Best Golf Shafts for Driver

Forget the clubhead, success off the tee comes from having one of the best golf shafts for driver. Okay, maybe a driver head that fits your game contributes to success, but the right shaft will elevate you to the next level.

For me, finding the best golf shafts for driver comes down to two things: flex and weight. Having the right flex is essential to ball shape, launch, and being able to maximize distance. With a shaft that is too stiff, you won’t hit the ball high enough.

With too flexible of a shaft, you’ll hit moon shots only. Having the incorrect flex will also prevent your ball from going straight. Instead, you’ll be fighting off a slice or hook every time you get on the course. No one wants that.

Weight has little to do with how strong you are. Since shafts are measured in grams, the change is hardly noticeable to someone picking a club up. Driver shaft weighting has a lot to do with preferred ball flight, a direct correlation with flex. Others go into greater detail about what makes a good shaft and how to choose.

If I were to throw a third category in there, it would be comfort. Unfortunately, that’s difficult to describe and comes down to personal preference. Even with shafts that I’ve bought and haven’t loved at first, I get more comfortable the more rounds I get under my belt. If the shaft matches up with your preferences on paper, feel will (eventually) come with it.

With how easy it is to swap driver shafts on your own, there shouldn’t be anything holding you back from playing the field to find what works for you. No more having to go to a local club fitter or pro shop to have small tweaks made. Everything you need is in your own home. Extra bonus, you don’t have to pay pro shop prices either.

Top Pick: Fujikura Vista Pro 60

You don’t become one of the most popular brands of golf shafts without high-quality products. Fujikura does so consistently, and for all factions of golfers to boot.

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The Fujikura Vista Pro 60 is a favorite of golfers everywhere. This version is a regular flex and has a stock length of 46 inches. Weighted at 62 grams, it is considered a high launch and high spin shaft with a low to mid bend point.

If there’s one aspect of this club that should not be discounted, it’s how the shaft looks (and what it’s made of).  High strength carbon fiber keeps weight to an optimal level and allows for increased durability.

We all have the tendency to chunk a drive every now and again, but with the Fujikura Vista Pro 60, there will be no damage. Take it over your knee and there’s no driver around that will withstand that. The Phantium finish and sleek black and red design adds aesthetic value as well.

What we liked

  • Will fit and benefit golfers of most skill levels—a universal driver shaft
  • Easiest product to include on our best golf shafts for driver list—everyone loves this model and brand

What we didn’t like

  • Have to check the specs of your driver to ensure compatibility. If not compatible, you must purchase an additional adapter

Runner-Up: Matrix OZIK X5 White Tie 50

Matrix OZIK X5 White Tie 50 shafts are designed for all golfers. Coming in three flexes, golfers of all swing speeds thrive while using this model. The standard length here is 46 inches.

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As a high launch shaft with low to mid spin, control is the name of the game. You hear a lot about controlled landing with wedges and irons, but this is also important with a driver. When you hit into a green, you’re worried about water, thick rough and traps. Off the tee, these issues are just as important.

With a driver shaft that helps control how and where you land, you’re able to take more aggressive lines. After that, you’re giving yourself better looks at the green. Thanks to the high launch aspect, cutting corners or going over trees is possible. With low spin, as long as you start it on the right line, you’ll be happy with your results.

What we liked

  • Comes in plenty of adapter options—no need for an additional purchase here
  • Available in regular, senior, and stiff flexes. If this is the shaft you want, there is a combo for you

What we didn’t like

  • Price is a bit high, but with the quality of the product you’re getting, it’s well worth the cost

Budget Option: Project X HZRDUS T800 Blue 65

Here’s the thing about a budget option, you’re either go back a generation or buy an inferior product. We opt for going a generation back. The product is still good and performs like the current models.

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With the Project X HZRDUS T800 Blue 65, you won’t notice a difference between this model and the ones released in the current year. In reality, you could play a Project X shaft from five generations ago and still have it perform well. Project X is that good.

This shaft cuts right down the middle with a mid-launch and mid-spin profile. For an average, or improving golfer, these are the options you’re looking for. With this setup, you have enough versatility to shape the ball. On the flip side, a slight flaw in your swing doesn’t mean the ball will hook or slice two fairways over.

What we liked

  • Comes in regular or stiff flex, as well as with a variety of adapter choices
  • High-quality Golf Pride grip is included

What we didn’t like

  • Active feel could force less experienced golfers into making unnecessary swing changes, rather than riding it out and getting used to a new shaft

Best Ladies Driver Shaft: Aldila NVS 45 Ladies

The Aldila NVS 45 Ladies is designed to fit TaylorMade drivers. Unfortunately for female golfers, while much of equipment manufacturing has caught up to recognize the growing number of lady golfers, replacement driver shafts still lag behind.

