Best Golf Balls for Slicers

I don’t know about you, but watching my ball slice isn’t much fun. Especially off the tee, I know that I’ve made the hole I’m playing harder than it should be. No matter how good you are, a slice will creep back into your game at least once per season. When this inevitably happens, you need the best golf balls for slicers. It’s not a complete solution, but playing a ball like the Callaway Supersoft (or any of the others on our list) will help.

A slice can come from anywhere. For many golfers, it’s caused by the swing path. Someone like Hank Haney can fix a slice in a few minutes. But, how many of us have a guy like that around when everything is going wrong? Since we’re trying to beat our buddies, not make a PGA Tour cut, none of us.

In golf, we worry about extremes. A ball a few feet off the fairway is better than one 15 yards from the short grass. In other words, we want to minimize our mistakes. Finding a golf ball that reduces spin (and one that made our best golf balls for slicers list), is a step in the right direction.

Top Pick: Callaway Supersoft

Callaway doesn’t make a bad golf ball. However, a dozen of the Callaway Supersoft are best their best golf balls for slicers. Without sacrificing distance, or anything else, Callaway has come up with a winning formula for spin reduction.

Best Golf Balls for Slicers

Reducing spin and the effects of a slice (or hook) start at the core. Building from the inside out, Callaway Supersoft golf balls have an ultra-low compression core. By keeping compression low, you’re able to generate faster ball speeds. Even more important, you can do this without a fast swing. Additionally, it helps reduce errant spin on full shots.

If you want the best golf balls for slicers, it takes more than some core manipulation. In order to make this a complete golf ball for people, Callaway switched up the cover as well.

To prevent excessive spin, Callaway came up with a little something they call HEX aerodynamics. They’ve been running with this design for a while now. Despite this, they make improvements as each generation of golf ball comes out.

With advanced aerodynamics and dimple pattern, spin and drag comes down. Even more noticeable is ball flight. While many slice reducing golf balls prevent high flight, Callaway Supersoft does not. The same HEX aerodynamics will also help you to launch the ball high and long, while still reducing spin.


  • Core and cover reduce spin for long shots, but also provides the opportunity to add spin around the greens or with half swings
  • A rare top pick that won’t break the bank and provides a top playing experience


  • Softcover may wear down by the end of a round for a fast swinger (need to be able to play one ball a full round for this to happen)

Runner-Up: Srixon Soft Feel

There are a couple of brands I like solely because of their golf balls. Srixon is one of them. While their clubs have come a long way, it’s golf balls that still keep them in the conversation of best brands. When it comes to the best golf balls for slicers, look no further than the Srixon Soft Feel.

Best Golf Balls for Slicers

Golf is not a game of sudden changes. You don’t just go from 100 to 70 overnight. It’s not exactly the same, but Srixon adopts this mindset with the core of Soft Feel balls. This model uses a FastLayer core that progressively hardens from inside out.

At the center of the ball is a soft core. Gradually, it becomes harder as you approach the cover. Rather than design this as a standard 2, 3, or 4-piece golf ball, this design behaves as if there were far more layers inside. With a more gradual transition, spin is reduced on full shots but is still responsive around the greens.

Not every dimple is the same on Srixon Soft Feel balls. There might be 338 dimples, but some are for speed and others for reducing spin. By varying size and shape, this ball will fight through the wind as well as the slice you create with your swing.


  • Core design helps the ball to recover more quickly after impact, adding distance by holding a flight path better than most
  • 12 generations of the Srixon Soft Feel’s means that there have been 12 generations of improvement


  • Great for distance, but only average for slice reduction. All things considered, still one of the best golf balls for slicers

Super Budget Option: Wilson Staff Fifty Elite

The best golf balls cost $4/5 a piece. The worst golf balls cost around $1 each. Every now and then, you get a ball that breaks the cycle and becomes what we like to call a “value” ball. This means you’re getting a product way better than the price you pay. When it comes to the best golf balls for slicers and value, Wilson Staff Fifty Elite’s fit the mold.

Shallow dimples, shallow dimples, shallow dimples. When you’re shopping for a ball that will reduce spin, this should be your main priority. In this area, the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite delivers. With a 302-dimple design, this ball offers a high level of stability. When your ball spins less, you can spend less time worrying about finding your ball off the tee. With your extra time, you can focus on getting onto the green in regulation.

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite balls feature a rubber core and soft cover. Their appearance is unassuming, but when you catch a ball off the sweet spot with one of these you know it. In a way, the rubber “activates” when you take a full swing. The core helps to add distance, and then the shape is refined by the cover.


  • Low spin where you need it (off the tee), but still responsive with every other club in your bag
  • Provides instant feedback, which will help you make in-round adjustments


  • Prone to larger scuffs since dimples are so shallow—just have to avoid hitting cart paths

Best Golf Balls for Driver Slicers: TaylorMade Project (s)

TaylorMade makes a million variations of each club they produce. To no one’s surprise, they do the same thing with balls. As such, it can be difficult to find the best option for your game in this brand. Lucky for you, we do the heavy lifting. If you struggle with hitting slices with your driver more than anything else, you need to be playing TaylorMade Project (s) balls.

