Best Golf Clubs For A 15 Handicapper

As a mid handicapper, you will have some basic golf experience, while understanding some of the fundamentals to improve your game. However, many mid handicappers are still seen playing with beginner clubs that keep them back. The best golf clubs for a 15 handicapper is in the middle to help improve your game. If you … Read more

Best Used Irons For Mid Handicapper

One of the most important golf clubs that you can have in your kit is your set of irons. Irons are versatile and used for almost any course. They add more finesse than your driver or wood while giving you more distance than a common wedge. Since they are expensive, we have tried to find … Read more

Best Golf Clubs For Mid Handicappers

With the development of modern technology, more and more people are having it easy when starting out in the world of golf. However, game improvement technology can become a hindrance when you improve your handicap and you won’t need the extra stiffness or the extra give. The best golf clubs for mid handicappers can help … Read more

Best Golf Irons For Mid Handicapper

Since becoming a mid handicapper I’ve noticed that everyone wants to play with me. It seems this is the perfect handicap to inspire others. But I’m not planning on staying here! I discovered the best golf irons for mid handicappers and I’m using them to improve the length and straightness of my shots. The difference … Read more