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This shaft measures 46 inches with a mid/high kick point. It is on the lighter side, just under 50 grams. At this weight, it becomes easy for golfers of all skill levels to launch the ball high and maximize distance off the tee.

Aldila is a tried and true golf shaft manufacturer. Through their years in the business, they know one of the most common problems is inconsistency shaft to shaft. To ensure that each NVS shaft they manufacture is the same, they layer carbon fiber that eliminates dead zones and shifted kick points.

Considering most of our swings are inconsistent, it’s nice to know we can rely on our shafts. With a high level of consistency, it’s also easier to understand swing feedback and adjust accordingly.

What we liked

  • Manufactured to standard women’s length, don’t need to worry about messing up kick point and weight distribution while cutting the shaft down
  • Lower flex helps benefit players with slower swing speeds—male or female

What we didn’t like

  • Taller, or harder swinging female golfers will not benefit from this shaft. Make your shaft choice based off swing speed, not male vs. female

Best Senior Driver Shaft: Project X PXV Senior/Lite 5.0

There comes a time in every golfer’s career where they need to bite the bullet and move onto the senior flex level. They might see it coming, they might not. Regardless, when someone makes the switch to a senior flex shaft like the Project X PXV Senior/Lite 5.0, they’ll wonder why they didn’t do it years before.

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At about 50 grams, this a shaft that sits somewhere in the middle of most senior shafts weight. It has a mid-kick point and features low spin levels. With optimal launch angles, you won’t be sacrificing any distance.

If you’re concerned about your swing slowing down and costing you yards, you don’t need to be. Since this is engineered for seniors and golfers with slower swing speeds, you can still maximize your distance. Basically, you’ll be hitting it as far as you used to, without having to overswing. Not bad, right?

What we liked

  • A couple of inches shorter than standard men’s length giving you a chance to swing from the end of the grip and feel the full kick
  • Another club from Project X, who seems to specialize in every type of swing

What we didn’t like

  • As an older model Project X, it might be difficult to find compatible adapters in the coming years

Best Extra Stiff Driver Shaft: Project X HZRDUS Black

There’s a reason Project X shafts are all over this page—they’re good and we like them. Project X HZRDUS Black shafts exemplify everything about them that we like. It was actually quite an easy decision to include this on our best golf shafts for driver list.

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As is standard with extra stiff shafts, this is a low launch and low spin shaft. Also worth stating again, this is designed for players with fast tempos, even in other flexes. That’s how Project X set this shaft up, nothing else to it. At 46 inches, this is a standard length but is stiff throughout—no weak spots.

The thing about an extra stiff shaft, once it’s on your driver, there’s no turning back. This is not something you should use unless you’re willing to go after each tee shot with everything you have. Taking a light swing, which can help with accuracy, will hurt you with this type of shaft. Bottom line, this is only for the strongest and most aggressive golfers.

What we liked

  • Comes in two different weights, 62g and 75g—both heavy, but if you’re swinging an extra stiff shaft, you should be able to handle it
  • Available in regular and stiff as well; not for only the hardest swingers

What we didn’t like

  • This is true for any extra stiff shaft, but more players try using these than actually should. Know your limits (and swing speed)

Best Golf Shafts for Driver Takeaways

There are plenty of types of golfers. Thanks to the ever-expanding market of golf equipment, we now have a shaft that fits every type of golfer. Today we focused on the best golf shafts for driver. Hopefully from reading what we had to say, you agree that with the right shaft, you can make improvements.

Breaking down the best golf shafts for driver in various categories is helpful. The truth, however, is that you know your game the best. If you’re a female golfer, you aren’t locked into the lady’s category. If you’re a senior, but still swing like you’re 30, forget the more flexible shaft. You could even be 25, but only have a swing speed of 75 mph. If that’s you, don’t use a stiff flex like most other golfers your age.

Drive for show, putt for dough is something you’ll hear at every golf course. The only problem with the phrase is that if you’re out of the hole by the time you get to the green, putting doesn’t matter. You have to be successful with your driver if you want to be successful later in the round.

Without good drives, it’s difficult to succeed. Driving the ball well is far from what defines a successful golfer, but it certainly contributes. Do yourself a favor, put some research hours in, and don’t be afraid to try a few combinations. Getting better at golf is as simple as spending time practicing and educating yourself.

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