Best Electric Golf Cart Reviewed And Rated

If we think about playing golf, one of the first things that come to mind is carrying an excessive bag of clubs all around the course. While this is fine for many players, not everyone likes to do it and hiring a professional caddy is expensive. The best electric golf cart removes the need for you to constantly carry around your clubs and serves as your own caddy while you traverse the course. My personal favorite is the Spitzer RL150 Lithium Powered Remote Control Golf Trolley. It offers you quality and value for your money.

I am one of the biggest advocates when it comes to carrying your golf clubs for fitness purposes, but from personal experience, I have learned that one round of golf is more than enough before it becomes a drag. The pull cart and pushcarts might work but still, require effort. However, hours of research has revealed to me some of the best electric golf carts anyone can choose.

In this article, we have a deeper look at some of the top features and the top golf carts you can buy of an electric nature. Testing is always done on multiple different courses. This should ensure more accuracy in the selections. That being said, now you can actually find the ideal electric golf cart to help you save your energy for the game.

Best Electric Golf Cart
Best Electric Golf Cart

Best Electric Golf CartSpecial FeaturesOur Rating
Spitzer RL150  Remote Control Golf TrolleyThis cart is the very best in the category and includes all the high-end features that you might need★★★★★
Bat-Caddy X8R Electric Golf Bag CartIf you need power and a lighter weight, this model is one of the very best to consider for all these golfing needs★★★★★
MGI Zip X3 Electric Golf CaddieAs one of my all-time favorites, this cart is the best electric cart that does not include a remote control★★★★★
Bat-Caddy X4R Electric Golf Cart Powered CaddieI love this cart for all the added accessories and Bat-Caddy is one of the most popular brands on the market today★★★★
Spitzer EL100 Lithium-Ion Electric Golf CartIf you find yourself strapped to a budget, this cart will make life easier for you and also help you with all the top features★★★★


Best Electric Golf Carts On The Market Today

Before delving into these features, it is important that we give you an idea of the top electric golf carts first. As mentioned, they have been tested quite substantially to ensure you understand how they work and which features will offer which benefit. Here are the best electric golf carts that are currently available on the market:

Top Pick: Spitzer RL150 Lithium Powered Light Weight Remote Control Golf Trolley

Spitzer might be one of the more expensive brands, but the Spitzer RL150 Golf Trolley is an excellent option that is rated for all players. It comes with a long-lasting lithium-ion battery and the 6061 aluminum construction gives it durability while keeping the weight to a limit.

The Good:

  • Weight: At only 29-pounds, there should not be any doubt about the effectiveness of this cart when it comes to saving weight
  • Adjustability: This cart can also be fully adjusted depending on the needs of your height and when you need to pull it
  • Battery Life: The Lithium-polymer battery is one of the longest lasting batteries on the market today and it features a 36-hole battery life
  • Folding: This entire cart can actually be folded and stored away when you need to save a little bit of space

The Bad:

  • Expensive: This is one of the most expensive brands on the market today, but offers great value with all the features

Runner-Up: Bat Caddy X8R Electric Golf Bag Cart

Bat-Caddy is another popular brand when it comes to all different golf carts. The Bat-Caddy X8R Electric Golf Bag Cart is also made from aluminum, but it is one of the lightest models on the market today. Constructed from aluminum, makes the design one of the best. It has numerous holders, which includes one for your GPS and golf rangefinder to improve your technical game.

The Good:

  • Battery: Once again, we see a state of the art lithium battery that offers you some of the best battery life. It also allows you to play around 2 rounds
  • Accessories: This golf cart can actually carry most of your equipment and all of the accessories will make a big difference
  • Controls: Bat Caddy is definitely one of the top brands and they have easy to use remote controls for the top golfers to use

The Bad:

  • Expensive: This is also one of the more expensive electric golf carts, but it does offer more functionality than the pull carts

Editor’s Choice: MGI Zip X3 Electric Golf Caddie

The MGI Zip X3 Electric Golf Caddie is one of my favorite options. Yet, it is not as popular amongts many golfers. However, it features an ergonomic design that helps you when you need to move around the course. If you don’t like pushing the cart, you will need to get used to it. Unfortunately, it does not work with a remote control.

The Good:

  • Design: As we have already mentioned, it features an ergonomic design that enables you to use it with absolute ease
  • Compact: The caddie is really lightweight and once it can be folded, you can easily store it and have it ready for use
  • Powerful: The 24V power output is extremely sufficient and should ensure that the caddie can easily climb most hills

The Bad:

Most Popular Cart: Bat Caddy X4R Electric Golf Cart Powered Caddie

Once again, we have another Bat Caddy cart that makes it onto our list. The Bat-Caddy X4R Electric Golf Cart Powered Caddie is one of the most stable caddies and it features a stylish, yet lightweight aluminum frame. The aluminum should make it lightweight and also add the much-needed durability that you could desire.

The Good:

  • Speed: This is one of the faster caddy models. It offers you a ton of functionality when it comes to speeding through the course
  • Construction: As we have mentioned, this cart is really lightweight and it offers a lot of durability for the user
  • Accessories: Free accessories are always great. These accessories make life a little easier for you on the course

The Bad:

  • Battery: The battery is not the very best and does not offer the longest life over the long run for every user

Best Budget Cart: Spitzer EL100 Lithium-Ion Electric Golf Cart

It is actually quite hard to find a different brand from Spitzer when looking for the best carts. The Spitzer EL100 Lithium-Ion Electric Golf Cart is much similar to the first one, featuring a durable aluminum frame. Don’t suffer from climbing hills when you have a dual powered motor to increase the power. We have generated some of the fastest speeds using it as well.

The Good:

  • Battery: The lithium-ion battery gives you an excellent life and should offer you multiple rounds on an 18-hole course
  • Dual Motors: Having dual motors mean the cart can still be used when one of the batteries does accidentally fail
  • Affordable: This is one of the more affordable options on the market today and offers you much better value than a lead-acid battery

The Bad:

  • Stability: Using this cart, we have seen a couple of problems when it comes to the overall stability

Key Features To Consider When Choosing An Electric Golf Cart For Your Game

Electric golf carts are rather scarce and you won’t find many of them from different brands. However, they do offer a lot of functionality and value for every user. We have isolated a couple of the most important features of the electric golf cart. These features will be what makes a difference between a quality product and one that you might not need.

Remote Controlled

The remote control feature might spike the price a little bit. However,  it still offers you some great value for your money. Having a remote to operate the cart means you don’t need to push or pull it. However, the remote control should also be easy to operate. 4-way remote controls are some of the easiest to use when on the course.


The battery is also one of the more important features. You not only need to look at the battery type but the life as well. Lithium-ion is definitely one of the best options when it comes to value for your money. Lead-acid batteries might be more affordable, but they do not have the same overall lifespan as the lithium options.


Golfing equipment needs to be transported around the different courses. This is why you might need to have a compact cart to make the transport process a little more efficient. When looking for a cart, you should consider keeping the weight down to a minimum. A lighter weight is always beneficial when it comes to transportation. Additionally, the folding feature gives you more functionality.

Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing the best electric golf cart should be easy. These features should give you all the knowledge. Testing all the options were fun. Intricate tests have revealed the best options on this list. The Spitzer RL150 Lithium Powered Light Weight Remote Control Golf Trolley is one of the very best options.

Now, you should let us know which of these carts you have used and which ones you think we should include. Let us know in the comment section if we have missed any of your favorites.

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