attachment

It’s a small but incredibly useful feature; an attachment on the remote to secure it your person. That’s one less thing to worry about when you’re playing a round of golf.

  • Bag Security

This cart will handle almost any bag but they are secured via a strap at the bottom. This gives the potential for the bag to be dislodged, causing it and the cart to tip over.


  • Lack Of features

This is listed as a disadvantage as the Spin It Golf GCR1 doesn’t have many of the impressive features that the other best electric golf push carts have. However, it should be noted that this cart is designed this way.

  • Weight

This cart is heavy. The lead acid batteries do not help but at a weight of 55 pounds it is more than twice that of the Bat Caddy X8R. You may need a forklift to get it back into your car.

Buy Your Choice Of the Best Electric Golf Push Carts Today And Improve Your Game

There is no doubt that the Spin It Golf GCR1 represents excellent value for money but it doesn’t win my heart in the same way that the sleek and stylish Stewart Golf X9 does. It is a premium product but that’s why it wins the best of the best electric golf push carts award.

I’ve got myself one and have no plans to trade it in!

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