Best Golf Grips for Driver

To get the most out of your $400 club, you need one of the best golf grips for driver. Even if you like the stock grip your driver came with, after a full season of golf it needs replacing. In this guide, we’re looking at the best grips for golfers with average-sized hands. If your hands are on the smaller side, we also have profiles on some of the best golf grips for small hands.

While these are the best golf grips for driver, that’s not all they’re good for. Except for putter grips, you can use any of the best golf grips for driver on irons, hybrids and woods. If you find a grip you like, don’t be afraid to go all out with 13 of them. Keep reading below to find the definitive picks in every category for the best golf grips for driver.

Top Pick: Golf Pride MCC Plus4

The Golf Pride MCC Plus4 might be our top pick for best golf grips for driver, but it is also a very unique one. This model grip has two different materials and two different widths. To the untrained eye, this might seem useless or gimmicky. To someone who understands the benefits (which you will soon), it all makes sense.

Your top hand will be holding onto a coarser material that aids the anchoring of your anchor hand. With Golf Pride, there’s always more than what appears. Not only does the top-hand material help with your grip, but it also aids durability and helps with control in inclement weather.

Where your bottom hand is placed, the grip is thicker. This reverse taper is a bit softer and encourages a lighter grip. When holding the club too tight, you’ll tend to spray the ball and lose power. As we swing, we are constantly trying to work on a thousand things. What’s better than having the grip think of one of them for you? Not much.


  • Two-tone coloring helps with alignment and having a consistent grip
  • Comes in multiple widths and colors to fit your game and likes


  • A reverse taper is unique and may be a difficult transition for some golfers

Runner-Up: Winn Dri-Tac LT

The “LT” in Winn Dri-Tac LT grips stands for less tapered. Compared to most grips that have a taper, either way, this model runs pretty straight up and down. If you’re a person who struggles with hand injuries or has arthritis, this is a great option since you can grip the club with less pressure and maintain maximum control.

With Dri-Tac in the name, it makes sense that the most redeeming characteristic of this option is how much grip it provides. Hot and sunny, cold and rainy, it doesn’t matter when you’re using this grip. Thanks to the non-slip multiple polymer compound design and a material blend that repels water, you’ll be able to take full speed swings in any condition.

What stands out about this grip is how it feels. With the polymer blend we referenced in the last paragraph leading the way, Winn does not have to worry about a textured pattern that helps with grip. Instead, their advanced technology covers all the bases and they were able to focus on creating a grip that’s comfortable to hold.


  • Winn Dri-Tac LT grips come as a full set or individually, making it one of the best golf grips for driver or your entire set
  • Heavy shock absorption makes this an ideal grip for playing in the cold, or for a high-handicapper at any point in the year


  • Not incredibly coarse and may wear down quicker than other, more tacky grip choices

Budget Option: SuperStroke Cross Comfort

We’re used to seeing SuperStroke on a large portion of putters, but not as much on other clubs. When it comes to the best golf grips for driver, the SuperStroke Cross Comfort is more than qualified to be in the conversation. Combine that with an incredible price and it’s no wonder it became the budget option in our best golf grips for driver list.

SuperStroke included Comfort in the name of this grip for a reason. The outer layer of this option is extremely soft, but also provides a significant amount of grip without wearing on your hands. Rather than corded grips which might be a little rougher, the outer layer almost feels like a protective cover—just with a lot of grip.


  • If you want to make a name for yourself (or transition from a putter-exclusive grip brand), you need to provide a superior product at an affordable price—which is exactly what SuperStroke did with the Cross Comfort model
  • Some color combinations and markings on the grip will help with grip consistency for a new player


  • Smooth grip will wear out quickly and need to be replaced after about a season of golf

Best “Blank Canvas”: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip

When I’m working on a grip change, which seems to be constantly these days, I want to look down at a plain grip. With no extra markings and a plain surface, I’m not tempted to revert to old habits based on looks. Instead, I can focus on feel.

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip is one of the best golf grips for driver for someone that prefers a blank canvas where they can trust their own hands, rather than what they see. When you think of a Golf Pride grip, this is probably the one that comes to mind. The Tour Velvet grip has an iconic look and is a major part of Golf Pride being one of the most recognizable brands.

If we didn’t like this so much for its simple design, it could have fit as the budget pick for best golf grips for driver. Costing about half the price of most grips, this is an option that’s great for any club in your bag.