Best Golf Balls for Slicers

The phrase is “drive for show, putt for dough”. But, you can’t get to the second part if you’re spending all your time hitting 3 off the tee. At this point, the hole is already lost. With more accurate tee shots, you stand a chance of besting your opponent—no matter how you putt.

Adding accuracy and distance with your driver is a two-part process for TaylorMade. Following this logic, they use a two-layer core. The inner core offers low compression levels and is the main reason excessive spin goes down. The outer core is built for speed. Combine the two core pieces together and you’ll be hitting more fairways and less club into the green.

When you’re not on the tee, an aerodynamic cover reduces spin on other shots. Due to the dimple pattern of TaylorMade Project (s) balls, drag is reduced on every shot and spin will play less of a factor from any hitting surface.


  • Combination of softness and speed makes it perfect for refining shots from the tee
  • Double numbers on the ball make it easy to identify if that’s the only thing visible


  • On the rare occasion you try to shape the ball off the tee, this model won’t be as helpful as some others

Best Distance Golf Balls for Slicers: Titleist Tour Speed

For many years, the best we could hope for with spin reducing balls was that we could maintain distance. In many cases, this isn’t enough. With Titleist Tour Speed golf balls, you add distance to your drives—along with control.

Unlike many other golf balls, you add both of these elements to your game, speed and control, due to a single feature. For this model, it’s an ionomer casing layer. The entire ball is designed to produce speed, but this is where getting rid of a slice happens.

When you throw this layer into the mix, you add considerable control to your game. While most golf balls focus on one extreme or the other, this ball is designed to produce distance first and foremost, but spin reduction as well.


  • Core is focused solely on distance, but the materials surrounding it help you find the fairway
  • On the extreme side of balls reducing spin for full shots, but helps produce it around the green


  • Easy to hit high and long, not as easy to hit low or with shape

An Extra for Good Luck: 2023 Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls

Full disclosure, we couldn’t figure out a great category for this one. All we knew was that a best golf balls for slicers guide without the 2023 Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls wasn’t worth reading. Just like Srixon, Bridgestone is one of those brands you have to pay attention to because of how good their golf balls are.

And just like the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite, this is a ball that plays at a higher level than its price would suggest. For a low handicapper looking to avoid dropping $50 on a dozen balls, there is no better value ball in terms of responsiveness. When you need to shape the ball, it’s possible. When you need to reign it in with some control, the ball does the work for you.

10 years ago, most golfers wouldn’t consider playing Bridgestone golf balls. Nowadays, it’s as common as any brand besides Titleist. We won’t say it has nothing to do with Tiger Woods playing this brand, but it also has a lot to do with an increase in quality.

If you’re looking to switch things up a bit while adding some control throughout your game, Bridgestone e12 Contact balls are a good way to go.


  • Delta wing dimple system is main reason it helps reduce spin and adds control
  • Active mantle adds responsiveness and speed at impact


  • Designed for players with high swing speeds and others might have trouble getting all the benefits of this model

Best Golf Balls for Slicers Takeaways

We thought about naming this article “What to do when your slice finally ruins your life”, but that seemed a bit extreme. Instead, we settled on “The Best Golf Balls for Slicers”. No matter the title, our goal was clear, find golf balls that help you hit it straighter.

Having one the best golf balls for slicers means nothing if it costs so much it hurts when you lose a single one. We’ve all been there before and we hate it. For this reason, every option in our guide is affordable. Additionally, these same golf balls will all help your game in more than one way.

No matter your ball flight, hitting the ball straight can never hurt. You might need to take a little less club so you don’t overhit it on a dogleg, but finding the fairway is the missing piece to so many golfers. Do yourself a favor and boost your fairway percentage, your scores will go down too.

FAQs on Best Golf Balls for Slicers

A selection of the most commonly asked questions regarding Best Golf Balls for Slicers.

Why do slicers need specific golf balls?

Slicers face challenges with shots veering off-course due to excessive sidespin. Specially designed golf balls for slicers help minimize sidespin, providing more control and accuracy during play.

How do these golf balls reduce spin and improve accuracy?

The selected golf balls, such as the Callaway Supersoft and Srixon Soft Feel, incorporate features like low compression cores, aerodynamic designs, and varied dimple patterns. These elements collectively contribute to reducing spin, especially on full shots, and enhancing overall shot control.

Can these golf balls benefit golfers with different swing speeds?

Yes, the recommended golf balls cater to a range of swing speeds. For instance, the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite is suitable for those seeking a balance of low spin off the tee while remaining responsive with other clubs. It’s essential to consider individual preferences and playing styles when choosing the right ball.

Are these golf balls budget-friendly?

Absolutely. The guide emphasizes affordability, ensuring that the recommended golf balls offer high performance without breaking the bank. Golfers can enhance their game with these options without the financial burden associated with premium golf balls.

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