  • Multiple sizes and textures, providing a simple look for everyone regardless of their material choice
  • Grip texture provides feedback on each shot, perfect for fine-tuning your game on the range


  • Lack any kind of flair, which again is why it’s our choice for best blank canvas among the best golf grips for driver

Best Wrap Grip: Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

50 years ago, every one of the best golf grips for driver were wraps. This is mostly because it was the only kind of grip and has since faded. But, every once in a while, a grip comes along and makes you remember why they were king for so long. The Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G is a perfect example of this.

Coincidently, this grip would also fit the bill of best golf grips for driver in the rain. Due to a combination of rubber and cord, this model is perfect for performing in all conditions. This material blend is a two-fold benefit. Not only does it wick moisture away, but it is also soft and easy on the hands.


  • You’ll never have to worry about these unraveling thanks to a cap on the butt of the club, a wrapping process explained better here
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors to fit your needs and preferences


  • If wrap is not applied correctly, it could roll and peel

Best Golf Grips for Driver Takeaways

Yes, having one of the best golf grips for driver is important. No, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t like what you buy and decide to replace it again. You might think to yourself that a good tee game is vital and as such, having the best golf grips for driver is too. In reality, it’s not. What really matters is having a grip in good shape that you’re comfortable with and don’t mind looking at.

A new grip is better than an old grip. These aren’t like putters where adjusting to it and then using it for a dozen years is realistic. Part of what makes the best golf grips for driver the best is that they’re new, full of tack, and haven’t worn down yet. Your grip is important, but being able to hold onto the club is even more important. If you find a grip you like, buy a bunch of the same model and still replace it with some regularity.

Driver grips, an affordable upgrade?

When you’re replacing the grips on all your clubs, it’s expensive. When you’re in pursuit of the best golf grips for driver, you’re looking for one grip. By simple logic, one grip is more affordable than a dozen. Even if the driver grip you choose is double the price of what you’d be willing to pay for your irons, it’s not a huge expense. I know in golf we’re not used to affordable upgrades, but a new driver grip is an exception. Don’t go cheap on a driver grip. Buy what you like best.

Do I need to buy any extra of the best golf grips for driver?

Alright, so maybe you need more than one of the best golf grips for driver. We’re not saying that you need to buy ten. But, if you’re an amateur club re-gripper, there’s a chance you don’t get it right on the first go. Unless you’re a pro, buy an extra grip or two. Should you choose to only buy one, there’s a possibility that you mess up with the first grip and end up with a grip-less driver. In this case, you can’t golf (at least with a driver). This is the worst-case scenario. Buy a spare or two. Avoid the worst-case scenario.

Grip consistency with the long clubs

I would call this section a personal reflection, but most golfers will tend to agree. Grip consistency is key to developing comfort with all of your clubs. It’s very easy to avoid hitting a 3-wood because you don’t like the grip, even though you know it’s your best option.

My personal preference is to have the same grip on my driver, woods, and hybrids. In most cases, you’re taking the same type of swing with each of these clubs. If you’re looking for consistency and stability, it makes sense to have uniformity here. If you’re like me, you’ll want to buy a handful of the best golf grips for driver, since they can also be used on your other clubs.

Who can help me replace my grips?

Ask an assistant pro if they’ll regrip clubs for you if you buy the grips and you’re not confident. You do not have to regrip golf clubs by yourself. You also do not have to order grips through a sporting goods store or pro shop at a considerable markup. In a lot of places, assistant golf pros are willing to regrip clubs for golfers. These people have experience and are knowledgeable—a great resource for picking out the best golf grips for driver as well. If this is the route you choose to take, don’t ask them in front of the head pro and give them a generous tip.

FAQs for Best Golf Grips for Driver Guide

A selection of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Golf Grips for Driver.

Can I use these grips on clubs other than the driver?

Absolutely! Except for putter grips, the recommended golf grips for the driver in this guide can be used on irons, hybrids, and woods. If you find a grip you love, it’s versatile enough to use across your entire set.

How often should I replace my driver grip?

It’s recommended to replace your driver grip after a full season of golf. However, the frequency may vary based on usage and personal preference. If you notice signs of wear or a decline in performance, consider replacing it sooner to ensure a consistent and comfortable grip.

Is it essential to have the same grip on all my clubs for consistency?

While not mandatory, maintaining grip consistency across your long clubs (driver, woods, and hybrids) can enhance overall comfort and stability. Many golfers prefer this approach, and if you share this preference, consider buying multiples of the best golf grips for the driver to use on other clubs in your bag.

Where can I get assistance in regripping my clubs with these recommended grips?

You don’t have to regrip clubs by yourself. Consider reaching out to an assistant golf pro; they often provide regripping services if you purchase the grips. They possess valuable knowledge and can guide you in choosing the best golf grips for your driver and other clubs. Be sure to offer them a tip for their expertise and service.

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